The Great Nuovo Pasta Survey

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Looking at our cheesily romantic (and delicious!) heart-shaped raviolis in preparation for Valentine’s Day got us thinking about doing a Nuovo pasta survey.

Below are a host of entertaining comments left by readers trying to decide between our over forty varieties of artisan stuffed pasta.

Choosing their favorite pasta was clearly made more difficult by all the exciting flavor combinations on offer from rich and hearty osso bucco girasole gigante to delicate classic cheese ravioli, and just about every other flavor combination in between.

Add to that all the different shapes  we offer in addition to the hearts, like square raviolis, sacchettes (begger’s purses), and tortellonis and people were faced with an almost impossible decision.

Some of the most popular meat or seafood pasta choices (based upon entrant comments to this entry) were the Lobster, Herb & Crème Hearts, the Grand Marnier Roasted Duck Raviolis, and the Crawfish, Andouille & Roasted Pepper Ravioli Gigante.

The more popular vegetarian options appeared to be Black Truffle & Crème Raviolinis, Pumpkin Amaretti Sachettes, and the Point Reyes & Braised Fig Ravioli Gigante.

Comments 241

  1. I would just die to have these. I have been working my little cold but off all week trying to make ravioli just right, and it would be a real treat to be able to have this!

  2. One thing that I have NOT been able to find all season is either Pumpkin or Butternut Squash pasta. I know I would LOVE to try the Pumpkin Amaretti – Sacchette. It might help a gal flash back to the days of New England.

    What a fabulous product!

  3. That new line of raviolis look delish. I would love to try Lobster Herb, & Creme Heart-shaped Ravioli because of its unusual pasta color and shape. This would give a real nice touch for a romantic anniversary candlelit dinner.

  4. Lobster in Parsley Pasta- Ravioli Gigante OR the Garden Spinach & Toasted Sage – Ravioli Gigante would be my top two choices. Served with a thick and creamy mushroom gravy or just a dash of garlic infused olive oil. It would be hard to decide if I were going to have a great grilled steak or steak au poivre. And of course a leafy spinach salad with mushrooms, toasted pine nuts, and some feta. A fabulous meal!

  5. I would love Tortellini for a nice salad made with diced red onions, kalamata olives, halved cherry tomatoes, minced parsley and garlic and a simple dressing of extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  6. Provolone & Prosciutto Tortelloni sounds very versatile (and delicious) in the recipes it could appear in. I think I’d make a light pomodoro sauce, add chopped cherry peppers, peas, and herbs, and top with more provolone during baking. Add a balsamic vinegar and herb marinated steak, and sauteed broccoli rabe with pressed garlic and olive oil on the side and I think I’d have a hit on my hands! 😀

  7. OMG, this sounds so absolutely delicious! I’d love this one: crawfish, andouille & roasted pepper ravioli gigante.
    Or really anything I can get my hands on 🙂

  8. What a great selection of fillings! No sense being dainty about this — I’d go for the ‘gigante’ veal bolognese filling though truth be told, I’d be ever so grateful to try any of them. Especially intrigued by Grand Marnier Duck and Osso Bucco.

  9. I think I would kill a man for some of the Grand Marnier roasted duck ravioli. I love duck, and the citrus in both the filling and the pasta would make a really interesting counterpoint to any kind of sauce.

  10. Mmmm.. such a difficult decision. They all look amazing! But the Lobster in Parsley look amazing – I think they’d go wonderfully with a nice light cream sauce.

  11. OH My Gosh, these looks so FABU! I would Choose the FIRE Roasted RED Pepper and Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli Gigante! Why? Because I am a Vegetarian, and these just looks so Delicious! I am also choosing these because they would be served on my 25th Wedding Anniversary! FIRE Roasted RED Pepper… Oh boy, that is sure to evoke some Romance! I would serve these with a Very light Fresh tomato sauce and some Delish Red wine, a Fresh Green Salad, and let the Romance happen!
    Great Giveaway!
    [email protected]

  12. I really would enjoy sharing the heart shaped pasta filled with Lobster Herb or even maybe the Goat Cheese and Asparagus with my family. It would be great to show my Love!

  13. I would absolutely love to try the heart-shaped goat cheese and asparagus hearts ravioli. I rarely deviate from the standard cheese- or meat-filled ravioli available at my local grocery store, and the mere thought of goat cheese and asparagus inside a pasta pouch makes my mouth water.

  14. I’d choose the Lobster & Crab – Large Round Ravioli and serve them in a light cream based sauce laced with Pernod. MMMM 🙂

  15. I would love to try the Crawfish, Andouille & Roasted Pepper – Ravioli Gigante. The combination of crawfish and sausage with peppers would be devine! *s*

  16. I would love to try the Mascarpone, Smoked Chicken & Pine Nut – Ravioli Gigante. The combination sounds just wonderful. This is a great website!

  17. Honestly? How could you decide? I think 40 varieties sounds like a long weekend of pasta-sauce-experimentation! (with wine of course)

  18. I would love the Spinach, Ricotta & Mozzarella Pansotti. I rarely get the opportunity to cook pasta (beyond 10 cent ramen noodles) and the bright colors would definitely brighten my day. Plus spinach is one of my favorite foods, so this would be prefect for me, and a great treat to share with my friends.

  19. The Gorgonzola Sacchettes look great! I love a stuffed pasta that’s stuffed with a LOT of good things. I can’t wait to try them.

  20. The pansotti look absolutely stunning–the sundried tomato and roasted eggplant one in particular looks like it could be a Missoni sweater. But it’s ultimately the inside that counts, so I think I’d love to curl up with a bowl of the lobster and squid ink ravioli gigante. <

  21. I’d be most interested in the Point Reyes with braised fig. That flavor has a lot of serving possibilities, and I think it would be interesting to just drizzle them with honey and toasted walnuts.

  22. Truffles with my pasta — what could be better. With a beurre noisette, sea salt and a little thyme. Nothing more necessarily to make a perfect meal.

  23. I think I could actually invade a small nation for Black Truffle & Creme Raviolini. But then again, I do love me some goat cheese, so I’d do battle for the Goat Cheese, Roasted Tomato & Herb Large Round Ravioli, as well.

  24. I would choose the Cremini and Portabello Pansotti and serve it with a light, creamy truffle sauce (though I was sorely tempted by the Pumpkin Amaretti Sacchette). Mushrooms are so earthy and decadent, I’d love to just take it over the top by adding truffles and then finish it with the last surviving thyme from my garden.

  25. What an awesome giveaway. I would love the opportunity to try any of these. If I had to pick one I would pick the Grand Marnier Roasted Duck. I love the idea of it being encased in an orange flavored pasta. I think I would dress these lightly with some really good olive oil. I wouldn’t want to mask the taste of the ravioli with a hearty sauce. Thanks so much!

  26. As a huge fan of sweet potatoes, I’d love to try the Sweet Potato & Pecan Raviolo Gigante! I’m sure that this could be a fabulous spring dish, despite its cold weather connotations!

  27. I have a large mix of vegetarian and omnivore friends and it’s hard to find food to please everyone. I have no doubt that the black truffle and creme raviolini would please everyone!

  28. They all look wonderful! I’d have to try the heart-shaped lobster ravioli though. The color is wonderful, I adore lobster, and the shape would make it perfect for a romantic weekend alone with my husband.

  29. The description of your Pumpkin Amaretti Sacchette pretty much makes me drool. This is one that I’d love to try!

    A brown butter sauce and a little parmesan would dress it up nicely.

  30. I’d love to try Marx Foods’ “Provolone & Prosciutto Tortelloni.” This product provides my three essential “P” vitamins for the day: Provolone, Prosciutto, and PERFECTION.

    Marvelous giveaway. Thanks!

  31. I think I’d pick the pink Ricotta, Mozzarella & Asiago Heart-shaped Ravioli – because my 5yo girl would LOVE that – it’s pink, it’s heart-shaped, it’s perfect!

  32. I honestly cannot choose. I’d be honored and delighted to try any of these being that I live very simply.Good luck to all. Be well, blessed and richly full of pasta 😉

  33. Varying the shapes of pasta in a dish is a wonderful way to allow sauces to stand out. Nooks and crannies allow little pockets of sauce to infuse with fillings when you bite them. I especially like sacchettes as they can float in a pool of flavors or you can dip them, which a lot of people don’t consider.
    Of course one can’t overlook novelty shapes to tie in with special occasions, such as heart raviolis.
    Parents if your child is learning about geometry, what better way to sneak in a lesson than with the traditional shapes and the non-traditional triangle.
    A wonderful collection to choose from. Bon appetit!

  34. Wow! All og these varieties look amazing! Among my favorites are the Wild Mushroom and Herb Ravioli, the Lobster and Parsley ravioli, the Provolone and Prosciutto Tortelloni, the Goat Cheese,Roasted Tomatoe and Herb Lg. Rounds, The Lobster and Crab Large Rounds and finally the Black Truffle and Cream Raviolini. Thanks for the chance to win these.

  35. Being a Southern girl, how could I say no to Sweet Potato and Pecan?

    But how could I also not try a ravioli with Point Reyes blue, roasted duck, or a pear and cheese sachette (with toasted walnuts and blue cheese, of course).

    You’re making this too tough.

  36. I would love to try every single ravioli you sell, but if I had to choose one, the Point Reyes & Braised Fig sounds perfect!

  37. Oh, wow. Those lobster & crab ravioli are calling my name (great color!)… or maybe the Grande Marnier duck ravioli (great flavor!)


  38. I would absolutely love to try the Black Truffle and Creme or the Lobster & Squid Ink Pasta. They sound amazing.

  39. Wow they all look so good. But I think my choice would be the Fire Roasted red pepper and smoked mozzarella ravioli gigante! I like the idea of the spice and the smoked cheese. YUMMO

  40. I would love to try ANY of these….the Black truffle one caught my eye, but so did the lobster and crab one.

    I would literally die to get these free! Thanks for the opportunity

  41. All of these look amazing!!! It is definitely a tossup between the Goat Cheese and Asparagus Heart-shaped Raviolis and the Butternut Squash – Giante. If I had to choose one it would be the Butternut Squash ones. I have been cooking with butternut squash a lot lately (butternut squash french fries are my new favorite side dish) and I would love to try it in ravioli form.

  42. I am overwhelmed. I had no idea there were so many shapes, sizes and flavors of ravioli in the world. How does a person even begin to know which ones are good with so many unique flavors. My son graduates this spring, however, so I would most likely go with a bolognese ravioli as something most people would enjoy at his party. I haven’t won any of them yet, but thanks for the contests!

  43. Heart Shaped Ravioli. It’s almost Valentines Day and I’ve yet to get my husband a Valentine’s Day gift. In fact, it’s our first Valentine’s Day together and I always do the cooking. It’s a perfect pasta for us cheesy cheese-lovers.

  44. I would have to go with the crab and lobster round ravioli. I adore seafood and I love the bright red contrasting the black. It’d be perfect in a white sauce!

  45. Frutti Di Mare – Girasole Gigante – these sound amazing!

    With a wonderful white sauce or a fiery marinara, I think these are more versatile than many would give them credit for, and I’d love to try them and see what I can come up with!

  46. Oh, definately the Goat Cheese and Asparagus Hearts. We have an anniversary the March 15th, we eat mostly veggie and he recently had heart surgery. What a perfect way to celebrate. But for the sauce, hmm, the head spins!

  47. Would love to try the lobster and crab round ravioli – altho all sound heavenly! Would gather the gang of family and friends together for an unbelievable taste treat!

  48. Pumpkin Amaretti – Sacchette

    This pasta sounds amazing! what a unique combination and shape!!

  49. I would love the the pear and cheese satchels. I would fry some of them for a delicious appetizer because there is nothing better than friend cheese. And then, I would love to serve them boiled with a very light port demi-glaze sauce alongside a beautiful steak. I think it would make an interesting and delicious stand-in for potatoes.

  50. What a special treat it would be to serve our inn’s guests your BLACK TRUFFLE AND CREME RAVIOLINI. They’re sure to come back for more!

  51. I would love to try the Lobster in Parsley Pasta with a basil and brown butter sauce. The pastas all look delicous!

  52. Sundried tomato and vegetable pansotti! Wrapped in ricotta, it sounds soooo good. That, and it’s pretty. I wouldn’t do too much, serve with a side salad and mix it in a flavored oil, and let the ravioli’s flavor shine.

  53. I make an awesome 5 cheese pasta bake and the Festivo Tri-Color Tortelloni would be perfect for it…Its the ultimate comfort food

  54. Sacchette?! What is this? What does it taste like? How can I make this into an incredible meal? GIVE ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO FIND OUT PLZ!!!

  55. The heart shaped pasta would look wonderful in a nice tarragon and ouzo white cream sauce. Acutally they all look DELICIOUS!

  56. All of the varieties look wonderful. I adore seafood and think I would have to choose the Lobster and Crab Ravioli. Along with seafood filling, they’re really “cute”.

  57. You’re right, choosing just one isn’t easy.

    I’m most interested in the lobster filled raviolis, especially the Lobster and Crab round ravioli, because they’re the ones I’m most likely to make myself. Also because they sound delicious.

  58. All of your raviolis look so delicious! I would be hard pressed to choose just one! I think your prize should be five 1-pound bags of any kind you like!

  59. I haven’t tried making my own pasta yet, so this would definately be an indulgence! so many good choices… maybe the pumpkin amaretti sacchette with a browned butter sauce. yeah, that sounds like heaven!

  60. I would most like to try any of the mushroom or winter squash raviolis– I saw too many to list! I am waaay too lazy to make my own raviolis–these look fantastic!

  61. I would be in pure heaven if I won and could try the lobster and crab ravioli! I don’t think it should be covered with a heavy sauce, but something light that would not interfere with the amazing ingredients inside the ravioli!

  62. I am the kind of cook who generally prefers to make things myself. I do have exceptions though. Sausage is an exception, Peking duck is an exception, and Ravioli is an exception.

    These are exceptions because no matter how hard I try or how diligent I am, I simply cannot make them any better than those I buy from quality purveyors like yourself.

    That‘s why I am choosing your Lobster & Squid Ink & Egg Pasta- Ravioli. This is the perfect choice because I am planning a blog post honoring a recent trip and highlighting the foods of the Aegean Coast, and Dalmatian Islands.

    Squid ink is an ingredient we encountered multiple times in so many restaurants on this trip. It definitely falls into the category of something better bought than made myself.

    If I am chosen to receive these Raviolis I plan to include them in the menu and dinner party I will write about in my blog

    Thanks, GREG

  63. The Point Reyes and Braised Fig ravioli gigante sound fantastic–I would serve them over a bed of spicy arugula and thinly sliced prosciutto with a drizzle of honey and sprinkle of finely chopped pecans.

  64. Although the shape of the sacchette really fascinates me, I think I’d have to go for the lobster ravioli. Probably the squid ink one. Irresistible!


  66. The Pear & Cheese – Sacchette looks awesome. Pears are my favorite fruit and serving this with a gorgonzola sauce as recommended would make an outstanding first course.

  67. Actually I want to try all of them. 🙂 The hard part for me will be deciding which ONE I will pick if I am the winner of your awesome Nuovo pasta giveaway!

    I found a really good sounding recipe online for making a Walnut Sauce for Ravioli that I would love to try:

    • 1/2 cup of minced walnut meats
    • 1 1/4 cups (300 ml) milk
    • 3 tablespoons butter
    • 4 tablespoons flour
    • Salt and ground white pepper to taste
    • About a 1 1/2 pounds (700 g) fresh store-bought or home-made ravioli or other meat-free stuffed pasta (NUOVO PASTA 🙂
    Make a béchamel sauce by melting the butter in a small pot and carefully stirring in the flour. Continue cooking over low heat till the flour’s lightly browned, then, slowly add the milk in a thin stream, stirring briskly to keep lumps from forming. If they do (and they may well), stop adding milk, remove the pan from the fire, and stir the mixture till the lumps are gone before adding more milk. When you’ve added all the milk, season with salt and pepper and continue cooking, stirring gently, till the sauce thickens (this will take several minutes). Then add the walnuts.

    You can also make the béchamel sauce in a microwave oven: melt the butter and stir in the flour, then stir in the milk and the salt and pepper. Heat the sauce over high heat for 2 minutes and stir it briskly till most of the lumps are gone. Heat it for four more minutes at medium power, stirring after two, then stir in the walnuts and heat a last minute. Let it sit for a couple of minutes.

    In either case, cook the ravioli in boiling salted water, drain them, and carefully stir the sauce into them to keep them from breaking.

    This volume of sauce will be sufficient for enough ravioli for 4.

  68. I love butternut squash pasta. I would love to serve it with a vodka tomato sauce.

    And if I were a bodybuilder I would want to have Testosteroni!

  69. i’d choose the Point Reyes & Braised Fig, simply because i love the combination of figs and good cheese. the choice was hard though!

  70. Would love to try the Wild Mushroom and Herb, I would probably eat them as they are…….or when I win you could suggest a sauce. The products you offer make me say “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy” BUT hopefully I will be lucky!!!! Smiles, Kiki

  71. I would love to try the pansotti. The colors are amazing, the shape is so different… I think these would be just incredible with a scampi-style sauce to show off the visual feast!

  72. I’d pick the black and red striped Lobster and Crab Stuffed Ravioli. These beautiful ravioli should have pride of place, so I’d dress the ravioli with a simple garlic, butter, and parsley sauce. To round out the meal, I’d serve a crisp green salad with crusty bread for mopping up every bit of sauce.

  73. After reviewing your array of raviolis, I am most interested in trying the Cremini and Portabello Pansotti. I have been consuming an abundance of mushrooms this winter. Anything with mushrooms is all I need satisfy me. Happy Valentines Day. You really have an incredible assortment of products.

  74. I know, I know. You’ve got all these fantastic raviolis to choose from, and you know what I’d take? The Lobster and Crab Round Ravioli. Why? I can’t resist the colors. I’d have to do something really beautiful with them, to be sure!

  75. I love the look and shape of the Spinach, Ricotta & Mozzarella – Pansotti. The two things that come to mind immediately are frying and using a balsamic brown butter sauce. For frying the pansotti are the perfect shape for dipping. For the balsamic brown butter, it compliments many flavors and is my favorite quick sauce to make.

  76. They all sound amazing, but the Point Reyes and Braised Fig Ravioli Gigante? Now that’s just insane! I’d scale Mt. Everest for just one bite.

  77. I’d love the Lobster & Crab Large Round Ravioli…they sound Yummy and what a great presentation they would make serving my family!

  78. Really? How can you choose? Winning would be the easy part, deciding which ravioli would be impossible. But, since you asked…the point reyes and fig OR the osso bucco would be at the top of the list at The Schell Cafe. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Spinach, Ricotta & Mozzarella would be my pick right now, but there are SO many to choose, it is difficult to pick just one!

  80. I would love to try the Lobster Herb, & Creme Heart-shaped Ravioli. I love the shape and the bright red color. It not only sounds tasty it looks beautiful!

  81. Oh, this one’s easy. I want the Crawfish, Andouille & Roasted Pepper Ravioli Gigante. My husband and I are big fans of Creole and Cajun food, and we spent a good part of our honeymoon in New Orleans. Our first anniversary is in April, and this would make one heck of an anniversary dinner!

  82. All of the varieties sound delicious, but I’d probably be the most excited to try some lobster ravioli!

  83. I don’t think there is one that I don’t want to try- but the top of the list would be the balck truffle and cream raviolini!

  84. What could be more romantic than sauteing the cheese filled hearts with some cherry tomatoes and sliced mushrooms and diced shallots and drizzling the whole deal with some white truffle oil? Paired with some pinot noir and enjoyed by candlelight, these would be a food porn fantasy come true!

  85. I love pasta, and some of these sound so delicious! I’d pick the Pear and Cheese Sachette to try first, but I’d love to try most of them.

  86. The Wild Mushroom & Herb Ravioli Gigante sounds delicious though it was tough choice. The Osso Bucco Ravioli was next on my choice list.

  87. Everything looks so D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S . But if I had to choose would love to try the Lobster Squid Ink & Egg Pasta Ravioli. Thanks

  88. I have never seen such creative shapes of pasta. I would love any of them but the heart shaped one looks especially inviting especially for Valentines Day. I would love to try it in a rich cream sauce (but I’ll use a low fat recipe). I have never had such an extravagant pasta, even spending 3 years in Naples, Italy!

  89. Sundried Tomato & Roasted Vegetable – Pansotti…

    Roasted eggplant & red peppers with garlic and olive oil are mixed with capers, sundried tomato and caramelized onion, then folded into a blend of ricotta, mozzarella and sharp pecorino romano.

    sounds DIVINE!

  90. i’d like to try the Sweet Potato & Pecan – Ravioli Gigante because they’re the only ones that might possibly be vegan

  91. Why would I like to have something like this? I’d like to have a dinner party with a ravioli sampling, paired with a variety of sauces! …and I’m sure my friends would love it too!

  92. This is terrific! I did a blog post way back on Dec. 1, 2007 featuring Nuovo Crab and Lobster Ravioli with a Tarragon Lemon Cream. Love the colored stripes! It makes a striking presentation and was delicious to boot!
    Lori Lynn

  93. Being a glutton, I like my food big so naturally I’m hoping for one of your girasole gigante varieties. Now the choice gets tough. I really like the sound of the osso bucco, but I’m probably leaning towards the frutta di mare. Tough choice!

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  95. That’s a tough call. I just spent no less than 20 minutes hmming and hahing over which one I’d want the most. It really comes down to one I’d probably never actually make from scratch myself which would be the Lobster & Squid Ink & Egg Pasta. I think this would be fantastic tossed with some yuzu butter, or served in a Japanese dashi stock with with a chiffonade of green shiso.

  96. All you pasta looks amazing! I would love to try the crawfish, andouille & roasted pepper ravioli gigante. Those sound amazing!

  97. Your site is delicous. If I win, I would love the Tri-Color-Tortellini to serve with my homemade meat sauce. Thanks. -Jen

  98. Oh man! I need to beta recipe test for this company! I love all their giveaways!Marxfoods rocks…I’m all over the agnolotti de porcini with a truffle & sage brown butter & fried prosciutto!

  99. I would choose the Pumpkin Amaretti Sacchettes because I love pumpkin filled pastas and they look quaint and special. It would be fun to make them and fun to eat them.

  100. I would appreciate the ‘Osso Bucco Girasole Gigante’
    on my families plate! I’d serve it with a port wine
    demi-glace and a side salad.

    Thanks, for this opportunity…

  101. Your line of ravioli looks delish – I would dearly love to try that procini mushroom agnolotti or the lobster-herb and creme heart-shapped ravioli. I would serve them in a salad with truffle infused balsamic vinegar and truffle infused balsamic olive oil, grapes, and fresh leafy greens. Also in home-made Italian-style wedding soup.

  102. Oh yummy – I want to try the pumpkin beggar’s purse. The Pumpkin Amaretti – Sacchet have got to be just heavenly…….

    Thanks for giving us a chance to try.

  103. I would love to try the Coconut Shrimp Hearts — romantic, sexy and reminiscent of trips to tropical islands. I think they would be the ultimate in seduction food for our mental tropical getaways within our own icebound home on a not-so-tropical island in Maine.

  104. the heart shaped lobster ravioli would be is husband’s fave and he had it on our first date over 6 years ago…it always brings back such great memories..

  105. Oh I would love just about anything! Osso Bucco, the Grand Marnier Duck, anything!!! What an amazing site you have!

  106. My boyfriend and I eat a lot of pasta. It’s such a wonderful thing because there are so many different kinds and you can have it so many different ways. I would be absolutely ecstatic if I were to receive the lobster and crab raviolis. All of your flavors look wonderful!

  107. How can you be expected to choose just one…they all look so delicious! But my husband comes from a big Italian family and he loves traditional Italian food, so I think he would really like the Marbled Parmigiano Ravioli. Yum!

  108. Oh, one of the heart-shaped varieties, definitely! They are SO SWEET!!! I think I’d chose the lobster ravioli since that is something I would never make myself. 🙂 Fingers crossed! 🙂

  109. I am in final semester of a culinary arts degree. What beautiful products! I definately would be interested in pear and cheese sachette, what a wonderful appetizer or served with a cheese course. I would also love to have the truffle square ravilios. Yum would be great with a brown sage butter sauce. Simple, to let the flavor of the truffle shine!

  110. It’s impossible for me to choose just one. I’d LOVE to try any of the following: Sweet Potato & Pecan Ravioli Gigante; Grand Marnier Roasted Duck Large Round Ravioli; Portabello & Asiago Large Round Ravioli, Cremini and Portabello Pansotti; Coconut Shrimp Hearts; or the Pear & Cheese Sacchette.

  111. I would love to try the crawfish, andouille, & roasted pepper ravioli gigante. My boyfriend keeps promising to take me to New Orleans, but I think eating these ravioli will be the closest I’ll get to tasting New Orleans cuisine. Yum!

    I would serve these with some melted butter, grated cheese and a sprinkling of sage. I don’t want to cover them in a heavy sauce because I want to be able to taste the flavors in the ravioli.

  112. I would LOVE to try Osso Bucco Girasole Gigante pasta. I have heard so much from my husband about how yummy Osso Bucco is but I have never had the opportunity to try it. How wonderful to have it with my favorite food, pasta!

  113. i believe ravioli with roasted pepper or cheese would be great at a could have many different kinds.what a party,mark the dish with the correct filling. then everyone could choose,what a night of eating. cheers

  114. I would make an heirloom tomato checca sauce to go with the Four Cheese Sacchette. Somewhat reminiscent of a caprese, the flavors of the cheese and fresh tomato are a perfect complement. The coarsely chopped tomatos in the checca will bring some additional texture, bridging between the smooth cheeses and the elasticity of the pasta.

  115. This is the best yet! The tortellonis would be my choice as I’m a cheese lover! I would pair this delight with a good Italian wine and introduce the meal to our friends and family that think Mexican food is THE menu of the day in Austin.
    Vicki Kessler

  116. The Goat Cheese and Asparagus Hearts sound amazing. I absolutely love goat cheese and have never had it in pasta, btu this sounds delicious.

  117. I’m not sure I can choose just one. They all sound good. I think some of the striped ones or the heart shaped red ones would be great, because I’d have an easier time getting my 6 year old son to try them if they look interesting.

  118. When they say it would be hard to choose one variety, they aren’t kidding! These look absolutely amazing.

    I’d like any of them, but let’s go for something a little more unusual – the grand marnier roasted duck.

  119. Black Truffle and Creme raviolini. Perfect size for such an intense plavor. Lightly sauced with sweet butter and Pecorino.

  120. Any and all of the ravioli sound amazing. The mascarpone, smoked chicken, and pine nuts sound the best. It would be great to surprise my husband with these! You guys rock!

  121. I would love to have the portabello and asiago raviolis. I love portabello mushrooms and cheese and these would be absolutely perfect to have for a nice dinner with a great glass of wine.

  122. Lobster and crab looks so good! I love lobster, and I think it’s a great combination with the ravioli. Time to warm up some pots!!

  123. The Heart-Shaped Ravioli and the Sacchette are the ones I love. I adore pasta. I serve it 3-4x a week. Hope I win, my family will flip!!!!!!!!!

  124. I would love the tortelloni with provolone and prosciutto. I would serve it with a simple pesto sauce, to not overpower the excellent pasta.

  125. There are some wonderful varieties featured here, and what a difficult decision to select just one flavor. I would have to say, however, that I am inclined towards the Provolone and Prosciutto Tortelloni. Thanks for the giveaway.

  126. All of them look good! Provolone and Prosciutto, or Osso Bucco — I can’t make up my mind!! Too many to choose, too many good flavors! How can I just pick one?

  127. wow, the selection of raviolis is BEYOND amazing. i most want to try the Crawfish, Andouille & Roasted Pepper ravioli gigante because i love to eat these flavors but so rarely cook with them. i plan to serve the raviolis all by themselves and just to me — no distractions!

  128. i’d love to try the heart shaped ricotta, mozzarella and asiago ravioli. a girly girl like me can’t resist pink hearts- especially when they’re filled with cheese!

  129. What wonderful products! Today I would definitely use the heart shaped ravioli it is Valentine’s Day and I served heart toast and eggs for breakfast! The tricolored pastas also look wonderful – I am doing “A Taste of Italy” for a group in two weeks.

  130. I am getting married March 14th. My fiancée and I plan on having a dinner party one weekend after to invite all the friends we couldn’t have at the wedding. This would be a great help. I make a killer marinara that would be fabulous with the seafood ravioli.

  131. Here’s the black and white of it — I edit a weekly newspaper. It lacks a color print job but it has a lot of local flavor. We manage to get fresh seafood at times. However, fresh Maine lobster is a rare treat. And I do love Spanish sherry, (I’ve been to Xerez de la Frontera and fino is my favorite). Take calamari ink, add it to the pasta and I would be eating my job. Serving dinner to my favorite letter-to-the-editor writers would be black and white and read all over.

  132. I am really amazed by the creativity and variety of your offerings. So many look amazingly tasty, but the Southern heart in me went pitter pat when I saw the Sweet Potato & Pecan Ravioli Gigante.

  133. Do you realize how hard it is to decide which shape and flavor to pick? I would have an easier time picking one that I would not want!(not a fan of Blue Cheese) After all is said and done, I would go for the Frutti Di Mare which combines to of my favorites, bay scallops and shrimp. Wow, wish I lived right next door to your store. I would try a new flavor every single day, and then start over!

  134. Provolone & Prosciutto – Tortelloni sounds wonderful. I think we’d love this flavor even though we’ve never tried it. My family loves this type of dish.

  135. Seriously? You want me to pick just one?

    After drooling and looking at each variety, I think I can narrow it down to the Grand Marnier Roasted Duck (although my husband keeps calling out, “Porcini Mushroom Agnolotti!”). Either would pair well with a variety of sauces or simply a drizzle of olive oil.

  136. Oh, I just can’t believe all the great pastas. I think I would love to try the Four Cheese Sacchette. I am not sure what I would serve them with as they sound yummy as they are maybe a little garlic sauce. Hmm,I hope I win.
    Thank for the giveaway.

  137. Veal Bolognese Ravioli Gigante
    Thank you for helping return delicious, ethically raised veal to our table. Clothed as ravioli gigante — what could possibly be better?

  138. I would like to try the Butternut Squash- Ravioli Gigante. Butternut squash is by far a favorite, and the combination of that with the Ameretti crumbs, the parmesan and the nutmeg crust sounds like a recipe for something tasty :). I would prepare it with a brown butter sauce infused with sage. As a completely novice chef, I’d have to do a lot of reading, but I’m totally willing to do it! Please send them over 🙂

  139. I would have to try the crawfish,andouille&roasted pepper cause its that time of year. Happy Mardi Gras!

  140. Definitely the crawfish, andouille & roasted pepper ravioli gigante. I would prepare this ravioli with a spicy cream-based sauce, topped with 4 seared jumbo shrimps, red pepper flakes, garnished with chopped parsley… or maybe even caviar. Served with a bottle of chilled white wine. I had a similar dish the first time I ever went to New Orleans and I still remember how delicious it was.

  141. This! Goat Cheese and Asparagus Hearts – 1 box (5lbs)

    I love goat cheese so this would be perfect with a homemade tomato sauce and sprinkling of some fresh parsley or maybe cilantro since Im partial to cilantro. A light romaine lettuce to accompany this “hearty” pasta. 😛

  142. Porcini Mushroom Agnolotti because I LOVE mushrooms! I would probably cook it with a light brown butter sauce.

  143. after much debate (and drooling) i think the heart shaped goat cheese and asparagus hearts would be delicious and adorable.

  144. I would do serious damage to try the crawfish, andouille, and roast pepper ravioli gigante! I would serve them in a light butter-cream sauce, flavored with a bit of minced tasso pasta, and top with some finely chopped chives – both to offset the Cajun flavors (need those green onions!) but also for the visual impact: the touch of green against those lovely striped ravioli!

  145. March 1 is my big 5-0, so I need a lotta love at this season of my life. Aging would be so much easier if I could face my next decade with a box of heart shaped ravioli filled with lobster and creme! (The pears and cheese ravioli would also ease the pain of graying hair and declining eyesight!)

  146. If I won, I’d choose the Point Reyes and Braised Fig Ravioli Gigante, for several reasons. First, we’re vegetarians, so I limited my choices to the pastas without meat. Second, this is an unusual flavor combination that I doubt I will ever find for sale at my neighborhood grocery. Third, I’ve never had fig stuff in pasta before, and I’ve never tasted Point Reyes cheese.

    Normally, with a stuffed pasta, I prefer a mild-flavored sauce so that the taste of the filling comes through. These ravioli sound as if they could stand up to a stronger accompaniment . . . perhaps cherry tomatoes, halved and lightly sautéed, in an emulsion of orange juice and lemon-infused olive oil.

  147. On our trip to Northern Ontario, we’d fish for walleye until noon, and then tromp through the woods looking for Boletus Edulis – porcinis – the king of the bolete family.

    Boletes abounded. We found six different kinds. Lobster mushrooms were everywhere underfoot in the spongy moss.

    No Boletus Edulis.

    I had eaten dried porcinis for years before I finally had my first fresh ones. Luckily for me, a visiting chef from Italy was a guest chef at Magianno’s in Chicago one night when I visited the restaurant. I ordered fresh porcini crepes. I could barely talk between bites – they were that good.

    Later on, when we were in Italy, I was amazed how local merchants would haul wooden crates of fresh porcinis on their shoulders into humble pizza places. The Italians used them with abandon. They weren’t considered the rare, gourmet delights they are the states.

    I could have heaven on earth with 5 pounds of your Porcini Mushroom Agnolotti.

    I would drench the little goodies in a good Alfredo sauce with mascarpone cheese and mushroom powder added. I’d serve them with crusty warm sourdough, a mesclum salad and a super dry Reisling. Bon appetit!

  148. Be still my heart! Mascarpone, Smoked Chicken & Pine Nut Ravioli Gigante would mean I have died and gone to Hades, because nothing this decadent shows up in heaven!

  149. I would most like to try the Osso Bucco Girasole Gigante. I don’t usually eat veal, but the contrast between the richness of this ravioli and the simple cheese- or ground meat-filled pastas I’ve based my experience on would make for a memorable meal. Some olive oil and a side of sauteed mushrooms (perhaps a mix of porcini and portabella?) would be all I’d need to make me content and build a wonderful sensory memory.

  150. I would be willing to have a cage fight smackdown against our last President (and he seems scrappy!) for a case of those Lobster Herb, & Creme Heart-shaped Ravioli.
    Why? I am getting married soon, and a few days before the big event my fiance and I are having both our families over for a big friendly dinner; those ravioli would be decadent and a sweet surprise!

  151. The Lobster Herb and Cream Heart-Shaped Ravioli would add such a romantic touch to my daughter’s upcoming wedding reception. Last year we tried the Maine Lobster tails (which were luscious)from Marx foods so I am confident the Lobster Herb and Cream Heart-Shaped Ravioli would be just as delicious. The Lobster Herb and Cream Heart-Shaped Ravioli would be simple to prepare and serve but the room would be filled with the love these delicate, appetizing hearts symbolize. Guests would be seated at round tables covered with white linens with a simple candle surrounded by fresh roses in the center. The dinner would begin with an orange, walnut, gorgonzola and mixed greens salad served with a fresh citrus vinegarette. Baskets of various warm Italian breads and glasses of Chardonnay would adorn the tables. After enjoying the salad, plates covered with the Lobster Herb and Cream Heart-Shaped Ravioli in the Fennel Sauce with shaved Parmesan cheese with toasted almonds sprinkled on top would be served. These little hearts would fill the room and tummies with love!

  152. I would love the Mascarpone, Smoked Chicken & Pine Nut Ravioli Gigante – my SO and I are celebrating our anniversary and this would be the perfect secondi piati! Tossed with salt, pepper, and black truffle oil. However, he would go weak at the knees over the Osso Bucco Girasole Gigante pasta!

  153. I would love to have the Pansotti. It is beautiful. I hate to cover it with sauce so maybe I would put it on top of the sauce so that you can still see the beautiful ravioli when plated.

    What kind of sauce? A sundried tomato cream sauce. Yum!

  154. I’d love to try to Osso Bucco pasta. Osso Bucco is my husband’s favorite dish. It would be great fun to order 5 pounds of it and have a big dinner party where each guest would bring a wine that would pair well with the pasta.

  155. Wow, these look great. I have to choose just one? That’s not easy. If I had to try just one, I think it would have to be Grand Marnier Roasted Duck raviolis. Why? Roasted Duck AND Grand Marnier — in a ravioli! I know how I’m going to serve it. Me, my wife, and more over and over again. Yum-me! Okay, right now my odds are one out of 225. Better than winning the lottery and better tasting too.

  156. I tasted almost the entire Nuovo Pasta line a year ago. Everything was excellent to exceptional. While I loved them all, I can’t stop dreaming about the Osso Bucco and Point Reyes Blue Cheese Girasole Gigante raviolis. When I think about the best pasta dishes I’ve had in my life, they aren’t masterpieces at the best Italian restaurants. They’re those Nuovo Pasta girasoles I cooked in my own kitchen. They (and the numerous others) are so magnificent, they required only a light sauce of butter and fresh herbs, and a tiny shaving of Parmigiano-Reggiano (it adds a note of complexity even with the blue cheese). Unlike other raviolis, the fillings are so complex, flavorful and rich that you don’t want to cover them with an elaborate sauce. I ate that pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner—it’s that addictive. The five pounds were gone in three days. I yearn to try those two varieties again; and this time, I won’t share, in order to stretch out the experience. Since I can only choose one (sigh) I’ll go for the Osso Bucco, and get a big wedge of Point Reyes blue cheese to enjoy on the side (although stuffing the cheese into that girasole gigante brings it just a little bit closer to heaven). Thanks, Marx Food, for bringing us such wonderful things.

  157. Good lord, these are beautiful. I promised my mom a dinner at a posh restaurant for her birthday, but then I got laid off, so no expensive dinner. I would make the goat cheese & asparagus heart shaped ravioli the centerpiece of a fine dining home dinner and surprise her.

  158. These look fabulous! I love entertaining, and it would be so much fun to plan a menu around the sundried tomato and roasted vegetable pansotti!

  159. I would most like the Crawfish, Andouille & Roasted Pepper Ravioli Gigante. I love the flavors of New Orleans!

  160. What a great give away! All of the raviolis sound absolutely delicious but the one that caught my eye immediately was the “Point Reyes and Braised Figs Raviolis”. I love figs and cheese of any kind. Thanks for the chance to win such a terrific prize. Steph

  161. Roasted Pepper or Anything with garlic or olive oil or something with goat cheese. Wow, to go through all your choices would probably take me a week to decide! Just kidding. Maybe 10 minutes. I’m a woman who can make up her mind. what an awesome prize. Sometimes it is great to be able to have a restaurant style dinner while eating at home. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  162. My choice would have to be the Pumpkin Amaretti Sacchetti! I did make ‘beggars purses’ years ago, but I know they were not as good as these! Just found your website and I love everything about it!

  163. We received 10 inches of snow yesterday; the temperature is in single digits. We are all but landlocked here. Thus the crawfish andouille and roasted pepper ravioli gigante holds an immense appeal – of the sea, of deep flavors, of summer.
    I may just walk off into the prairie with a pot of boiling water and eat them all myself.

  164. The black truffle and cream raviolini hands down! I’ve recently discovered truffles and can imagine the eartly, velvety texture and flavor of your pasta..

  165. There’s so much variety! I would have to say the Pumpkin Amaretti – Sacchette is something I’d have to try out. Too many of my favorite things in one food.

  166. I could never convince my husband to taste asparagus in any form. By a stroke of luck, a demonstrator for Nuovo Asparagus and Parmesan Ravioli convinced him to taste a sample. I was blown away when he loved it and agreed to buy several packages. We have had the good fortune to have done so until recently. Since it is no longer available at the business outlet that introduced us to it, we are searching now for a retail outlet that offers Nuovo ravioli nearby. Your ravioli is delicious with or without sauce, etc. What a great treat for entertaining!

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