The Trouble with Truffles

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As delicious as fresh truffles are, there’s no denying that their expense and reputation can be pretty daunting for home chefs trying them for the first time.

Here are some great possible ways to take baby steps into truffledom:

Truffle Finishing Touches: Truffle Butter, Truffle Oil, Truffle Salt, Truffle Sauce, and Truffle Honey can all be used to add truffle flavor to your dishes at the last minute.  A little goes a long way, so they last much longer than fresh truffles, and are easier to store.

Preserved TrufflesPreserved (canned or jarred) truffles, wild foraged in Europe, are real truffles that have been canned or jarred for use outside fresh truffle seasons.  Truffle peelings and breakings are even more affordable, and already in bite-sized pieces.

Start with fresh Oregon Truffles instead: Oregon truffles are high quality & wild foraged in the Pacific Northwest.  Though European truffle varieties are even stronger flavored, Oregon truffles are significantly more affordable and still have great flavor.  Check our wild food chart to see when they’re likely to be in season.

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  1. Turffle oil and salt…

    They are the perfect compliment to tender white popcorn and parmesan cheese.

    You should send a gift to my brother Frank.

  2. Truffle oil, because it’s easily drizzle-able. (not a word, I know!)

    I’d share with Kyle, because he’s the greatest son ever and eats beans and rice during the week so he can enjoy exceptional food on the weekends with his fiance. Smart kid, that one. 🙂

  3. Oh the Truffle oil, on pasta!

    You should send a second package to my friend Deena. She and her partner are buying a house and it would be a marvelous housewarming gift.

  4. The truffle butter sounds like a perfect addition to Christmas dinner. I would share it with my wonderful mother.

  5. The truffle salt would likely vanish first, as it does taste amazing on popcorn.

    I’d give a basket to my mum.

  6. The truffle oil would go the fastest in
    my home because I’d use it for my Risotto. I’d say the second would go to my best friend Jeremy.

  7. Wow – these are a lot of promotions all in a row. Not that I’m complaining, mind.

    I’ve been slowly working through a tenny tiny bottle of truffle oil, but I used it most in spring when there was fresh, local asparagus.

    I’m turn between the butter and the honey… I think I’d go with the honey because it’s different. I bet it would be a good addition to bean dishes. And maybe in some musky apricot thingy. Honey it is.

    The second one would go to my friend, Cicely.

  8. The truffle honey would probably go the fastest though they all would not be here too long!

    My friend Susan would definitely get the second gift.

  9. I think black truffle butter would go fastest in my home, because we love butter!

    You should send a second pack to my fiancee Lily, who is a truffle lover…

  10. I have never tried any of these even with living in Italy! So it would be fun to try these. I am sure the truffle oils and seasonings would go great with pasta or most any dish!

    Oops didn’t read carefully. Probably the black truffle butter would go fastest.

    I have an aunt Glenda who would absolutely love some of these luxurious goodies!

  11. The truffle honey would go very quick in our house. We would dip some good Italian bread in it and eat with some parmagiano! Please send a second truffle pack to Shirley who has just discovered this wonderful flavor!

  12. Hey ya,

    The black truffle salt would definitely go the fastest in my home. We salt everything and what better flavor sparkler to pair with earthy red wines than truffles! I can already tast it sprinkled on my Arctic char, tuna steaks, roasted veggies and dark chocolate. My friend Janet also loves to cook and pair her creations with interesting wines. So, for sure she’d love black truffle salt. Thanks! Stefani

  13. I think the truffle honey would go fastest in our house. I just ordered the Mount Townsend Cheese Sampler, and I think that truffle honey on the cirrus cheese would be an *amazing* thing to take to parties.

    The second truffle pack should go to my friend Rachael, who’s both a genius in the kitchen and a fantastic person.

  14. The White Truffle vinegar would go fastest here. mmmm. I’d give the second pack to my sister, who would appreciate it as much as I would.

  15. I think they all would go equally as fast – we are truffle whores!! You should definitely send one to my friend Allison and Mark with your company told me about this event!

  16. Oh, wow. I think the truffle butter would go the fastest, probably spread over toasted chestnut bread before I’d have the time to cook some ravioli for the truffle oil.

    If I’m a lucky recipient, I think my friend Meghan deserves a basket; she’s the one who introduced me to you guys!

  17. The truffle goodness wouldn’t last long in my house – the truffle butter would go first, I’m sure. My son, Billy, would also love to receive this gift. He often makes truffle macaroni and cheese for his fiance.

  18. I’ve never had truffle anything — this after numerous years of French, one of my minors in college and a few trips to France. I feel I’m missing out. I don’t know which would go quickest, but I’m really into experimenting with different butters and salts right now, so I’d guess one of those two items. I would love to give a second set to my one and only sister as we’re the only two of our original family still in Omaha and we try to get together at least once a week to catch up. We’re hoping to be in Seattle in March for a wedding. Are you open for tours?

  19. The one that would go the fastest at my house would be the truffle oil because I would put it on everything.

    I’d give the second pack to Kate because she introduced me to this site.

  20. The white truffle oil, for sure. You should send my friend Tisa a gift package. She is the person who sent me your link a few weeks ago!

  21. The truffle oil would go first, we love using that with eggs in the morning, gives them that just right hint of deliciousness.
    Pam would get the second set, I would not know about you without her.

  22. The white truffle oil. The second set would go to my friend Magali, who can share it with with my other friends in CA!

  23. Truffle salt, which is enough to get me out of bed early for a breakfast of eggs sprinkled with truffle salt.

    The second gift? It should go to my boyfriend Neal, so I don’t have to share my loot 🙂

  24. Truffle oil is versatile for finishing almost any savory dish, but the thruffle butter would go the fastest during the holidays for all of the varied appetizers, breads and finger foods we cook up.

    My friend Allen should get a chance to taste these wonderful products.

  25. Wow, I think truffle vinegar would disappear in an instant. In a vinaigrette on winter salads? Delish. I would give the second pack to my mom, Cindy.

  26. The fastest product to go around here would probably be the truffle butter and truffle oil. Oh, how these would go..

    I’d send these to my friend and fellow blogger, Sue.

  27. It is hard to say which one would go first, after looking at the recipes I think I would try all off them. I have to admit I have never tried cooking with any of this but it looks great and it might be another hobby of mine. :o) I would love to try them all, but the oil, butter and honey stand out the most, maybe the salt…lol

    My oldest daughter is who I would like to share this with. She is really enjoying cooking and tries a lot of new stuff and I think she would really enjoy this, then we can each try recipes and let each other know what we though. :o)

  28. Mmmm, truffle oil on pasta and truffle salt on veggies! My mouth is watering thinking of all the possiblities!

    I would share the set with my Mom – she first introduced me to truffles and could come up with all kinds of incredible uses for the products!


  29. I think the truffle butter would go the fastest at my house.

    If I would win the second package should go to my daughter, Skye.

  30. The Truffle Butter would go quickest here. I didn’t know until this moment that I can’t live without it.

    My friend Carolyn is a fantastic cook (and blogger). She’d adore me if you sent her a truffle pack.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  31. The truffle butter would go first in our household because we’re fools for butter and love truffles.

    The second truffle pack should go to Sarah.

  32. The truffle butter would probably go fastest. I can almost taste a bit of it melting over a thick grilled ribeye.

    I would send the other package to my friend Beverly. She’s another foodie adn we share lotsof recipes and meals with each other.

  33. Drool. Truffle butter would probably go the fastest, or the truffle oil. Truffles are such a divine little treat.

    I would love to share them with our friend’s Mason and Bree who share our foodie delights.

  34. Isn’t everything better with Truffle Oil? That’s what I’d use up first!
    I’d love to see my brother Brian in San Fransisco get a Truffle Gift Pack – He’d do all kinds of interesting things with those goodies…

  35. Truffle butter — I can see my husband now, eating it by the spoonful.

    And my friend Kim would dance with joy to receive her own truffle package. She is an Italian cook extraordinaire.

  36. What a tough choice and what a great collection! I’d probably say the Truffle Salt because it has so many possibilities. It’s also a tough call as to the co-giftie, should I be so lucky, but probably my dearest friend, Susan.


  37. The truffle salt would go the fastest in my house. Almost everything could use truffle salt.

    I would give the extra one to my boss, Nick. He would truly be able to appreciate it.

  38. The truffle oil definitely would go the fastest as we love it as a finishing touch to so many dishes.

    The second truffle pack should go to our daughter Erin, because she raids our pantry when she visits.
    She needs her own supply, please.

  39. The truffle oil would be fabulous in cooking to give that exquisite flavor, and any bread would be so lucky to be spread with truffle butter.
    I would share this bounty with Jerry.

  40. Wow! I would *love* to win the truffle products you are giving away! Sounds so decadent! Here is my entry:

    1. The black truffle butter would definitely go the fastest in our household. We often top grilled meats and sauteed dishes at the last minute with seasoned butter to enhance the flavors of the dish, so it would be very popular.

    2. You should send the second truffle pack to my brother, John, on my behalf. He and I both spend a lot of time cooking. We don’t get to see each other very much, but when we do, we bond over cooking food in whatever kitchen is nearby. He would cherish and appreciate the products as much or more than I would!

  41. I’d especially love to try the truffle butter. I’ve had truffle oil and it’s delicious, but I’d like to try something different. I’d like you to send the other gift to my son Jim, who is stationed in Kodiak, Alaska. He is an adventurous cook too.

  42. Most definitely the truffle butter and vinegar…

    Just saute things and make endless mixes of herb and truffle vinaigrette…

    You should send the gift to Shuna Fish Lydon; the amazing pastry chef and blogger of the blog Eggbeater.

  43. My fiance is a chef, so I’d bet all of these would be gone within a matter of weeks! 🙂 I think I personally would use up the salt. We stock a billion different kinds in our house and I love experimenting with them.

    I’d give it to Sheila, my fiance’s mom, since that’s where he learned how to cook.

  44. Definitely the truffle oil. I was just drooling over it on some pasta with good parmesan reggiano cheese on top—and a wonderful red wine

    The other gift should go to my friend Jeannie—-the best cook I know


  45. The truffle butter and oil will probably go first. They would be used in tapas and zakuski for the Christmas Eve spread; I’ll look over your recipes for ideas as well as create something of my own. The friends coming over before midnight mass will thoroughy enjoy them, I’m sure! I’ll make a point of letting them know where to get their own.

    I’ll blog about the outcome at and crosspost to Facebook and 3 culinary Yahoo! groups.

    My dear friend Donald, who lives in another state, would be an excellent person to get the 2nd Truffle Bliss. He is a gifted cook and foodie. With PhDs in both anthropology and public health, he has literally traveled the entire world as a consultant for development projects. In the process, he has used anthropological methods to explore all kinds of cuisines–an avocation he has been able to pursue while working for WHO and similar organizations. He’d be likely to blog the same places I do, with his own point of view and style.

  46. In my place the white truffle oil would go the fastest, followed by the truffle salt. I love using truffle oil on popcorn and on roasted potatoes cooked in duck fat. Truffle salt is my favorite thing on tartufa, you should see that recipe on my blog. A second pack should go to Suzanne, she could use a treat! Fingers crossed!

  47. All of these sound so good! I think the truffle oil would go the fastest – but it would be a competition with the salt and butter right behind. The oil is great because it can be added to much of our food now – to give it that really great ‘truffle’ flavor. In my house – the truffle oil goes great with popcorn and parmesan… umm, i think i will have to make some now! I think my baking friend Rachael would be a good contender for the contest too. She and her husband are fantastic in the kitchen – and I would love to see what she would come up with when using these products. Fun site!

  48. Truffle honey would be gone the fastest – my husband loves honey! I found out about this giveaway on Robyn’s Online World blog. She deserves the second package for spreading the word!
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

  49. Well, I’m notoriously delicate with my truffle usage. I love it SO much that I don’t use it nearly enough. I have 2 containers of truffle salt in my cupboard that are probably losing their potency. For shame. But the truffle butter would be easiest to use quickly, I think.

    I would give my 2nd truffle Pack to ms. Kassie Church, because she posted to Marx foods before I even read the blog post (I am SO behind on my google reader). And i think she might care about truffles just as much as I do.

  50. As it is currently dungeness crab season here, the truffle butter would go the fastest right now in my house, but I think all of the items would be used quickly with how they could be used in so many dishes.

    My partner Joe would kill me if I did not nominate him for a second pack!

  51. Truffle butter sounds great. What could be better than butter? What could be better than truffles? Truffle butter. That’s it. Let me convince my wife Jane of that. Yum.

  52. have never had truffle anything, but i’m guessing the butter!

    would share the 2nd basket with my in-laws!

  53. hmmm…I’ve honestly never had truffles so not sure what I would use first. maybe the salt? If I win, I’d like my friend Susan to also get a package 🙂

  54. I’m so excited about this contest! As a vegetarian, I use oodles of truffle products when I want to elevate my dishes to the “fine dining” level. Of course, I love white truffle oil drizzled over my popcorn, but have also taken my fig, blue cheese and spinach pizza up a few notches with a bit of olive oil.

    Have you had it on frittes w/ fresh garlic and sea salt? or replaced olive oil in your aioli for 2/3 vegetable oil and 1/3 truffle oil? Oh my! I could go on and on. Actually, this contest has inspired me to write a whole blog entry just on truffle oil!

    As far as who I’d like to “share the wealth” with, I think my best friend, Wendy. She’s not a vegetarian, but an amazing Southern cook. Truffle oil could be a really interesting addition to her grits, mac & cheese, and even broiled catfish.

  55. Husband says the black truffle butter would be the first to disappear. I say it would be the white truffle vinegar. I guess that shows how differently we like to indulge ourselves. He says the butter would go on freshly baked artisan breads, in pasta, and a little dollop or two on eggs. The vinegar would be used in salads as a dressing. Oil and vinegar are my favs for that. I’d also splash some on salmon, in a potato salad, or whip up a homemade mayonnaise with it. I’d send one to Jane. She’s a dear friend who loves to bake and shares her cooking pleasures with people all around the U.S. at her own expense.

  56. Oh how cool would this be to win! My husband decided that the truffle oil would go the fastest. He already is coming up with different foods he wants to try it with!

    If I win I would want to send one to my mom. She loves to cook as much as we do! Truffle anything would make her day.

  57. Thats easy…black truffle salt…sprinkle it on everything from eggs to soups to chocolate!

    Second package to Anthony and Toni please.

  58. The truffle honey would disappear first around here-on scones & biscuits. Definitely should be sent to truffle hound Linda! (I’d have to beg my share, I suspect)

  59. The truffle honey would disappear pretty quickly in my house! My husband and I have only been married a year, but I’ve already made it a point to introduce him to new and interesting foods. He loves truffle oil, and I think truffle honey on some basket formed ricotta with some fresh figs would be bliss!

    If I were to win, I’d want the other pack to be sent to my mum. I credit her for my love of food, and she was the first to give me the book “A Year in Provence” by Peter Mayle. I remember reading about truffles in that book, and falling in love with them years before one ever graced my plate!

  60. I think the truffle butter would go fastest in my house…followed by the truffle honey.

    I’d love to send it to my sister-in-law Kathy.

  61. The truffle honey would definately go the fastest in my house.

    The second truffle pack should go to Robyn’s Online World

  62. The truffle butter would definitely be the first to go – how delicate and lovely that would be!

    I’d share the prize with my friend Karen.

  63. I think they all would go pretty fast! 😉 But sadly for my hips it would be the truffle butter I think or maybe the honey. I would love to give the gift to my friend, blogger and foodie Natalie.

  64. Hard to say, we’d either rush through the truffle oil or the truffle butter…the other items I’d just savor! My sister Joyce would win the second pack, she taught me all about food. <3

  65. White truffle vinegar as I need vinegar. Out of it!
    To my brother as his wife loves experimenting in the kitchen.

    Happy Holidays!

  66. In my house, the truffle butter would probably go first, quickly followed by the truffle oil.

    send the second one to my: Judy Selmon

  67. no question, the salt would disappear first. i salt everything, and with truffle salt i’d still salt everything, but using a higher quantity. 🙂
    my friend katie would keel over if she received something like this.

  68. I think the White Truffle Oil would be used up in a fairly quick amount of time. My husband it the cook, and he has been lusting after truffle oil for many years!
    I learned about this contest from Robyns Online World.

  69. Yummy! The Truffle Honey would disappear quickly in our house, everyone likes honey anyway and that would be great on oatmeal!

    I would send the second truffle pack to Robyn, as it was her blog that sent me here.

  70. I think the vinegar would be the first to disappear. A few drops of vinegar in a meal reveals unseen layers of flavors. The butter would be a close second however.

    My brother AJ, would appreciate this even more than I would.

  71. 1. The Black Truffle Butter would be amazing on my ribeye steaks and the White Truffle Oil is definitely needed in Potato Leek Soup for this cold weather!

    2. Matt from MarxFoods

  72. Truffle butter would go the fastest especially during the holidays! We love to cut it into scrambled eggs for fabulously decadent French scrambled eggs…or with homemade pasta, a little truffle butter, freshly grated Pecorino and a touch of basil…..

    And you have to ship some to my husband at work!
    Chef Danny Mellman

  73. Well, isn’t this a nice treat! OMG the thought of the truffle oil and salt on scrambled eggs in the morning, makes my toes curl just thinking about it! When my mother; Sherilee mentioned this contest to me,I knew I had to blog!!! Then when I seen the truffle honey, I could smell the fresh honey-wheat berry bread I would bake; to drizzle the honey on; mmm good! Is this for real????

    The second package, should go to the one who mentioned this contest; my mother

    Thank you Marx Brothers again, for a great Christmas contest!

    Donna Cowley/Private Chef

  74. Hi!
    I am new to truffle oil and its uses–tried for first time this year, but soon fell in love! So the truffle oil for me (plus we are vegan–so the truffle butter is out). I found out about this from Matt Holmes–thanks, Matt!

  75. to be honest i’ve never actually cooked with trufle anything but the butter and honey might be the first thing to go, nothing better than a crispy buttered toast with honey drizzled on top.

    i’d send the second pack to a fellow foodie friend, sarah jane.

  76. 1) The black truffle butter. Truffles taste like the mouth of the person you love, and what could be more sexy than to combine that with butter?

    2) Kassie Church, who told me about this contest.

  77. I would say either the truffle oil or salt would be used the most. We’re exploring ways to tweak flavors of dishes with small, gourmet additions and oils and salts have been perfect comliments to many meals.

    I know my mother Andrea would love a truffle gift. I owe all my gourmet interests to her.

  78. I have never had the opportunity to use truffle in my kitchen. I’m getting excited just thinking of the process from the research to the final product. I think the first to go in my home would be the sea salt, or the honey – yummm.
    If I were so lucky – I would love to share this gift of truffles with my Momma – Lolita, who is more familiar with truffles than I am.

  79. After my long vacation in France earlier this year, I’m missing truffles like mad, so the truffle honey will be the first to disappear as it can go with everything – waffles, bread or as a drink on it’s own! A close second will be the truffle oil, once I get my hands on the recipes and pass them to my mum who’s the residential cook.

    Babara Prant is the one who directed me to this site, so she gets the second set too!

  80. The truffle honey would go the fastest here for us … I’d drizzle it over some luscious cheese! As for the gift, I’d like to send it to my blog friend, Laura, just because. 🙂

  81. The truffle honey would go the fastest in my house and if I won I would choose my sister Karen to get this delicious truffle lover’s dreampack.

  82. The Black truffle butter would definetly go the fastest in my home. The combination would work perfectly with any dish. Everything from spreading on to a nice toasted egg sandwich to a perfect toping for a filet.

    Such a wonderful prize would be perfect for Maria who could use something to stimulate her to get back to cooking and I think this would do the trick

  83. The truffle oil would go the quickest in my house with the butter a close second.

    My brother-in-law gary


  84. I would love to have this because I have never tried truffles. Not truffle butter, truffle oil, truffle salt nor truffle honey. I just think it would be lovely to know first hand what wonderful products they are.

  85. The truffle oil, because of all the local root vegetables that would be turned into truffled fries!

    The second pack should go to my mom, because she has never had truffles before!

  86. Probably the truffle oil…I have a decadent recipe for gnocchi with cream, asiago and truffle oil. I guess I would have the second gift sent to my daughter, Kate, (you know the one 🙂

  87. Definitely the truffle butter. My husband and I like to use it to make our popovers extra indulgent. I’d send the second pack to my mom.

  88. The Black Truffle Butter would be gone in seconds around my husband. I would like the other Truffle pack sent to Barbara Platt at barbara’s beat blog.

  89. Truffle Honey, no doubt. I’m pretty sure someone would have to physically restrain me from drinking it like water. The butter would be gone next. The salt and the oil would last me a long time, if my current oft used containers are any indication…

    My Momma. She really wants to try truffles!

  90. my family would love that truffle butter because we eat butter on everything! if i were so lucky to win this pkg i’d squeal like a pig! i found your give away on robyn’s world

  91. I would choose the white truffle oil. It is so versatile! I would use it over spaghetti or fresh vegetables sprinkled with parmesan and lemon. I would gift it to my sister-in-law, Lisa, who is a marvelous cook! The amphora bottle makes it even more exquisite!

  92. I would say the truffle oil will go the fastest because my husband will pretend he is TOP CHEF!
    The other gift should go to Allison because she is a wonderful chef and entertainer!

  93. I already have the salt, so I’d love the oil. Uhm, on top of mashed potatoes?
    oops, you can send the extra stuff to my twin Anna 😉

  94. Oops..commented on the wrong post 🙂 I would go through the salt the fastest and gift the extra prize pack to my equally truffle obsessed friend Jen!

  95. I think that the White Truffle Oil would go fastest in cooking in my house. I would love to see my friend Jason get this set, as he is a FAB cook and I know he would appreciate it!

  96. The White Truffle Oil would be devoured immediatley at our home and I would love to give my friend’s Scott & Angie Lilly a set as well. lovely.

  97. The Truffle oil will finish first – It is excellent as finishing touch to pasta and pan-simmered chicken.

    You should send the gift to my friend Malilay.

  98. The salt would definitely go the fastest. I’ve been trying sea salt in a lot of different recipes lately and I can imagine that Black Truffle Salt being an excellent addition, especially now that I have more time to cook!

    I think my friend Shawn also deserves a great gift pack, as he is one of my favorite people to share food ideas and recipes with.

  99. The Truffle butter would be gone the fastest. Imagine warm toasted crusty bread with the butter drizzled with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and some crushed garlic.

    Of course I’d have to share with my wife Karyn

    Happy holidays everyone!

  100. I hope I didn’t miss the cutoff! I’m torn between the truffle honey, the salt, and the oil. I could use the three of them in many ways, but I think I’d go with the oil.

    And if I win, I’d like for the pack to be sent to my friend Micki!

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