An Amazing Collection of Dried Chile Recipes

We issued a challenge to the blogosphere: Take our chilies and create a delicious and fiery dish that requires a spoon to eat.  We then shipped 6 of our 25 varieties of dried chilies to each blogger (every blogger received a different collection). 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 35 delicious bloggers surely delivered with everything from chile ice cream to chile chili.  Many bloggers used dried chilies for the first time and discovered that they are a culinary game changer.  Thanks to all of the bloggers who helped create this amazing collection of dried chile recipes.

Of all the entries, two stood out: Lawyer Loves Lunch’s recipe for Pho with Chile Sauce won the reader poll, with A Thought for Food’s Chocolate Chili Panna Cotta recipe being voted by the other competitors as their favorite.

That said, all of the recipes submitted were exciting, many extremely unusual.  They’re listed below…check them out!


Browse the Marx Foods dried chile recipes collection for even more ideas and technique tutorials.

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10 Responses to “An Amazing Collection of Dried Chile Recipes”

  1. 1
    Joan Nova says:

    That was very difficult. So many good choices. Congrats to all.

  2. 2
    Jasper E. Preston says:

    My goodness,

    I am so hungry now. great choices.

  3. 3
    Pic-Nicholas says:

    The A Thought for Food: Chocolate Chili Panna Cotta was leagues above my expectations, I made it for a group of friends and it was the first dish to be devoured. A true culinary masterpiece.

    Dida telya…?