Artist’s Guide to Garnishing Food with Flowers

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What edible flowers should you use?  How many?  Where?

We get those questions a lot, so we asked our resident design expert, Ryan, to put his artistic talents to work decorating a simple cake, explaining why he did what he did.

Here are some rules of thumb he came up with:

Concept 1: A Single, Large Flower

Select Color for a High Contrast from Surrounding Food

– Simple, clean appearance
– Draws the focus to the middle

Concept 2: Layers

Select a Range of Sizes or Textures
Stick to Similar Flower Colors

– Enticing appearance that rewards attention, but doesn’t overwhelm with chaotic colors

Concept 3: Frame the Food

Use Flowers to Frame the Food
Sprinkle for Uneven, Organic Look, Not Hard Lines

– Hides tacky cake boards or less than appealing platters
– Ties food into surrounding landscape

Concept 4: Height

Use Taller Blossoms for Height
Layer or Brace Them Against Other Flowers
Go for a Small Focal Point, Not a Mountain

– Height helps give the plate more range of expression
– Really offsets the flowers from what’s around them
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