Ridiculously Delicious Spice Recipes

The 21 challengers who advanced to the 2nd round of the Ridiculously Delicious Challenge have proven that they are just that:  Ridiculously Delicious.  

We sent each challenger a box containing a free sample of each of the following: Grains of Paradise, Szechuan PeppercornsDried Tepin Peppers, Juniper Berries, Coconut Sugar, Dried Tart Cherries, Saffron Threads & Dill Pollen.  Their challenge was to create a ridiculously delicious original recipe using two of the ingredients.

Here are their recipes:

Katie at the Kitchen Door – Cucumber Cups with Feta-Dill Stuffing & Lemon-Szechuan Dressing
Plate Fodder – Pan Roasted Pork Rib Eye with Juniper Berry-Grains of Paradise Rub & Juniper-Scented Potato Cakes
Lemongrove Avenue – Sweet & Spicy Vegetarian Chili
Tri to Cook – Blueberry Cherry Crisp & Grains of Paradise Ice Cream
Big Apple Nosh – Spicy Cherry Truffles
Leslie Uhl – Coconut Creamy Bread Pudding with Cherries
Joanna Marco – Tepin Chile Corn Mini-Muffins with Coconut Sugar
We Like to Cook! – Fettuccine Alla Carbonara
Exciting News from the Paper Shredder – Springtime Potato Salad
A Thought For Food – Chocolate Cherry Scones with Saffron
Lawyer Loves Lunch – Chermoula Fish Tacos & Moroccan Slaw
Cookistry – Shallow-Braised Lamb Steaks & Red Wine Reduction
Food Hunter’s Guide to Cuisine – Cherry Chocolate Almond Rugelach Seasoned with Grains of Paradise
Snippets of Sue – Poached Salmon, Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Mashed Cauliflower Croquettes
Healthy. Delicious. – Saffron Game Hen & Wild Rice Dressing with Cherries & Pistachios
Kate in the Kitchen – Szechuan Shrimp Cake & Chile Mango Dipping Sauce
Eats Well With Others – Oven-Fried Tepin Chile Chicken, Waffles & Juniper-Pomegranate Maple Syrup
LostPastRemembered – Chocolate Mousse, Coconut & Szechuan Peppercorn Sabayon
ChezWhat? – Sour Cherry Ice Cream, Coconut Sugar Threads & a Pastry
Dinner at Christina’s – Lucia Buns
Chef It Yourself – Arroz con Cordero

Read the Original Challenge Post to see a full synopsis.

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12 Responses to “Ridiculously Delicious Spice Recipes”

  1. 1
    birdie newman katz says:

    So proud of you, shannon! Love that you love to cook! My favorite sport!

  2. 2
    Kelly says:

    Wow. That reads like an allstar list of ingredients. So fun to see how many different directions the challengers took it in!

  3. 3
    Donna says:

    This was a really fun box of ingredients, and it’s interesting to see how many completely different recipes came out of it. Good luck to everyone!

  4. 4
    christellar says:

    The recipe for Shallow-Braised Lamb Steaks & Red Wine Reduction makes me want to die and go to heaven!

  5. 5
    Catherine says:

    Chez What? ‘s cherry ice cream with coconut sugar threads and a tart shows amazing technique, flavor, and beauty that deserves the votes!

  6. 6
    serena @bigapplenosh says:

    Everything sounds mouthwatering – good luck, everyone! 🙂

  7. 7
    Heather Shaw says:

    I voted for Leslie!!! Coconut Creamy Bread Pudding with Cherries!!!!

  8. 8
    norma says:

    Nice spin on dish.

  9. 9
    WAGNAF says:

    Made this the other night, it was great!!!

  10. 10
    Ilene says:

    I vote for Theresa Greco’s Cherry Chocolate Almond Rugelach Seasoned with Grains of Paradise. They look amazing.

  11. 11
    ChezWhat says:

    hey where are the results???

  12. 12
    Jeanne Martin says:

    I am totally impressed with all, but Christo Gonzales is my favorite. ChezWhat, ice cream with coconut threads, is awesome and an obvious work of art. I would love to see him in action, making those “threads”