The Top 5 Reasons We Love Palm Plates

1. No trees are harmed to make them…they’re a super-sustainable, non-timber resource. When the palm trees naturally drop their leaves, they’re collected and turned into plates. Read more: how palm plates are made.

2. They’re not just disposable, they’re biodegradable & compostable! Just like any other leaves, these plates will return to the earth without taking up landfill space.

3. They’re tough, tough, tough! Palm plates are super light, however, people are consistently surprised by how incredibly sturdy they are.

4. They’re gorgeous. Imagine a wedding meal on disposable plates! Their natural wood pattern makes them a particularly good choice for outdoor events.

5. They’ve available in ten different shapes & sizes, so there’s something for any style and serving…even platters!

Explore our palm leaf plates page for further information & ordering. Say goodbye to flimsy paper and forever-in-a-landfill plastic, and hello to eco, elegant & easy palm plates!


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    The Food Hunter says:

    These plates are awesome!!