How Our Wild Boars Are Harvested

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How Our Wild Boars Are Harvested

Our wild boar is trapped in the wilds of Texas Hill Country, where they are an invasive, aggressive and destructive species. In the US, wild animals must be slaughtered & processed in a USDA inspected facility for their meat to be legal for sale. Because of this, the wild boar meat we sell is not from animals shot in the wild, but instead trapped live and transported to a plant for processing.

How Wild Boars are Caught:

To capture boar, traps (usually either box or pen traps) are set in heavily populated areas where boar are known to be active. These traps are designed with gravity or “saloon-type” doors that will close when a boar takes the bait (usually corn), but are usually wired open for several days after they are placed, so the boar gets used to entering the trap.

Presumably this increases the likelihood of the boar being well in the trap on the day the door isn’t wired and closes behind them.

Wild boars are most active in the evening and at night. Traps are checked every day (usually in the morning) and when trappers find boars they load them onto livestock trailers for transit to buying stations.

Buying Stations:

Captured wild boars are usually transported to central buying stations, which are approved & permitted by the Texas Animal Health Commission. At these stations they are individually weighed (different weight groups bring different prices). The station then pays the trapper for their catch, and moves the boars to a holding pen with access to feed (usually corn) and water.


Livestock haulers then take the boars from the buying station to slaughterhouses via covered livestock trailers (the same way all livestock is transported to the abattoir). On arrival the boars are unloaded, weighed again, and moved to pens where they have access to water and feed.


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  1. do you know if i can buy a head of a wild boar I would like the skin and ears on with everything else . The only thing removed is the fur which as far as I know is inediable .

  2. Post

    Hi Karen,

    Unfortunately we cannot sell you a wild boar head, nor do we know anyone who can. It is very difficult to remove the hair from the head, and no parts of the boar with the bristles attached can be sold.

    Marx Foods

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