Heirloom Potato Guide

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Bring better color, texture, and flavor to your potato dishes
Heirloom potatoes make the lowly spud exciting!

What is an Heirloom Potato?
Most American producers have rushed to plant (and develop) the fastest growing, highest yield, and longest lasting crops and farm animals possible. As a result, almost all stores offer the same varieties of meats & produce…and they weren’t selected for their taste. Fortunately, in spite of the additional effort required, a few choice farmers have steadfastly remained focused on flavor, keeping the old breeds & species alive. These specialty potatoes are the equivalent of heirloom tomatoes, heritage chickens and kurobuta pork – they are rare and wonderful old treasures of the food world.

We offer a color & texture for every recipe:

  Heirloom Variety: Appearance: Application:
  All Blue Potatoes Purple inside & out Roast or boil
  All Red Potatoes Pink/Red inside & out Roast, steam, or scallop
  Austrian Crescent Fingerling. Yellow inside & out Roast, steam, or slice & sautee
  Bintje Yellow inside & out French fries
  Desiree Pink skin, yellow flesh Boil, mash, or smash
  Maris Piper White inside & out Bake, deep fry, or roast
  Mountain Rose Red, darker than All
Roast, steam, or scallop
  Purple Majesty Purple, darker than All Blues Roast or boil
  German Butterball Yellow inside & out Mash, roast, or steam
  Red Lasoda Pink skin, white flesh Soups or potato salad
  Viking Purple Purple skin, white flesh Mash, smash, or bake
  Yellow Finn Golden yellow inside & out Mash or fry

Grown on a Small Family Farm
All of our 12 varieties (plus the heirloom potato sampler) are grown by Olson Farms – a small family-run farm committed to using sustainable dry-land farming techniques. They are all washed, sorted, and packed by hand to ensure quality.


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