Grilled Kangaroo Medallions

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Kangaroo Medallions With Fennel Carrot Slaw

Makes 4-6 Servings

Kangaroo medallions are a good cut to start with if you’re preparing kangaroo meat for the first time. They’re easy to work with, tender, and when grilled with a simple marinade really showcase kangaroo’s beefy, smoky-sweet flavor. Juniper berries pair well with kangaroo, like most game meats, bringing a subtle pine-forest scent and flavor to your dishes.

In this preparation, we’ve paired the grilled kangaroo medallions with a crisp, slightly acidic fennel & carrot slaw for a complete dish that won’t leave you feeling stuffed.

  • butcher’s twine



Roll the medallions around the juniper berries and tie them with butcher’s twine.

Make a marinade: slice the garlic cloves thinly, combine them with the oregano and olive oil in a bowl.

Submerge the medallions in the marinade. Marinate in the fridge (covered) for at least three hours, preferably overnight, before removing them from the oil and grilling.

Wash the vegetables and peel the carrots. Slice the vegetables fine with a knife, mandoline, or the slicing side of a box grater. Toss them with the oils, vinegars, and salt & pepper. Let the slaw sit (covered) in the fridge while you grill the medallions.

Grill the kangaroo medallions on a well oiled, hot grill until they reach your desired internal temperature (remember, kangaroo is extremely low in fat, and thus cooks very quickly). We cooked ours for about 5 minutes.

Cut and remove the twine, serve with the slaw.
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