Fennel Pollen Butter with Aged Steak

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Chez What do you have for us next, Christo? Fennel Pollen butter with aged steak, you say?


Fennel pollen is so rich and aromatic that it can hardly be compared to fennel the fresh vegetable. Immediately upon smelling it I knew I was going to have to make a compound butter and have it on a nicely aged Angus steak.


Compound butter is easy to make. In this case I took a few ounces of salted butter and a teaspoon of fennel pollen and mixed it together until it was completely incorporated. Roll the butter up in some plastic wrap and refrigerate to harden.


I took a perfectly aged steak and made sure it was dried off before I put it in hot grill pan for a few minutes on each side since I like mine pretty rare.


Grilled to my liking I let it rest a bit.


Then I put two nice slices of my fennel pollen butter and let it melt and do its magic. I also sprinkled a little more fennel pollen on the steak.


This is the easiest way I can think of to turn an ordinarily great steak into an extraordinarily fantastic steak. The fennel pollen mixed into the butter and also sprinkled on the steak was so out of this world tasty that even though this was more than a 12 ounce steak I could have easily eaten more simply for the flavor.


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