Fantastic Ritrovo’s Finishing Salt Collection Added to the Store!

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We just added Ritrovo’s Fine Finishing Salts Collection to our web store and are really excited about these exceptional artisanal salt blends. In fact, we’ve been looking forward to this collection since we twisted open each of the seven jars and were struck by the intensity of their aromas.

Ritrovo’s collection equips the home chef with the ability to completely amplify or modify the flavor profile of ANY dish from baked goods (hello sweet salt!) to grilled fish. There is no other salt product on the market that compares to Ritrovo’s quality. We’re proud to be the only webstore to offer their entire collection.

That’s why we offered our visitors a flight of seven Ritrovo finishing salts. Click here to see who won.

The salt collection includes:

Truffle & Salt: A blend of dried Italian black truffle and sea salt, this flavor combination will enhance any dish with the aroma and flavor of Italian truffles including popcorn, mashed potatoes, pasta dishes, scrambled eggs and roasted meats.

Fiori & Salt: An aromatic blend of Italian sea salt and flowers including chamomile, poppy, mallow, marigold, lime, hawthorn, yarrow, wild orange peel, flower pollen, heather and lavender. This combination is a wonderful way to infuse olive oils, sprinkle over fresh mozzarella, finish cream soups and risotto or bake into breads.

Fennel &Salt: A combination of sea salt, fennel seed and orange peel this blend pairs well with sweet and savory dishes including wild salmon, goat cheese, chocolate truffles or caramel.

Sweet & Salt: A sweet and savory blend of Italian sea salt, dried & ground fruit, sweet spices, vanilla, chocolate and grape must, this combination pairs well with both aromatic and dessert dishes. Sweet & salt can be used as a rub for duck or pork, sprinkled on roasted squash, pumpkin soup, or buttery shortbread cookies.

Saffron & Salt: Red strands of saffron are blended with sea salt resulting in a flavor profile that is perfect for finishing paella, cioppino, pasta or fresh ricotta.

Sea & Salt: A combination of high-quality Sicilian bottarga, citrus, sun-dried tomato, and cardamom, this blend is ideal with pasta, steamed vegetables or used to cure seafood and enhance salad dressings.

Limited Edition Cervia Salt: From Cervia salt pans, this Italian moist fleur de sel is the crème de la crème of sea salts. With a light texture and rich flavor this salt can be used to finish meat, poultry and fruit dishes as well as sweets including white chocolate chip cookies and caramel chocolate combinations.

Also check out the Ritrovo Fruit Vinegar Collection and Balsamic Vinegar Collection that are also new to The fruit vinegars stand apart because they are not infused; rather the ingredients are made into fine fruit wine and then turned into vinegar. This collection includes Fig vinegar, Cherry vinegar, Currant vinegar, Apple balsamic vinegar and Pinto Grigio vinegar. The Balsamic Collection includes 6-year aged balsamic, 6-year aged spicy balsamic and apple balsamic.

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  1. My choice is truffle salt. I use it in boiling the pasta as well as in the sauce. It is fabulous. Linda

  2. The Fennel & Salt would go first because I make Sea Turtles every year for gifts and this would be such a great topper for those caramel, pecan and chocolate treats. I usually just use nice sea salt.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a win!

  3. I would use the Fennel and Salt. The fennel gives a wonderful layer of flavor to anything Italian or to my roast vegetables. The wonderful salt would be a bonus!

  4. It would be a toss up between the Cervia Salt and the Truffle Salt. I go through fleur de sel pretty quickly and since I’m almost out, I could see jar getting polished off in a few months.

  5. Definitely the truffle salt. I could use it in almost all my holiday entertaining dishes… the sea and salt would be great with some of my home made chocolates as well…

  6. The sweet and salt would be gone first in our house. We eat lots of melons in our house and we are always looking for ways to enhance the flavors. We are huge fans of sweet and salty anything and I can think of at least 10 recipes we could use it in.

  7. The truffle salt would fly out of my kitchen! I am a sucker for anything truffle and love to add it to almost every savory dish I make.

  8. Hands down, the Limited Edition Cervia would go first, especially with the Holidays. What a way to finish off a special holiday sweet treat! After that, hmm, my guess would be the Fennel & Salt. I would love to use is to give my homemade Goat Cheese a kick!

  9. The Sea & Salt would go fastest in my household. I use flavored oils to enhance pasta, veggies, salads and marinades quite a bit, and the Sea & Salt seems to fit that bill. I’d love to try it and switch things up a little!

  10. Sweet and Salt!! Because I’m a moody, hormonal hot flashed raving lunatic whose husband knows that I need salt and sugar together…or he dies.

  11. I haven’t had the pleasure of using any of these fantastic salts yet, but I am certain the truffle salt would go the fastest in my kitchen. So many uses, I imagine I would use it several times a week!

  12. What a great collection!!!

    I would use as described:

    Truffle & Salt: This would go great on mushroom stuffed agnolotti & classic brunoisette.

    Fiori & Salt: This would be an excellent salt to top freshly baked lavender ciabatta bread and homemade butter.

    Fennel &Salt: I would use this for my savory goat cheese souffles.

    Sweet & Salt: I would use this on a mascarpone panna cotta with a citrus salad.

    Saffron & Salt: My dad absolutely loves to make paella so I think I would have to sadly part with this and send this one to him:)

    Sea & Salt: I would use this as a garnish for a simple dish of parpadella, sundried tomato, sauteed mushrooms, and wilted arugula.

    Limited Edition Cervia Salt: I would add this to my dark chocolate covered carmels for the holidays.

    Thanks for the info on the great product.

  13. It’s a tough call between the Sweet & Salt (talk about heaven….) and the Saffron & Salt, but the latter has it. Living in Spain when I was growing up and loving paella, saffron is a flavor I enjoy being surprised by in other foods — like the butternut squash & tangerine soup we just enjoyed. Truly fabulous!

  14. The sweet and salt would go fastest in my house. I’m getting hungry just reading about all the fun things you can do with these!

  15. Without a doubt the Truffle Salt would be a goner in our house. I would sprinkle it on my baked Macaroni and cheese, eggs, pizzas,pastas you name it!The the Limited edition for my baking purposes.

  16. We use the fennel salt often when grilling fish, chicken or vegetables. The other blends sound so interesting that I am anxious to add them to elevate our favorite dishes.

  17. The Truffle & Salt will without a doubt be one that will be used up first! I currently use truffle salt quite a bit in my cooking. One of my fave uses is for french fries. The best fries are ones seasoned with truffle salt – amazing! I also used it for our Thanksgiving turkey rub and as a sub to regular sea salt for more in depth flavor. The whole collection looks wonderful and I’m already thinking of all the damage I could do with them! Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway!

  18. The fiori and salt would get a lot of use in my house on a plain risotto or on top of salad or cooked vegetables. Flowers add not only their flavor but their energetics to food, raising the bar.

  19. The Cervia Salt sounds like it would suit our cooking and baking needs the best. I recently made some chocolate chip cookies and sprinkled large-flaked sea salt on the tops. They turned out fabulously! I’m going to try salting some of my chocolate holiday candies this year.

  20. Tough to choose, but probably the truffle salt.

    I’d like to try it over my handmade pappardelle with nothing else but butter.

    And the fiori & salt would look pretty over some rice pudding with paneer.

  21. I would use the Cervia Salt for finishing all my dishes, it sounds incredible. And I’m sure I would find many uses for all the other beautiful salts.

  22. “I’d love to try all of the Ritrovo’s Fine Finishing Salts Collection!”
    The first time I truly appreciated the differing flavors of quality salts was after my mother came home from a three week trip to Asia. She purchased a prepared rotisserie chicken and made four differing flavor profile dips with her quality salts, adding a touch of light sesame oil to all of them. Oh, the flavor! “How it popped in our mouths.” My toddlers couldn’t get enough! That chicken was just skin and bones after we finished. I’d love to share that experience with my mom and family with my own collection of Ritrovo’s Fine Finishing Salts Collection.

  23. I cook a lot of pork and I think the fennel salts would be terrific as a dry rub for roast pork and vegetables. It would also be a nice addition to meatballs. THe fennel is my choice.

  24. What a lovely collection of salt! At this time of year the the Limited Edition Cervia salt would get used up the quickest in my house. With all the fancy cooking for the holidays and the baking and making of fudge, caramels and cookies this would be wonderful to have on hand. These salts would make my special recipes even so much more so and lend a feeling of indulgence and luxuriousness to my food.

  25. The Saffron salt would be used up first in my kitchen because it’s unique exotic flavour would compliment the paella and middle eastern dishes I enjoy preparing for family and friends.

  26. Because of the types of dishes I cook, I would use the Sea and Salt the most but they all sounds so delicious!

  27. I think the fennel salt though they all sound equally fabulous and a great addition to my cooking spices.

  28. I really think the truffle salt would be used very quickly because it seems that it would be the most versatile with the dishes my husband and I regularly make. They all sound exquisite and would certainly make me want to experiment with the other varities and see how they would help develop the flavours of my other dishes. Hope I have the chance to try them out and report back!

  29. No doubt about it, the truffle and salt. A family favorite is when I brush olive oil on a hearty, flavorful artisan Italian bread and dust with truffle and salt. Bake in the oven @ 350 degrees until lightly browned and softened. It’s a party on your palate. What a great Christmas present (to me) winning all those glorious salts would be!

  30. Which goes fastest? It depends who’s home more hours. If it’s the Spouse, then the truffle salt is instant history. It will get put on anything that doesn’t move fast enough. It’s it’s me, the fennel salt will fly.

  31. The salt that would go the quickest in my household would be the Sea & Salt. I am a vegetarian, and this “flavor” works especially well with steamed, grilled and sauted vegetables. Sea & Salt would add that touch of “gourmet” that gives vegetables that special flavor.

  32. Saffron and salt would be my choice and probaly for others taht have used saffron. Worlds most expensive per ounce and well worth it. I used it alot in pasta dishes with cream sauce . Awesome flavor and color.

  33. Fiori & Salt would definitely be the first to go in my household. I recently ran out of a sea salt mixed with lavender bulbs that I used on everything! My favorites were to sprinkle it generously on vegetables after steaming (it was a great kick for steamed green beans and almonds) and used in marinades for grilling. The fiori salt would be the perfect finishers on my grilled vegetable kabobs or grilled fish. I just love the salty floral notes that salt provides.

    But who am I kidding, I would love to use up all of those salts. I am a huge salted caramel fan and would love to try my hand at homemade caramels using each those finishing salts as the toppings.

  34. everyone is saying truffle salt but I am intrigued by the limited edition salt. Something that beautiful would really be highlighted on top of chocolate truffles or as a finishing salt on grilled, or in winter time, braised meats. I can’t wait to try some.

  35. I would love to have all 7 of these wonderful salts. Some I have never heard of so it will be really unique to try them for seasoning foods and for cooking and maybe even baking! I know the sea and salt would be well used but it would be a treat to try them all.

  36. Myself being a personal chef thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw them but when I had the chance to taste the FIORE & SALT over the Thanksgiving holidays,I thought my tastebuds had popped and come alive all over again.It was a great culinary moment.Yours Chef Donna

  37. Without a doubt, the truffle salt would be gone first–wayyyy before anything else! I think the sea and salt wouldn’t be to far behind, either.

  38. Sea & Salt wouldn’t last long at my house. We love seafood and this sounds like the perfect compliment. I can hardly wait to win!

  39. The Limited Edition salt, because as charming as many of the other flavors may be, when I use salt, I am looking to pique the flavor of the food itself, not necessarily introduce a new flavor. Additionally, another trap of using flavored salts is to add more salt in an effort to chase after the flavor embedded in the salt.

  40. The saffron and salt would be the first one to go in my house. We favor seafood based pasta and soups and this sounds like the perfect accent to any of these dishes.

  41. Probably the sweet/salt would go the fastest – I love salty dark chocolates – so perhaps a thin cracker dipped in dark chocolate with orange and sprinkled with that salt. Mmm. Or used to make duck confit.

    All of it would be fabulous though – truffle salt to finish off sauteed sweetbreads; both the fennel salt and saffron salt would be great with mussels

  42. What a great giveaway! I think I would go through the Sweet and Salt incredibly quickly, especially with the holidays approaching. It would be perfect for cookies, biscotti, or maybe even sprinkled on top of chocolate bark.

  43. Hmm… Sea & Salt (I LOVE bottarga!!!) or Saffron & Salt… no explanation necessary for that one 🙂 I think Sea & Salt though, bottarga has such a complex flavor to it… I love roe in lots of applications, this sounds delicious!!!

  44. I can imagine uses for all of these Finishing Salts. I think the one that woul dbe used most quickly would be the Limited Edition Cervia Salt.

  45. Wow, it would be close between the truffle and salt and the fennel and salt, but the truffle and salt would probably go first. My friend recently got a gift card and spent it on a little bottle of truffle oil, and she has made me totally jealous describing it and all the delicious things she is making with it. I like to use finishing salts when I make a French recipe, roast beef au poivre. I also like finishing salts on fowl when I cook in my clay baker.

  46. Fiori & Salt would be a great finish for my Lavender Caramel Semifreddo! Also Sea & Salt would be awesome on a Shrimp Lollipop! Yah! That’s right I said it! Shrimp Lollipop!

  47. I’m thinking the sweet & salt would go quickest tho I don’t think any of them would last too long. Amazing variations and great flavors in all!

  48. Oh wow, they all sound amazing, especially the Cervia salt. I think the truffle salt would go quickest for me. I’ve heard great things about truffle salt, but I’ve never used it.

  49. Limited Edition would probably go the fastest but all of them would be put to good use in my kitchen! Ummm, I could make salted carmel ice cream!!!


  51. Saffron Salt. Clever. But is it legal? If not, I’d still find a way to smuggle it into my dishes. Cheers.

  52. I would definitely like the sweet and salty blend. Most times when we use duck in school its always orange this and orange that and sometimes you just want something simple: a little salt and pepper. and the extra sweetness in the salt will add a savory sweet note without having to make a sugar rub which is high in fat. plus I’ve found that many seafood dishes, especially in Asian cuisine, a little sweetness makes the meal.

  53. How wonderful these salts are. Each one would get used since I like to have a diverse menu in our home. The one that I think would get used the most is hard to choose, but it would probably be the Sea Salt, with cardamom, it would fit into some of the Scandinavian flavors I grew up with, but the Sweet and Salt would be very interesting to use in shortbread cookies as the info suggests, but the salt would be good on morning scones. Fiori Salt would come a close second. So glad you have found such a lovely salt collection.

  54. mmmm they all sound incredibly delicious! I think it’s a toss up between the truffle & salt (so yummy with a potatoes & frittas) and the cervia salt (it’s that time of year when baking sweets and treats comes out in full force!) If I had to pick one though…it’d be the truffle and salt!

  55. the truffle and salt would definitely go fastest in my house….we put it on everything from veggies to omlets to pasta!

  56. First to go in our house would be the Fiori and Salt. We recently started trying to eat seasonally and locally whenever we can. In springtime we eat salad after salad from our farm share. It sounds like the Fiori would be a phenomenal finish for fresh produce… baby greens or sliced heirlooms and artisinal mozzarella. And it would be a special treat for my father-in-law who loves all things salted. He would be in heaven.

  57. I only recently discovered how much I love sea salt, after trying it as a topping in those famous NY Times chocolate-chip cookies. I’d like the Fiori & Salt, mainly because I love all the ingredients described.

  58. “Salt is what makes things taste bad when it isn’t in them.”

    Sea and Salt as this variety offers the most versatility with everyones cooking. The food comes alive and makes your tastebuds dance!

  59. I think the Saffron and salt would be the first to go here, but I’m not sure any would be around too long in our house.

  60. The Saffron & Salt would swiftly disappear from my pantry. I love making paella or just any recipe with rice. Especially risotto! I make a mean Risotto Milanese and this salt would be perfect. I also have my eyes on the Truffle & Salt…

  61. Wow, this set is awesome! I have the truffle salt and find it amazing on simple grilled white fish. The earthy extra layer given by the salt is just wonderful.

  62. They all sound great, but judging from total addiction to truffle salted popcorn, I’d have to go with that one. But saffron salt would be a close second. I do love a good paella and I can imagine how delicious that saffron salt must be on it.

  63. I collect, prepare and store chanterelle mushrooms myself. Some years are better than others, but on average I have up to ten freezer bags full to sustain all my gourmet cooking through the off season. My family and friends’ favorite–home fried potatoes with chanerelles–owes its amazing flavor to truffle salt. By far, this is the one most delicious vegetarian dish ever, and the truffle salt is a staple in my kitchen. It would be used up first, although I surely would indulge in Fiori and Sea salts as well…

  64. I’d have to say that both the cervia salt and the truffle salt would go equally fast. The cervia because it sounds much more like an all-rounder and especially in this season when I’m planning to go crazy baking cookies, I can see how it would add a nice finishing salty enhancement to the sweets. As for the truffle salt, I am betting that would be absolutely perfect with perfect soft boiled eggs.

  65. I’m pretty sure the Truffle and Salt would be the first to go, followed closely by the Saffron and Salt, with the Fennel and Salt right on their heels.

  66. It seems like I’m not the only one who thinks they all look so great that its hard to pick just one!
    The Fiori & Salt would be the one most easily assimilated into my cooking style. But I can’t help but say I’d look forward to incorporating the Truffle and Salt and it might go pretty quickly as well!

  67. The fennel and Salt would be my favorite because I would pair it with flavor profiles I use for Indian Masalas.

  68. It would be wonderful to win such an array of salts to add to my own collection. I’d especially like to try the saffron. Saffron is so tasty and a great anti-oxidant. In the long run it would save me money, too. I think I could quit going to therapy for having lost out on the oyster giveaway last month!

  69. i think the saffron and salt will the perfect condiment for the authentic Italian Christmas Meal that i am making for my future in-laws.

  70. Definitely the Sea & Salt .. anything with sundried tomatoes in my house might as well have feet, because its gone before you know it!

  71. Sea & Salt sounds fabulous, because for one thing, it would mean I’d have to do very little to turn out a tasty dish… All the flavors are right there.

  72. I would probably use the truffle and salt a lot. I LOVE the taste of truffles and would love to incorporate it into my heavily italian influenced cooking.

  73. They would all be used for sure! It was a hard choice, but I think the sweet and salt would go first. I love to make squash and sounds great for shortbreads! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Great contest!

  74. Hmmm…probably the sweet & salt, but I’d love to try them all! 🙂 I just saved a recipe for Marcona almond pralines…would love to sprinkle that on top!

  75. My son and I love extravagant foods and flavors, but sadly, can’t afford to indulge in the finer things very often. In our house the Truffle & Salt would be the first to be depleted. I can almost taste it now!

  76. I think the Sweet and Salt would be gone from the table in a flash. I love the idea of using it in soups… it would complement many winter dishes, like roasted vegetables, which caramelize in the oven and have hints of sweetness.

  77. I think the Fiori & Salt one would go fastest in my household. I’d love to try it on top of carmel cake.

  78. Hard choice of what would go first! I think hands down it would be the Truffle and Salt. I’ve not had the pleasure of trying these salts and I truely hope I win so I can try them!!!

  79. That’s easy–the Sweet and Salty, no contest. I LOVE sweet and salty. When I eat cheese I crave chocolate and vice versa. Yum.

  80. The truffle and salt would go quickest in our house. I love the taste of truffles and it sounds amazing on something like homemade french fries! YUM!!!

  81. Sea and Salt: because the very sound of it makes me want to make sweeping backstrokes in a sea.. of salt. I could swim in the yumminess of salt. AND I know my pasta and salad would not only BEG for this salt but would in fact harbor Sea & Salt as its secret ingredient.

    I adore salt:

    That, and now that I am in culinary school, I am loving salt even more… it is all about seasoning everything and what is always first to bat? SALT.

  82. the truth is that the salts are all sooo good that choosing is truly impossible. At lestfor me, i could see a perfect use of each one like Truffle & Salt to enhances truffle infused sauces or using the Limited Edition Cervia Salt to make the perfect sweets.

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  84. The fennel salt is a favorite of mine…sprinkled on everything from roast chicken to vegetables, soups, and savory breakfast dishes. It’s my culinary secret weapon!

  85. Truffle & Salt: This would be the one that I would choose. I would use it in my pasta dishes, my soup dishes, yummy- it would be the special ingredient that no-one would be able to figure out!

  86. Sea & Salt would definitely go with all the pasta we eat. Although there are many more I’d like to experiment with!

  87. This was a very difficult decision, being I am one who LOVES salt and puts it on everything. It is the most important spice in my kitchen by far. After much thought, I would love to try the Truffle & Salt because of its incredible uniqueness and versatility to the types of dishes I love to cook. What an incredible variety…I haven’t been this excited about salt in a long time!

  88. it would have to be the sea salt. right now in culinary classes im learning to make pasta and this would be a great seasoning to add to homemade pasta

  89. The worst punishment I can imagine would be to be put on a low-sodium diet — salt is by far my favorite condiment. I already have a shelf full of different textures, flavors, and colors, but I’ve never heard of anything so romantic and exotic as your Fiori & Salt. The entire line sounds scrumptious, but this is definitely the seasoning I’d never have enough of: I’d use it to finish my daily obsession, salads made with baby lettuces, hand-picked herbs, tiny broccoli and beet sprouts, and flowers like edible marigolds, chive blossoms, and nasturtiums that I grow in patio pots. With this blend of salt, citruses, pollen, heather and lavender I’d really have a garden in a bowl — the taste of a sunny meadow on a summer day.

  90. What a terrific collection of salts. I think it would be a toss up between the Truffle salt to make my stuffed pork tenderloin and everything else really special for the holidays and the sweet and salty for my caramels and chocolate and cookies. But that Limited Edition Cervia Salt looks pretty awesome too! What a wonderful collection!

    I would be impressing everyone with such a fine collection!

  91. This is an exquisite collection of salts. We are all experienced cooks in our family and this would be a wonderful collection to have. We make homemade caramels and I would love the Cervia salt. I make a flat iron steak over truffled mashed potatoes and crostini with goat cheese….I NEED that black truffle salt!
    I hope I win as not only I would enjoy these salts, but my husband and 3 adult children who are fantastic cooks would benefit from these as well.

  92. I think the sea & salt would be the first to go. I would like to add it to grilled chicken and serve over pasta or rice I think it would add great flavor.

  93. Simple flavor profiles work best when selecting salts. Allowing the inherent and unique quality of each salt stand on its own is a key ingredient to good cooking. In my opinion, the Cervia Salt is the best choice.


  95. I’m not sure which I would like best as I’ve just recently become aware of flavored salts. I think the saffron and salt sounds good.

  96. Being a Culinary Student, I would have to say that the Sea & Salt would be the one I would choose. It is so versatile in the kitchen that it would get used everyday! I cook Italian food all the time when I am home and I know I would run out in no time at all!

  97. I would use the sweet & salt. I would rim martini glasses to use with my herb infused vodka & fruit to make fabulous cocktails. I would also use it on cookies & maybe even cupcakes. I love to bake & I know it would be a great addition to my repertoire of ingredients.

  98. I would love to use the Cervia Salt. It sounds delicious! The other favorite would be the Saffron Salt.

  99. The truffle and salt is a favorite in our house and never lasts long. My husband, Bruce, puts it on everything including salads, any kind of potatoes, eggs, meat, his Who Hash, vegetables, and chocolate…

  100. sweet & salt will be the winner in our , our Christmas chocolates and caramels will never be the same!

  101. It would be a toss up between the fennel salt which I use for flavoring homemade sausage and also fennel rolls, and the sweet and salt.At my house we make a sweet and salty peanut brittle. I pop some popcorn and sprinkle peanuts on a cookie sheet and then make a caramel with salt and pour it over. When it harden we crack it and sometimes chop it into vanilla ice cream.

  102. Fennel & Salt! I make a rudimentary version of this myself by crushing kosher salt and fennel seeds together. I’d love to try this.

  103. All the salts sound good, and fun to use, depending on the color I would use some such as a yellow saffron salt as a garnish, just grind it up an put a line or a ring of salt on a white plate, I have used red hawiian sea salt on a tuna poke dish, I used a hand crank grinder that had the shape of a circul, the red salt turns a vibrant pink when ground.

  104. Each has a unique reason for use. I tend to lean towards slats that don’t overpower over over-“wow” you when you eat and instead amplify and bring out the intended tastes in the dish. There is nothing worse than iodized salt on something subtle – the same goes for great salts. used improperly, the cook comes off as pretentious and the food is misaligned. I would have a hard time knowing which one to use unless I was able to taste them all and knew what I was going to make and then find the salt instead of finding a reason for the salt to begin with.

  105. I love salt! Quite frankly, I’d like to be buried in when I go 🙂 But to answer your question, I think the truffle salt would go first. I would have to taste each to really know for certain, however truffles tend to elevate the simplest pasta dishes.

  106. Sea & Salt because we’re always experimenting with new ways to cook and prep seafood when entertaining family and friends.

  107. There is nothing worse than a dish that you have spent hours creating that doesn’t have that special “zip” to make it memorable. While all of the finishing salts are great, I think that the Saffron and Salt is the most versatile for a broad spectrum of culinary endeavors.

  108. As in many culinary decisions, taste is most important. That being said, choosing a salt that would go the quickest is difficult to say without tasting it first. From the descriptions, though, I feel the fennel and salt would be a great accompaniment to bread and may become a hit with the family. Most likely a sour based dough with a slight tang to play off the fennel and citrus.

  109. i am intrigued to try the sweet salt. i think it would be great with naturally sweet root vegetables. I have always liked a dash of salt on musk melon, so its bound to be delicious with sweet salt.

    I would love to see purple mustard from marxfood. For those who have had it, you know the pleasure of grape must.

  110. Saffron Salt would be delicious on lobster risotto. Also, on an omelette! And in gruyere scones. Oh, the possibilities for Saffron Salt!

  111. What a delight to even think of using all these salts.
    How not to season the wild boar, the kangaroo, the halibut,
    the rabbit the other exotics with a sprinkle, a whiff, ah what a dream!

  112. Sea and Salt because I would love to use it on all the vegetables and even maybe in some soups. Thanks!

  113. The Fiori & Salt would be the quick mover in my house. I can see me adding it to my breads and baked goods. It sounds positively divine.

  114. Fiori and Salt would be my top pick. As I am a pastry student, I would love to experiment with the salt in baked goods to see how different ingredients in a recipe bring out different flavors of the salt. Salt lends so much to sweet dishes, in flavor, texture, and appearance!

  115. Every single one of these salts would be a fantastic addition to popcorn or french fries! it would completely enhance these simple dishes… my choice would be the fennel salt as we are always grilling hamburgers and salmon!

  116. Wonderful memories of childhood and my family’s traditional Middle Eastern and European dishes are sparked by your collection of salts. They would be instrumental in providing some of the same for a new generation!

    Brian Sadie, Cambridge, MA

  117. Fennel is the autumn holiday table in our house, and, as the man says, Xmas smells alot like oranges.
    So, I think the Fennel salt would be extrememly popular both enhancing fennel dishes and adding some holiday spirit to anything it graces.

  118. The truffle and salt and sweet and salt would go fastest in my apartment. I have a truffle mashed potato recipe and a sun dried tomato pasta that the truffle salt would compliment. The sweet salt would go great in some Moroccan dishes that I have been playing with as well as a great compliment to my moms recipe for duck.

  119. The saffron & salt would go quickest in our house just because we love paella over here. That actually sounds pretty good for a Christmas dinner.

  120. The truffle & saffron salts would go the quickest in my household, atop any number of pasta dishes or risottos. They all sound wonderful though, and I know they would all get plenty of use. My Italian mother would have a field day with all of them and would probably experiment with some of them in her pickling or on her fresh mozzarella. I would go straight for the vegetables with the fioro, fellen or sweet. They would all be so much fun!

  121. Would have to be the “Sea and Salt”.

    My salmon roulades with cream cheese and steamed Gulf shrimp, on toasted homemade bread rounds would get a kick out of this addition – just in time for Christmas canapés – Yummy!

  122. What would be better on a cold New York winter night than a warm creamy risotto finished with ‘saffron & salt’. . .

  123. Sweet and Salt would go quickest in our household. There’s nothing like having those two parts of your taste buds titillated at the same time. 🙂


  125. That is the hardest question I’ve had to answer all day! With the holidays upon us I think the Cervia Salt would get the most use, but for daily use at The Schell Cafe, we’d fly through the Sea & Salt. I wish I had it for the bouillabaisse I’m making this weekend.

  126. oh my gosh, how exciting! i haven’t used much finishing salt, but the sea & salt is conjuring up many fine images… cervia salt would also get frequent use! and it being christmas, i’m thinking of truffles with the sweet & salt would knock my socks off 🙂

  127. The first to go would be the truffle and salt and it would probably go all over popcorn and eggs – not necessarily in that order and not necessarily in succesion.

  128. Sweet and Salt! The perfect finish for Russian dishes such as stuffed cabbbages, borscht, Siberian meat pelmeni, and much more. But then again, our kitchen has no problem with the prospect of creating new taste experiences with each of your salts. Thank you.

  129. Sea & Salt definitely would go the quickest! Seems like a perfect compliment to most every day cooking.

  130. I would like to place a vote for Sea & Salt. I like to cure seafood. I eat seafood almost every day. Sea & Salt is the one I am interested in.

  131. I love limited editions. The Limited Edition Cervia Salt will be gone in no time. I’m going to sprinkle it on my Action Comics #1.

  132. I’m sure than all of the salts would go quickly in my kitchen because I am a huge fan of specialty salts. If I had to pick just one, I’d say the Truffle & Salt combo because its so great for finishing pasta and egg dishes. I can’t think of a thousand and one uses for it!

    They all sound enticing!

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  134. Limited Edition Cervia Salt would be the first to go. My husband and I recently purchased a limited edition Haagen Dazs Fleur De Sel ice-cream…as huge salt and Fleur De Sel fans, you can imagine our disappointment when the ice cream did not have any Fleur De Sel or even salt taste. In order to save the pint, I would sprinkle this salt on top of my next bowl (and then the next…)

  135. I have ten pounds of turkey meat left and the very attractive skeleton. So I decided to make something no one ever thought of before — turkey soup. Oh, your disdain would turn to awe and wonder IF I were able to sprinkle it with…Truffle and salt! I’d have to move my walkway with the path you’d all beat to my door.

  136. The sweet & salt would go fastest in my kitchen and I know just what recipe I would use it in first.

    I usually make this with red Alaea sea salt from Hawaii, but the sweet & salt would be a delicious variation!

    Sweet n’ Spicy Yam Fries

    Serves 4-6 hungry people.

    3 medium sized yams, scrubbed clean and cut into french fries
    1/4 cup olive oil
    3 cloves garlic, minced
    1 Tbsp. sea salt
    2 tsp. cinnamon
    1 tsp. cayenne pepper

    Preheat oven to 425 F.

    In a large bowl, whisk together all the ingredients except the yams.

    Add the yams to the oil mixture and toss thoroughly.

    Spread the yams out onto to baking sheets so that they lay in an even single layer.

    Roast these in the oven for about 30 minutes, or until browned and crispy, turning frequently.

  137. Oh what a great giveaway! For sure the Truffle Salt would go quick in my house. My husband and I were just talking today about truffles, in fact. If I won these salts, I think it would be wonderful to experiment with all the different varieties in a taste test!

  138. Sweet and salt won’t stand a chance in a house with my thirteen year-old fledgling foodie! She’ll put it on everything from popcorn to her almost-famous tea cakes.

  139. I love making Spanish rice with chicken and the saffron salt would be a delicious addition to my dish. I like serving a tomato salad with this dish and I would use the fennel salt for that dish.

  140. I’m a fennel-a-holic, so the Fennel and Salt would disappear pronto. On broiled salmon? Be still my heart.

    Great stuff!

  141. I’m always playing around with my cookie recipe, so I think the Cervia salt would be the first to go in my house. But… we do eat a lot of salmon. And goat cheese. My husband loves Fennel in his tomato soup, too. What an amazing list.

  142. So many choices.
    I think the sound of finishing salt is very inviting.
    Due to the amount of pasta my italian family eats, we would use up the truffle and salt first.
    Sweat and salt would be fun to experiment with too.
    A lucky some one is going to have quite a great salt party.

  143. Oh my! I want them all but I am really addicted to truffle salt lately and dying to try different brands to see which I like best. I’ve been putting it on everything from grilled skirt steak to risotto to popcorn. I recently made a salad of roasted sweet potatoes, pickled red onions, crumbled goat cheese, sauteed mushrooms and toasted pecans all over fresh greens finished with truffle salt! It was fabulous! I always want to have some fo that salt in my house since discovering it!

  144. The fennel salt sounds really great. I love fennel on so many things. I make a salad with orange segments, red onion, ricotta salata and fresh fennnel in a white balsamic vinaigrette that would be perfected with that fennel salt. Sounds great on salmon and over pasta too.

  145. These salts sound fantastic. What a great gift idea for someone who has everthing. The saffron salt sounds great to me. I love that flavor in a lot of things. I even wear perfumes with saffron in them. I love the scent that much. It goes extremely well with vanilla and rose they balance each other very well. I think this salt would be very nice in a pound cake recipe. It would lend a wonderful perfume to a simple baked good like that!

  146. I think the sweet and salt would go fastest in my kitchen. I’d love to give all of these a try though~

  147. Difficult … Fiori & Salt or Sea & Salt — I’d go with Sea & Salt, but only because my husband is a serious salt-a-holic and I know that salt would be his choice! They are beautiful!

  148. Sea & Salt would be gone so quickly in my house, it looks perfect to season all the fresh vegetables I grill through out the year

  149. The truffle and salt would go the quickest in my house. I have been an enormous fan of truffles all my life and to be able to incorporate them into any of the foods I cook just by throwing a few dashes in would be absolutely fantastic.

  150. I have been reading so much lately about flavored salts but have yet to try any.

    The truffle salt sounds like a fantastic way to season potatoes whether they be mashed or french fried.
    The Fiori and salt is very intriguing and even though I’ve no idea of its flavor profile I’m thinking pound cake with a little of this instead of standard salt or any such blank canvas that needs some dressing up.
    The fennel salt would be ideal for my homemade italian sausage to be sure.
    The fruit salt would be great to flavor many Indian or Moraccan dishes I should think.
    The Cervia Sea Salt would be wonderful to finish any dish but on rare roast beef, prime rib or a raw carpacio I think it would really shine.
    Thanks for the chance to try these wonderful salts. I do hope I win!

  151. OMG…the descriptions of these salts are just drool-inducing! I don’t know which would go the fastest in my house, but the Fiori & Salt or the Sea & Salt would work wonderfully for a lot of dishes I prefer to eat. They all sound tremendous though.

  152. I already own the truffle salt, and I’ve put a pretty hefty dent in it already – it goes beautifully with eggs! But I think I would use the saffron salt the quickest, because I make a lot of spanish rice dishes.

  153. Truffle & Salt would be the first to go in my house. My Dh is a chef and I am a keen follower of his cooking. 😉

  154. I think all of the salts would be great, with adding hints of flavor to foods in combination with one of the most under used or appreciated seasonings..salt
    The cervia would be the most used and the truffle and salt would be hid in the rear of the pantry as a “special event”. or my own hidden enjoyment.

  155. Truffle salt would go very quickly in our house. There are so many of our favorite foods listed in the description!!

  156. The Fiori & Salt will go fastest in my home. We do so much Italian cooking and bread baking that I’ll runn out of this in no time.

  157. Fiori and salt sprinkled over sweet cream butter on a warm golden raisin cornmeal scone…THAT is a good way to start the day!

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  159. Wow, I’ve never had anything but table salt! I didn’t know that such flavors existed! I think the Sweet & Salt would be the one to go fastest, if only because I love sweet and salty flavors at the same time 🙂

  160. Sweet & Salt- I like to make chocolate carmels for the holidays & I’d definately use this to sprinkle on top. YUM!

  161. Well, I’m almost positive my husband would go straight for the sweet and salt. I think the saffron and salt sounds very interesting so I’d have to try it first, but I definitely think the sweet would go faster.

  162. I think the Truffle Salt would go so fast in my home. I would like to use it on flounder I think it would be so tasty.

  163. Sweet & Salt, sounds yummy. I keep a salt cellar beside my stove with Kosher salt, garlic powder and cracked black pepper. I use it in every thing. I love exploring all the different types of salts.

  164. Sea & Salt I would say but all of them are fabulous. The most use of the salts ofcourse are to marinate out different meats and in our style of cooking the mariantion takes the bland chicken(or any meat) to a spicy flavourful bite.

  165. I love the Truffle Salt. bought it at the ferry terminal in san fran and use it to finish my buffalo filets. Also the Fennel salt which I used with a bolognese pasta dish.

  166. Well, I LOVE salt, so any of them would be wonderful!

    But if I had to pick just one, I’d go with the fiori – the combination of salt and floral/herbal flavors sounds wonderful!

  167. The Italian Sea and Salt would be my favorite. I would use it on steamed cauliflower and brussel sprouts!

  168. After harvesting some Hood Canal crab and shrimp I would use the Saffron Salt to enhance my cioppino!

  169. What would go quickest in my household would be the Sweet and Salt. We are big on eating local and seasonally, and root veggies and winter squashes are served often! A sweet and salty finish to soups and roast veggies sounds amazing.

  170. I’d say truffle & salt would go first in our house, with all the pasta I’ve been cooking lately. Second would be the saffron & salt.

  171. The truffle & salt is fantastic! I love to use it to finish off my mushroom polenta. It is also great in/on pasta and anything else…it would be gone in less than a couple of weeks.

  172. Sweet and salt would go fast as we are big fans of the sweet and savory combination. I myself usually have to have something salty after eating any kind of sweets or chocolate!

  173. Oh yum! These sound wonderful. I think the Truffle and Salt would probably go the fastest in my house, since I make a lot of the dishes that it mentioned. I think these would be great, a very flavorful addition to food. I love cooking and trying new spices and flavors…the simplest food can be a gourmet dish with the right flavor. Thank you for the chance to win this great prize!

  174. The truffle and salt will go first, after all ,truffles mak everything taste better. Also would use fleur de sel to make salted caramels,delicious!

  175. My dad would love ALL of these salts, but i can definitely see him using the Limited Edition Cervia Salt up first!

  176. Fiori & Salt: – I would use this in my risottos, that I love to make.

    I think the fleur de sel would be a great additon to my pantry for special meals and treat.

  177. I have to admit, I just like salt, sea salt in particular, coast of France. But I’m VERY willing to explore as I have a salt “tooth” 🙂 KitchenJo sent me so you know.

  178. Sweet and Salt would quickly disappear in my kitchen.
    Sweet and Salt as the finishing touch to our homemade chocolate truffles. The contrast of sweet/salty and the mouth feel of smooth, creamy and with a hint of ‘crunch’ is a perfect ending to a meal.
    Must include…
    Truffle and Salt added with fresh crushed black pepper on duck breast than pan seared, drizzled with pomegranite reduction—mouthwatering.

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