Fresh Morels for Daniel!

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Daniel Miller gets the morels!

The random number generator selected comment number 155, so it looks like 2lbs of fresh morel mushrooms are flying down to north central Texas to make Daniel, some local ranchers, a county commissioner, and a local restaurant owner very happy indeed.  Major kudos to Daniel for offering to share the wealth…we’re not sure we’d be able to be so generous. (Daniel, if you open the box and decide you just can’t part with them, it’s ok…your dark (earthy, delicious) secret is safe with us).

Thanks to everyone who commented!

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  1. I think I’d like to try them in a butter/wine sauce over chicken…or maybe in a pilaf with chilies and dried cranberries.

  2. Morels stuffed with cream cheese and chives for starters. Then morel and barley pilaf. Now if someone can share a dessert morel I would try that too.

  3. I’ve never had morels – but I can’t help thinking they’d work nicely sauteed on top of a perfectly grilled ribeye steak? Or perhaps in a creamy sauce over a morel-stuffed omelette?

    (Also, I don’t do Twitter OR Facebook, but I do still “like” you.)

  4. Ooh, I’d have them just in time to take them to our beach house! I’m thinking they would become part of a quiche for brunch!

  5. I would make my 5 year old the happiest boy in the world. Our did not do well this year due to the floods. I follow on twiitter and fanned the facebook page.

  6. i would slow roast some for an omelet perhaps.. another batch i would pickle, another batch i would stuff with raw sausage and roast for pasta.. there are many things i would do because 2 lbs is a lot of morels for personal use.

  7. I’ve never cooked with morels. So I guess something simple to bring out the taste. Can you grill them? Also something with butter.

  8. If I won, I would ask my friends at work what do to as I’ve never had a morel before. I’ve also followed you on twitter, I’m s9mcadams. I do have a food blog, I’ve put the address in the email bar.

  9. I would try to recreate an awesome pasta I had at Carnevino in Las Vegas! It was pasta, fresh peas and morel mushrooms. They sauteed the mushrooms in butter, then added everything else to the morel flavored butter!

  10. Let’s see, I’d do grilled pizza with morels and roasted garlic, sauteed morels over pasta, and deep fried morels for the BF (he tried to get me to do this with the last morels I got, but I refused). I’m afraid I’m with Kris on the lack of facebooking and twittering, but I too “like” Marx Foods.

  11. I’m a big believer that simpler is better when it comes to fresh mushrooms like morels. So, I’d probably just saute them with garlic, butter and some fresh thyme, and serve it with fresh linguine from one of the local Italian pasta companies. Yum!

  12. First dish I would make would be to dust them with flour and saute them in butter and enjoy them with a green salad.

  13. It will be my first gateway to fresh morel mushrooms. I would find the simplest recipes to bring out the fresh earthy flavor. Some butter, and herbs with the morels?

  14. If I win, I’m going to make something with greens and gluten-free pasta or use them in a cream sauce over grass-fed steak…

  15. I haven’t tried morels, but I love mushrooms. I love all vegetables and finding new ways to use them. I can’t imagine all the tasty ways to use morels! One of the first things I would try is using them in the freshest way possible, maybe a quick saute, if possible.

  16. I would so love some of these. I can’t find any around where I live now and used to eat them (devoured them) in Illinois!

  17. I would think I’d died and gone to heaven. After recovering, I’d dry some, and saute some in butter, and use some to make a sauce for steak or in risotto.

  18. I would search for recipes to become familiar with the best way to enjoy these lovely Morels then I’d alter and adjust or combine my favorite parts of a couple of recipes to come up with my own spin.

    I’ve never had the pleasure of actually eating Morels let alone cooking with them and would love to have the chance!

  19. i’d cook them in butter, maybe with a little rosemary and a touch of garlic, and stir in some pasta. something super simple.

  20. I’d probably start making up songs about morels to the tune of hair metal ballads, and singing them to my husband who would likely chime in with sweet harmonies. Then I’d invite some friends over and we’d feast.

    To the tune of Heaven by Warrant:

    Heaven isn’t too far away.
    Closer to it everyday.
    Eating morels and feeling no pai-ai-ain.
    Heaven isn’t too far away!

    To the tune of Patience by Guns N Roses

    Won’t shed a tear for eating you
    I’m still alright to smile
    I think about morels now everyday-ay-ay

  21. I would lightly sauté in butter some onions, garlic and then add the morels and place this mixture on top of a crostini.

  22. I’d figure out ways to eat them, of course deliciously; probably with some chicken.

  23. Yummy…morels! I would probably add them to an omelet and make a pizza with white sauce and morels.The options are endless.

  24. There’s a great Barefoot Contessa recipe for Chicken and Morels. I made it once before and it was AMAZING! I would love to do it again!

  25. I have never had morels…so I’d keep it simple, cook them gently in butter and put them on a nice grass fed strip streak or in an organic free range egg omelet, yum! Great giveaway, thanks.

  26. My roomie and I recently made an awesome mushroom hot pot; these, shiitake, enoki and maybe wood ear would make an awesome one.

    Also, following on Twitter (ilphuce).

  27. Saute the delightful little nuggets in flour and butter and look for some other creative indulgences…maybe stuff with a scallop mousse like they did at Zengo?

  28. I am a food blogger, and would you believe that I’ve never had the opportunity to cook with morels?
    But I’m thinking stir-fry, sauces, eggs… Mmmm!

  29. If I won 2 pounds of morels I would make necklace out of them and drape them over my pee pee. Because I’m a very morel kind of guy.

  30. I have always wanted to try fresh morels but could never afford them so I would search for the best sounding recipe I could find.

  31. Your Facebook page is very interesting and I will be keeping in touch, especially if you send me those morels!!

  32. I would leave prepare them as simply as possible: butter and salt, perhaps served over crusty bread or with pasta. Nothing else.

  33. saute them with a little fresh oregano and parsley, fold them into a hollandaise and pour it over a filet of roasted halibut served over some roasted asparagus (inspired by jean georges’ asparagus dish)

  34. i have never had the opportunity to eat fresh morels before so if i won i would start by doing some “surfing” to look for a great recipe. maybe cooked in some butter and put over rice w/ some parm cheese added….

  35. It would be a dream come true to win these morels. My husband loves to cook for me and for 40 years he has told me about the morels he used to go find as a child. He raves about them and has always hoped I could try them someday. June 24th is our 40th wedding anniversary and what a great gift it would be for both of us to win these mushrooms for an anniversary dinner.

  36. Matt: I will tell you that I would have a Morel party and invite all my “amigos” to enjoy the feast. Then I would post on my blog and share my recipes with my blog pals. Yeah! I want Morels.

  37. With two pounds of fresh morels I’d have a morel feast! I’d make several different dishes and invite friends to a morel tasting party where they can vote on their favorite dish.

  38. I’d make a creamy morel ragout with shallots, garlic and thyme and serve it with some crusty bread for dunking. Yum!

    I’m following you on facebook and twitter 🙂

  39. I recently had these crostini with morels in a cream sauce at a restaurants. I’d love to recreate this dish if I won! 🙂

  40. Umm, I would definitely have an amazing mushroom party for me, my dad, and my boyfriend. We are the only people in my family who like mushrooms!

  41. If I won, first I would jump for joy, and then prepare something hobbit-inspired, or perhaps those lovely cheese stuffed fried mushrooms (although I would probably just sautee in butter) from your site! 🙂

  42. I’ve never had morel’s – Im very excited to try!

    I would probably make a morel/asparagus/ricotta sauce to go over pasta – as that sounds so tasty!

  43. If I won, I would make morel soup, or possible a nice stuffing for a guinea fowl. mmmmm…. stuffing 🙂

  44. i think the morel mushrooms would be delectable cooked down into a risotto with pilaf, stock and cream with a touch of maybe thyme or rosemary!

  45. What would I do if I won? Shout “Yippee” while I dance around the house flailing myself about in a fashion not fit for public viewing is what! I haven’t had morels since I picked them in the woods as a kid. Once I got them, I’d cook ’em up just like Gramma did; butter, salt, and pepper in a saute pan. By themselves, with pasta, or with well-cooked rice they would be absolutely divine.

  46. My parents used to cook them in butter until they melted in your mouth. I can’t imagine I’d cook them any other way.

  47. Morels deserve butter. Lots of butter. My local “patch” was recently turned from a empty lot into a building. I miss them.

  48. I LOVE MUSHROOMS. I have tried many kinds, and use them every other week. But I hve never tried Morels. I am so looking forward to trying them. Mushrooms are such a healthy choice.

    I TWEETED, AND LIKED ON FACEBOOK< but I'd teally like to start cooking MORELS.

  49. OOPS! I forgot to tell you what I’d make… definitely Beefy Mushroom Soup, Grilled Mushroom & Onion Crossants, Rib Eye smothered in Morels. Chunky Mushroom Sauce for pasta & pizza. 2# wow that’s enough for several great dishes. The best is sauted with just a little butter and garlic, and pop them one by one. YUM!

  50. I would eat the morels asap. Sauteed w/scrambled eggs, and everything else. I’d have to share w/my family. My dad is from Northern Michigan so that is how we know morels. Thank you.

  51. If I win, pronounced locally here in north central texas as ‘wee-in’, I would make fried gourmet Comanche county black angus sauted beef strips with sauce with morels and share them with local rancher friends the Tullys and the Evans and share with the local county commissioner who was bragging on his calf fries when I spoke with him the day before yesterday, and I’d invite VW who owns the Agave restaurant and see if I couldn’t get his wife, Mrs. Stephens, who caters, to help cook!


  52. I used to pick these when I was young. I have told my wife about how good they are for 40 years. I would love to cook her some for our 40th anniversary dinner. What a great thing it would be to win.

  53. I’d probably make mushroom risotto with half of it, and a new recipe with the other half. I love morels!

  54. Wow, what a great giveaway! If I won these, I would try the recipe I just read at “Chez What?” and invite my friends over for a decadent treat.

  55. My Dad tells me these are the greatest. I have wanted to try them for a long time and would love to fix them for the family. I hear they are great dusted with flour and browned in butter.

  56. I have never tried morels, only read about them. So I will probably do some research on how to cook them and pick a method that will allow me to taste the mushroom and share with my husband….on a second thought, maybe I won’t share 🙂

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