How Many Sprigs of an Herb are there in a Pound?

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We get asked this question a lot. Unfortunately, because fresh herbs vary in size and weight and are sold by weight rather than a number of pieces, we’re not really able to give people an exact answer.

Here are some very, very rough estimates for some of the herbs we’re most commonly asked about. Most of them are based on the rough ratios offered by “The Book of Yields” (a book used by pro chefs to guesstimate how much of any particular ingredient they need to buy) rather than direct comparison with the products we sell.

Herb Per Lb Estimate
 Bulk Cilantro Fresh Cilantro  ~5.7 bunches (~7.4 oz of leaves)
 Bulk Lemon Thyme Fresh Lemon Thyme (see thyme estimate)
 Bulk Fresh Marjoram Fresh Marjoram ~610 sprigs
 Bulk Fresh Mint Fresh Mint ~160 sprigs (~6.72 oz of leaves)
 Wholesale Fresh Rosemary Fresh Rosemary ~45 six to eight inch sprigs
 Fresh Sage Wholesale Fresh Sage ~9.6 oz of leaves
 Wholesale Fresh Thyme Fresh Thyme ~690 sprigs

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  1. Good Morning, I am making Pesto for favors at my daughters wedding. I have 100, 5oz jars to fill and do not know how much Basil I will need. Can you tell me approximately how many pounds. I will also be processing stems.
    Thank you,
    Cindy Soto-keenan

  2. Post

    Hi Cindy,

    Wow…that’s a lot of pesto! I’ve come up with some numbers that will hopefully help you estimate how much basil to buy and put them on our Ask blog here. Best of luck!


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