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How Strong are Birchwood Spoons?

We put our birchwood spoons to the test by trying to dig a scoop of sorbet from a pint straight from the freezer. Sorbet usually freezes harder than ice cream because it has no fat, just fruit and water, so
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Will Palm Plates & Bowls Leak?

We have been asked if our palm leaf bowls and plates will leak if they are filled with liquid, so we put this question to the test and performed an experiment in our kitchen. We did a side-by-side comparison of
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How Sharp are Birchwood Knives & Forks?

The birchwood knives that accompany our palm leaf plates are stronger and sharper than you may think. They’re sharp enough to cut through steak & asparagus (with some effort). We held the steak and asparagus with a birchwood fork while
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Are Palm Plates Strong Enough to Withstand a Steak Knife Cut?

We tested the sturdiness of our palm plates by using an actual steak knife to see how many cuts the plate could withstand in one place before the knife broke through. For this test, we used the rectangle palm leaf
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How Much Weight Can Palm Plates Hold?

You may have heard us say “palm plates are durable” and that they’re “much stronger than paper plates,” but if you need to see it to believe it, we tested the strength of these palm plates and filmed it for
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Saveur Magazine Picnics with Our Palm Plates!

Saveur Magazine covered our biodegradable/compostable disposable palm leaf plates on their website today! “Disposable palm leaf plates from Marx Foods are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic or paper, and they look great.” Head on over to to check out
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Palm Leaf Plates on Epicurious! covered our disposable/biodegradable/compostable palm leaf plates today!  “Not only are the Palm Leaf Plates charming, a little rustic, and sturdy, but they are eco-friendly.”   Head on over to The Epi-Log and check out the rest of the post!


The Top 5 Reasons We Love Palm Plates

1. No trees are harmed to make them…they’re a super-sustainable, non-timber resource. When the palm trees naturally drop their leaves, they’re collected and turned into plates. Read more: how palm plates are made. 2. They’re not just disposable, they’re biodegradable
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How Palm Leaf Plates are Made

You may have been wondering (as I was) how our Palm Leaf Plates are actually made.  What makes them so environmentally friendly? As it turns out, the construction of our Palm Leaf Plates is a natural, renewable, and simple process:
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Blogger Palm Plate Reviews

A host of food bloggers from the Foodie Blogroll reviewed our eco-friendly palm leaf plates. You’ll find their thoughts, impressions, likes & dislikes linked below.  Checking out what they have to say is a great way to decide if these plates
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Disposable Palm Leaf Plates: Pros & Cons

Want to know more about our disposable palm leaf plates? The food blogging community has field tested them extensively. Here is their collective verdict: Pros: ● Compostable ● Nice looking, with a natural wood-grain finish. ● Disposable ● Sturdy ●
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