Flash-Infused Ghost Chile Tequila

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Flash infusing is our new favorite kitchen trick.  You get a lot of the flavor of slow-infusing in a tiny fraction of the time.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a cream whipper handy, you can still make chile-infused alcohol.  Just slow-infuse dried ghost chilies (or other dried chilies) using the technique in this ghost chile vodka recipe.

See How to Flash Infuse Alcohol for more infusion recipes.

Ingredients:         (Makes 120ml)
1/4 – 1/10 of a Fresh Ghost Chile, thinly sliced (remove the seeds for less heat)
120ml of tequila (we used Milagro Silver)
1 N20 Cream Whipper Charger

Cream Foamer/Whipper (we use an iSi Gourmet Whip Plus, .5L)
Fine Mesh Strainer

1. Load the whipper with room temperature vodka.

2.Add the sliced ghost chile.

3. Charge the whipper with N2O gas.

4. Gently swirl the bottom of the whipper for 30 seconds.

5. Let the whipper stand for an additional 30 seconds.

6. Release the gas.

7. Pour out the alcohol through a fine mesh strainer.

Rinse out the whipper’s canister completely before infusing another flavor.

8. Drink on the rocks or use in cocktails & other recipes.

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