The World’s Best Burgers?

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If you’re a burger fan, you’ve probably heard whispers of Kobe beef burgers (aka wagyu burgers) and Kobe beef sliders.  You may have actually tried them yourself…and I’m willing to bet it’s an experience you’ve never forgotten.

Kobe beef has been bred and raised for extreme marbling, resulting in legendary tenderness and a rich, buttery-beefy flavor.  Kobe beef steaks are considered by the Japanese to be the epitome of bovine deliciousness, and many other people in the world agree. Others insist that Kobe burgers are at least as good, if not better, because all that marbled fat melts into the burger as it cooks, creating an incredibly moist and tasty result.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, just read the 327 beef-crazed comments below, all posted by people giddy over the prospect of having some Kobe burgers to call their very own.

Or, if you’re looking to try burgers that are even more exotic, check out our gourmet burgers section, offering meats like kangaroo and elk.

Comments 328

  1. I would have all my friends and family over and have a burger party, with all the toppings, sides, etc. Everyone could make a burger the way they like it, like a burger bar! 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to throw down the gauntlet and challenge White Castle to a slider-off, but the company’s superior funding has always been a stumbling block. Should I win the case of Kobe sliders this will no longer be an obstacle and I can finally bring down the walls of the stoner empire that so proudly touts its vile craveability!

  3. Yum! I’m not sure my favorite burger recipe would do – I’d definitely have to up it for these babies! But there would definitely be some homemade guac involved!

  4. I would form patties, grill, and eat the charred, juicy results on buns with a variety of condiments.

  5. I would give away a couple of pounds worth on my blog so that others could experience the deliciousness!
    And then DH and I would concoct evil and delicious ways to enjoy the rest! YUM!

  6. I would invite my very favorite people over for a build your own burger night. Toppings would include caramelized onions, avocado, sauteed mushrooms, sharp cheddar, roasted red peppers and MORE! Yummm!

  7. Oooh, I can already smell the grill going with these – complete with every topping imaginable…I’d invite our closest friends over to enjoy them with!

  8. I would have a BBQ for close family and friends. Burgers and summer go hand-in-hand. Plus – I’ve never had the fortune to try kobe beef. Would love to! Thanks!

  9. I would have BBQ with my friends and have every condiment imaginable (including several cheeses) available so that everyone could make their own best burger.

  10. I’d keep them all for myself!! Just kidding 🙂 I’d plan a dinner party centered around the burgers, and I think I’d even serve them on my finest china with a few good bottles of cabernet sauvignon. My husband would grill the burgers to order with the guests’ choice of cheese – gruyere, brie, blue, mozzarella cheddar, and Swiss. I’d go all out on the toppings bar: caramelized onions, raw red onions, romaine lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, jalapenos, avocado, sauteed onions and mushrooms, sauteed peppers, bacon, mayonnaise, chipotle mayo, stone ground dijon, ketchup, and basil aiolo. So now that I’m completely hungry, please send me some Kobe beef burgers!!

  11. I would throw a ridiculously fun grill-out for our friends and then sing the praises of Marx Foods on my blog 😉

  12. I would grill Kobe burgers in its natural state without any extra fillings as to not disturb the taste of the first bite. I’m sure the burger itself will have everything that one thinks about when they dream of the perfect burger.

  13. Oh my goodness! I’m quite certain my normal burger fixins just wouldn’t do. There would have to be lots of analysis, cross referencing of recipes, burger challenges, etc to come up with the proper treatment. But then, I’d probably realize they are best consumed without toppings disguising the flavor so I’d throw them on the grill and enjoy them as is.

  14. I would have friends over and grill them simply seasoned. A whole assortment of cheeses would be provided and all condiments as well so that everyone could enjoy them in their own way! I for one would go blue cheese and caramelized onions…mmmm!

  15. I would do the happy dance for sure! My husband loves sliders and this would be a fun time to have a backyard party.

  16. I would definitely have a cookout with our family. I’ve been wanting to host a dinner so badly and this would be the perfect reason to do so!

  17. I would invite all of our friends over for a big burger party. I’ve never had the privilege of trying kobe beef and would love the opportunity!

  18. I would melt some raw monterey jack cheese on top and then add a layer of roasted poblano peppers.

  19. I would invite a few friends over to make them bleu cheese truffle burgers with hand-cut truffle french fries.


  20. I’d save them for a special occasion and then throw a big cookout party for close friends and family, complete with a gourmet toppings bar, lots of awesome music, cold beer and great conversation.

  21. I would make the burgers simple, with just a bit of cheese and maybe some ketchup. They wouldn’t need much else!

  22. I’m entering as I’ve bought stuff before and been satisfied with the quality. This is my last entry to the free stuff as I just don’t think anyone tangible wins and would be shocked on my final entry to actually get something for free in this economy.

  23. I would challenge my friends to a slider grill-off! I provide the meat, and they provide the rest. I would enter my neighbor’s cilantro burger recipe, using the fresh cilantro from my garden.

  24. probably eat it raw – tartare style! if that wouldn’t work, i’d probably still try to find a way to eat it as rare as possible. a quick sear and a fresh bun and that would be it.

  25. I had the pleasure of trying some Kobe sliders at one of the Wynn Las Vegas restaurants some months ago. The taste was incredible, clean, high quality and oh so delicious. If I win, I’d want the half-pound versions. These are best grilled unseasoned to allow the exquisite flavor to come through.

  26. I would fix one heck of a burger feast for my boyfriend and I. We would eat so much kobe beef that we would sweat kobe juice.

  27. I’d have a big summer bar-b-que at a local park for the hard working reporters, photographers and staff of The Santa Barbara Daily Sound – a free, 6 day a week newspaper that is struggling to stay alive in these hard days of publishing. Our boss, Jeramy Gordon, is just 26 years old and started the paper 3 years ago…and we haven’t had a party for a long, long time! I was a weekly columnist…but have been cut back due to budget restrictions. We need to eat!!! FEED THE REPORTERS!!

  28. My whole family has gone to Japan on exchange programs years ago. I was the only family member not able to go. I would love to be able to try kobe beef. I love trying new foods as we had to having Japanese exchange students bring us dried seaweed, dried squid, different candies, etc. Very exciting! I would love to try the kobe beef!

  29. I would invite all my friends over for burgers, then make them watch me eat them all. It would be fantastic.

  30. I would invite all of our friends and family and have a big cookout to let them know of the wonders of Kobe Beef and to show the difference between Kobe and what they get at the store.

  31. You don’t know how much my husband would love to win Kobe Steaks!!! Wish it will be for us.

  32. I have some relatives from Euorope visiting and I will share’it with them.They never had Kobe burgers.One secret,dip them in icy water for 10 seconds before grilling.Awesome.

  33. I would invite all of my family over and we would have a build your own burger night. Would be a good way to get everyone together and it wouldnt even be a holiday 🙂

  34. Can I combine both descriptions? I’d throw a Kobe burger party for my friends, and make each burger completely unique…but I’d also make my friends do a victory dance for their burgers!

  35. 1 part picante sauce to 2 parts beef, plus a bit of worcestershire sauce = the best dang burgers you’ve ever had.

    Now I’m hungry.

  36. I would use them to make an international menu of chopped beef dishes, such as meatballs, kabobs and curry

  37. 19 of the burgers would be charcoal grilled and fed to my friends and family.

    #20 would be used to make a box of Hamburger Helper. Will the beef elevate the artificial flavor laden consumer product, or will the Hamburger Helper drag the beef down?

  38. I’d grill them fast and hot with a little course ground pepper and kosher salt then serve on a grilled brioche bun with carmelized onions, a gruyere cheese sauce and olive oil and lemon dressed rocket salad.

  39. I have never had a Kobe burger and would love to host a BBQ to let my friends and family taste what I have been missing! Thank you for this opportunity Marx Foods!

  40. Grill them in my backyard, have friends over for the most ridiculously gourmet barbecue ever. I might even try making homemade ketchup or barbecue sauce for the occasion. I would definitely serve every topping I could think of.

  41. i’d whip up two or three batches of homemade bbq sauce, fire up the charcoal grill, invite a few friends over and feast feast feast

  42. The idea and story of Kobe beef has always fascinated our family. From the stories on Food Network to Andrew Zimmerman we would love the opportunity to enjoy some.
    With a new house, newly finished deck over looking the Sacramento Valley, new backyard grill kitchen and a Japanese exchange student comming for a month, a party featuring 10 lbs of Kobe beef burgers would make for a great event. Served with some Old Vine Zinfandel, friends and neighbors would love it!

  43. With ten pounds of kobe beef I could buy the undying love of my friends. I see a long table in the back yard piled high with a variety of Thai salads and rose wines, while the weber carmelizes skewers of salted kobe ‘shish keburgers’. On a garlic/mayo’d roll, piled with pickled daikon, carrot and cilantro, some kettle chips on the side…heaven!

  44. Ten pounds of Kobe is the perfect reason for a party. Since the meat would be free, I would buy the freshest and best quality ingredients for the burger. I’m thinking freshly-baked buns, veggies from the Farmer’s market, gourmet cheese, and a fantastic selection of beer.

  45. Sliders grilled to perfection with some Marx mushrooms and onions or with a crumble of bleu cheese sound amazing!

  46. HELLO,





  47. If I won the Kobe beef, I would throw a big grillin’ shindig with all the fixin’s right from my garden! Nothing’s better than burgers hot off the grill (that would be…ahem…real hardwood charcoal grill, of course!) with pesto aioli made with basil from the garden, heirloom tomatoes, fresh Mesclun salad mix, fresh green beans and lavender creme brulee made with…you guessed it…lavender from the garden and farm fresh eggs.

  48. i’d fire up the barbie and invite friends over for the ultimate summer cookout featuring bleu cheese burgers topped with homemade onion rings!

  49. I would invite all the friends and family who have been so supportive of me while I look for a new job. I’d set up a bar with all sort toppings so people can design their perfect burger.

  50. I would host our Church Youth Group Adult Works to a BBQ at a local park. They do so much to help with the junior and high kids at church they deserve a great meal!

  51. I would charcoal grill them at my favorite beach here on Oahu and maybe stop at Dole Plantation on the way to add some sweet fresh pineapple on top! YUM!

  52. Tough call. With 10 lbs of beef do I invite over my family? Or, do I decide to hog it all for myself. Who am I kidding, I share it. But, then get disappointed that they’re eating all my beef and wishing I’d kept it for myself.

  53. this would be a treat for both my husband and i! i love kobe, and he loves burgers. usually it’s something i get to enjoy on our anniversary – he gets the more affordable steak, so that i can get the incredible kobe. i would definitely use the prize as a special dinner for my husband and i.

  54. I would totally have a grill out! I’m about to buy a house so when I sign the papers I will have a much needed grill out! =]

  55. I’ve cooked up frozen bulk patties, home made patties, and even bison patties. Never had the guts to try grilling up “premium” meat. I think I’m ready now. So…bring it!

  56. Oh to thee fine cow
    I round you into balls
    and season you with love

    Pound! comes my fist, fighting heavily in the murading meat.

    Psshh. Worscheshire.

    Zip. Scallions

    A fluery of sel, and a raise of our wine.

    A ball it is formed, and maytag filled in its belly.

    Wrapped in pruscutto

    Grilled to bloody Mid Rare,

    Oozing the juices we collect and mix with horseradish to dip our meat in.

    A barbaque for the ones that never got the chance.



  57. Burgers are required for my tummy. I’d probably have a party with my friends and have burgers with exotic relishes and sauces from my secret recipe box of epic win. Then maybe a game of Mario Party. It would need to be tht good Mario Party from the Gamecube where you collect stars, not the other one.

  58. I will, of course, make burgers! Delicious burgers with delicate aiolis, melting cheeses and crisp condiments.

    Then I will blog them…but of course!

  59. I would have a huuuuuge barbecue for me a four or five of my closest friends to see who gets the last burger.

  60. I would have a delicious slider party, showing just how awesome sliders can be when consumed in ridiculous amounts.

  61. Do you NEED a Recipe for Kobe Beef Burgers? Only the Best Beef in the world?? I mean messing with them is only gonna ruin them in my HUMBLE OPINION!
    So YOU get your Grill GOOD and HOT.. Slap these Babies on the Grill… all they need is a little FRESHLY Ground salt and Pepper and BAM.. you are done! Don’t over cook!

    PUT ’em on the Best Bun Possible (YOUR choice) with every VEGGIE imaginable.. and YOU are set!
    Woo Hoo! If I won.. Hubby would be kissing my FEET!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!


  62. Would love to get my hands on some of those kobe beef sliders and top ’em with a little foie gras or seared duck breast for a truly decadent appetizer!

  63. I would use the burgers to have a giant BBQ and catch up with all the friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

  64. If I won a 10 pound case of Kobe beef burgers or sliders, I’d have a return to school party for some of my teacher friends. It would make returning to school a little bit easier and start the school year off right.

  65. I’ll go to, generate a few numbers and throw a party for the matching facebook friends.

  66. I would have a bunch of people over and grill the heck out of those burgers. Well, not so much grilling the heck out of them as medium-rare to medium, but still.

    With charcoal, clearly.

  67. A burger party seems to be the rage and that exactly what I’d want. I’d hope to share it with all my family.
    It would be paired with fantastic wine, lots of toppings, and grilled veggies.

  68. I’d use the opportunity to try some of the toppings in the Bobby Flay grilling cookbook I got for my birthday… there’s a yummy red-onion relish and green chile sauce in there.

  69. I would invite a few friends over to our new house (new in two weeks, anyway!) for our first cookout there! And make sure everyone knows how special the burgers are that they are eating:)

  70. I would put gorgonzola cheese in the center, grill some onions and mushrooms, grill the sliders in my special slider grill and top with the carmelized onions and mushrooms. I’d make tiny slider buns.
    Then I would share them with all the homeless people I work for.

  71. Would do a “Happy Dance” all the way to the backyard BBQ grill and make others do it with me Conga line style. I have never tried Kobe beef and would love to win! Great give-away, thanks!

  72. I would invite my parents and friends over for a BBQ, and we’d all swoon over the burgers!

  73. I would DEFINITELY have a burger party. With like eight kinds of cheese, and homegrown tomatoes. I would even make my own mustard, ketchup, and mayo for the occasion. Heck, I may even make my own buns.

  74. Ooooooo, I would totally lather myself up in the meat to make it VERY CLEAR to all vultures (family) that this is MINE! ALL MINE!!
    After declaring possession in its meanest form, I would sit and wait, listening quietly for the gentle voice of the meat to whisper to me it’s culinary request. Oyster mushrooms? Cremini? Blue cheese? Goat cheese? Meatloaf? Stuffed? Plain? Grill? Broil? Sauce? Raw?
    I am far too humble to decide without first consulting such a delicacy! But it will. be. LEGENDARY!


  76. I would study all the best sites to learn how to respect such a treasure as Kobe Beef. I would pick the best recipe, invite my family who deserves to be treated to such a treasure. I would cook the best recipe I could find and serve with it the best wine.

  77. I would grill them on the beach, using a formula cobbled together from bits and pieces of various recipes, and tweet the entire thing from concept to the last flavorful bite. And I would force my sister to finally eat a perfectly cooked burger, not one that resembles a petrified hockey puck.


  79. I would try to resist rubbing the meat all over my face in a frenzy. Then I would hog all of it for myself, eating through it over a period of a few meat-filled days. No seriously though, I’d probably cook them up for the family. 🙂

  80. I would make my sweetie the biggest and best bacon cheeseburger he’s ever had and watch him swoon.

  81. It would be a good excuse, not that we need one, to have friends over…make some margaritas…fire up the grill…and ENJOY!

  82. Oh! What joy! Kobe beef!

    It would be great if the 10 lbs. were divided into half sliders and half burgers for variety. Never mind, any way they would be great. Instead of having a big blowout, I would have a series of smaller parties to savor the burgers or sliders, with a lovely salad, wine and good conversation. Salut!

  83. I would incorporate the beef into Thai spring rolls for a party. These delicacies would be made with with cellophane rice noodles, noc mam, shredded carrots, cilantro and my own secret–roasted sichuan peppercorns. Served with chili sweet-sour vinegar sauce (made with Chinese Black Vinegar), they are about the best you can eat. Anywhere.

    If I win, you get to publish the recipe! Or, I guess, if you ask for it. 🙂

    Don Siegel
    Author: “From Lokshen to Lo Mein: The Kosher Chinese Cookbook”, Gefen Press.

  84. I would make my famous Open Faced Fiesta Burgers for all my family to enjoy at an outdoor BBQ.

  85. I will retreat to my underground meat locker and plot world domination, drawing inspiration from a vastly superior quality of beef. Bwahahahahaha!

  86. Kobe, the Mt. Everest of beef, Yes, I would climb Mt. Everset if Kobe Beef were on top of it.

  87. I’d finally buy that new grill I want and put on the finest one pounders the neighborhood has ever seen!

  88. I would write an exceedingly clever limerick, extolling the virtues of Marx Foods and Kobe beef, paste it on my Facebook with the admonition to all of my friends that they should immediately place a large order with Marx Foods for their wonderful, scrumptious food items.

  89. I would jump up and down, dance around the house, tell my husband, watch him dance around the house and just wait to enjoy the burger goodness!!!!

  90. I’d invite the neighbors for my famous Kobe Surf N Turf Burgers. First saute some peeled and deveined shrimp (at least a pound) with Cajun spices and butter. When done, chop up the shrimp and reserve. Then, take two of those glorious Kobe patties, pile Cajun shrimp on one and press the second down over the first, creating a “stuffed” burger. Reform as flat as you can while keeping the shrimp inside. Repeat until you run out of patties, shrimp, or neighbors. Then grill to your desired temperature, place on your favorite bun with your best condiments and ENJOY!!

  91. i would host a burger party the likes of which have rarely been seen! family and friends, everyone come!

  92. I would love create my famous bbq bacon burger with avocado and my secret sauce with kobe beef.

  93. I would lightly salt and pepper and grill until med-rare. Put them n lightly toasted rye with bit of mayo and sauteed onions. I *might* invite others….

  94. If I won ten pounds of Kobe burgers, I think I would get some of the Morels that I bought from Marx earlier this year, defrost them and have them over the burgers which I would cook “black-and-blue” on my charcoal grill.

  95. I want to throw a block party for our neighborhood watch organization so we can all get to know one another and brainstorm on how we can improve our safety and the quality of our neighborhood.

    My recipe is to let the beef speak for itself-just add a little salt and pepper and throw them on the grill.

  96. Oh lordy, best BBQ EVER is what would go down. Maybe a recreation of our favorite burgers from around LA? Umami burger, peppercorn-crusted, bloody with a smear of Dijon. Mmmm.

  97. Beef this good should not be drowned out by other “stuff”; maybe a slice of tomato and/or a few slivers of onion. I pretty much grew up eating White Castle sliders, and I’ve made my own version; a version made with Kobe would be totally outstanding!!

  98. I think I would be forced to buy a new grill because mine is not worthy of these burgers.

  99. I will invite friends & families & neighbors to a “Build-Your-Own Burger” cook-off party in our outdoor kitchen!

  100. Easy: salt and pepper, three medium sized chunks of oak limbs cut from out tree, a couple of bottle of Anchor Steam, and we’re good to go.

  101. College football season is almost upon us. What better way to kick things off than to grill Kobe burgers for tailgating prior to the first game!

  102. Throw an amazing party with great drinks for all my friends who are working hard at trying to find a job– or find a FT or better paying job because of pay cuts/freezes/furloughs. At least they could have a great meal once in a while- make sure they bring their kids too.
    would serve flavored waters, kobe burgers with great buns, invite others to help bring stuff for dessert (ice cream sundaes anyone?) and let’s have a fun almost no-cost party.

  103. id mash a few of them together, shape it into a T-bone, and grill it (haha). Of course something this good would have to be shared with others, so I’d have a neighborhood party where everyone brings their favorite recipe and make sure to publicize how generous the people @ are 🙂

  104. If I won those burgers, I would invite my ex-boyfriend over (he is the grill master), so that hopefully he`ll forgive me for saying I hated him. 🙂

  105. We will be celebrating my son-in-laws 30th birthday, my oldest daughters 26th birthday my 2nd oldest daughters 23rd birthday and the arrival of my 2nd granddaughter all on a very special and fun day with family and friends gathered around the BBQ.

  106. Years ago, I developed a foolproof recipe for Cincinnati-style chili that gets raves whenever I cook it (and brings tears of nostalgia to Cincinnatian eyes). If I won the 10 lbs, I’d commandeer the kitchen in my apt. building’s party room, make a huge vat of the most ambrosial chili ever, and invite everyone I know in town to come and chow down!

  107. Yumm… I’d have all my friends over for a BBQ’d hamburger party – burgers (with lots of toppings for everyone to make their burger the way they like them), grilled corn on the cob, some sierra nevada beer … what a wonderful treat that would be!

    I’d be happy dancing all through the house, very excitedly calling friends and family and inviting them to the celebration and burger party at my house!

    I’d love to win these burgers!

  108. I would invite three of my good friends over for dinner. KETCHUP, MAYONAISE AND MUSTARD.

  109. If I win the Kobe burgers or sliders I’ll have a BBQ in my backyard and invite the many friends that I never have time to see. Since my 50th birthday is in August, it would be great to celebrate with friends and tasty Kobe burgers.

  110. After I come to (since I will have passed out from the excitement) I will probably get creative with the burgers, maybe marinade them in soy sauce and garlic and make an Asian inspired chili slaw to go on top?

  111. I would have a bbq with family to show my appreciate all that they have done for me over the years…

  112. Oh my… 10lbs. Kobe beef burgers, Kobe beef sate, Kobe beef meatballs, the possibilities are endless.

  113. My son’s birthday is coming up and I would serve the best “Birthday Burgers” ever for all of his friends…..and probably invite some of my grown-up friends over for the festivities also. Every condiment and burger topping would be available to build-their-own creations!!

  114. If I won these, I’d cancel my rehearsal dinner reservations and have a backyard bbq instead–what a treat for my wedding party and family!!

  115. I’d rub it all over my body and lay down on the grill for about 5 minutes on my front and 5 minutes on my back. A little BBQ sauce and an onion and we are good to go!

  116. I would find some organic vegetables, such as avocado, creole tomato, vidalia onions. Then a sunflower seed bun with a little dab of dijon mustard. I would love to win this. I have always wanted to try Kobe.

  117. I would use this for my Father-In-Law’s 50th birthday bash on August 1st. He’s a mans man and would be floored by these once in a lifetime burgers!! I hate to add anything to the fantastic meat so most would just have salt and pepper, aged cheddar on the side….but I’d do a number mixed with chopped chipotles, scallions, and roasted garlic!!


  118. I’d be in grilling heaven for the rest of summer! I’d let a few close friends or family sample a taste of these wonderful burgers, and would be looking at different ways to fix them to further enhance the eating experience.

  119. I will invite a few friends and one lucky guest and I will compete in a “Battle Kobe Beef Burger” al la Iron Chef. Of course, the real lucky people will be the judges.

  120. There are lots of things I’d love to try with these, but the first would be my favorite Hawaiian burgers on the charcoal grill. They’re a grilled burger, grilled pineapple, lightly grilled sesame bun, melted swiss cheese, and a side of peach barbecue sauce. Yum! Thanks for the chance!

  121. I would celebrate and cook on our new grill and enjoy the sublime-ness known as kobe beef! On my burger I would maybe melt a little bleu cheese or gryere and spread a little red onion marmelade 🙂

  122. What would I do if given some of the finest burgers available on planet Earth? I would definitely cook it up… and savor every bite!

  123. I would make a ton of sliders with brie and grilled onions on homemade buns, then slowly and selfishly use up my supply.

  124. I’d rub everything down with fresh minced garlic, and cracked pepper…grill it to medium and sprinkle it with finishing salt. Served with smoked peppered bacon, cheddar and a chipotle aioli on a hot ciabatta roll with a side of vidalia onion cowboy potatoes. Oh, and can’t forget the beer. Preferably something dark wicked like Stone’s Arrogant Bastard Ale. Great…now I’m hungry.

  125. I’d just grill them up with a little salt and pepper, serve them on toasted buns with a little mayo and a slice of ripe tomato. That’s all you need.

  126. I’d have a BBQ at the beach with a bunch of friends, enjoying the sunshine and some great burgers! 🙂

  127. Wow 10 lbs of the greatest burgers ever would call for a heck of a party. I need to throw a huge Thank You party for my family and friends who recently gave up their Sunday of the 4th of July weekend to help me move.
    This was no easy task.. They all jumped right in and helped me a lot.. This would be a great Thank You!!!
    Thanks for the chance I would even do the victory dance.
    itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

  128. After I scream for joy because I WON THE BURGERS…I would probably cook the burgers for the soldiers in my husbands unit. So they could have a great cookout before they deploy overseas!

  129. Kobe beef is so divine. I would love to make burgers with such a great beef. Mushrooms, onions, and cheese are only a few toppings I would use to compliment the kobe beef burgers.

  130. I use your Emmer and Spelt flour along with oatmeal, Wheatena, whole wheat flour, baking powder, protein powder and Splenda to make an awesome waffle mix.

    The recipe changes each time, I am a man and the proportions change with inspiration.

    It is always good. Lots of Splenda helps. I make enough mix for 30 waffles. I make 10 at a time and break them into fourths, wrap and put in the fridge.

    Every morning I pop the 4 quarters in the toaster, Add thawed strawberries, non fat Yogurt and Cool Whip, and a tea spoon of Splenda and have the most satisfying breakfast ever!

    Cheers, Dennis

  131. I will use a the number generator at to determine which of my friends gets to eat a burger, and which has to prepare them for everyone else like little Kobe servants.

  132. First I would robot, then I would go about making homemade condiments. Nothing like a good spicy homemade ketchup to put on delicious burgers shared with family and friends.

  133. I would call a few friends, cook them up and savor the goodness. A few toppings would be available, but not enough to ruin the plain goodness of the burger. There would definitely be a burger photoshoot involved!

  134. mmmmm I would consume them slowly, gleefully … all by myself (with my family, that is!)

  135. I would have all my customers try something more delicious and healthy then any other meat product that no one serves in my town. I would increase my sales much more then I have now with the best product in the market served in the town of Marblehead Mass.

  136. I’ve only had Kobe beef once in my life. These look wonderful! I’d invite my best friend and her husband, who introduced us to Kobe steak over to return the favor with these delicious burgers!

  137. I would have all my friends over for a BBQ. I would try out my many recipes for burgers I have created myself to share!

  138. I don’t know if Canadians qualify, but I’ll comment anyway 🙂

    I’d throw a backyard BBQ and share these with my friends 🙂

  139. You have open a new book to me. getting me to step out of the box is ruff one. I have to believe a lot of your food are a better choice, health wise. Keep me learning about your products.Everone need to eat better thanks. sue

  140. A picnic by the lake in Old Snowmass, with the golden hills surrounding the event. All your best friends, and some you do not know as well. All communing.

  141. I would have friends and family over for the greatest bbq! Thanks – great prize! ~ 🙂

  142. I like to grill them, top them with a little extra sharp cheddar (or horseradish cheddar), some spicy mustard and put them on homemade english muffin. 🙂 mmmm

    (oo, a burger bar is a great idea too)

  143. If I won, first I would host a big backyard party. I would grill the burgers using various recipes that I have created. My favorite recipe is my ultimate Maryland crab burger. It’s a burger seasoned with my own mixture of seafood seasoning, topped with a creamy crab mixture, then topped with cheese. It is a to die for recipe. I have never made it with Kobe beef burgers before, only just regular ground beef. I know Kobe beef is the best ever, so I can’t imagine how great they would be.

  144. Would love to win the burgers, especially since it’s the day before my 31st weddding anniversary! I think I would cook them with mushrooms and mont. jack cheese, served with wild rice! Thanks

  145. If i received this flavorful prize of Kobe burgers, I would invite a family or two from the Fresh Air Fund, for a lovely barbecue in the park. With not only these delish burgers but corn on the cob, potato salad, and strawberry shortcakes.
    One good deed makes for another………and so on.

  146. I would check the heaven register to see whether I had checked out during the night. Realizing it’s not a dream, I’d promptly light the grill and enjoy a Kobe Beef Burger Breakfast!

  147. 10 lbs of the best beef on Earth? I’d have to throw a gourmet burger dinner for my friends! Maybe some with crumbled feta and roasted garlic, others with homemade BBQ sauce and crispy onions… Heck, maybe I’d ask my mom to make her famous chili. It could be a pick-your-fav-topping kind of dinner. I’d also have to pair it with a nice local wine, Washington state has some wonderful selections…

  148. I would definitely do a very fine “victory” dance. Right now I am on a diet, and the Kobe burgers, fixed with a variety of low cal toppings would make a simply-divine meal.

  149. We have a grill at work so I would bring the burgers in for a department party, and have everyone bring whatever toppings they wanted so we could have a slider party. I think people would love building their own burgers, and it would give us all a chance to spend some non-work time together.

  150. I would prepare some wonderful burgers and invite my family over for some precious time. Due to the fact that I am now working 2 outside jobs and trying to help my fiance get a new business off the ground, time is my most precious commodity. Food dollars are also stretched extremely thin, so this would be a double blessing.


    grandpa bill

  152. I would make my wife happy. Then, I would make buns out of McDonald’s chicken nuggets to encase the little buggers, deep fry, and slather in country gravy.
    Yeah, I probably wouldn’t do any of that at all……

  153. Well, this would definitely satisfy my once-a-year beef indulgence! I have the perfect group of friends and family to enjoy these with. Thank you!

  154. Kobe Beef, Kobe Beef
    It’s so good
    It makes me weep!

    With my 10 pounds of Kobe, I would invite all my meat-loving friends and have an evening of deliciousness.

  155. We LOVE burgers! We try not to eat them too often, but if we won 10lbs of kobe beef burgers, we would eat burgers until it was all gone! YUM!!!!

  156. Whether burgers or sliders. Kobe beef is the best. Just add your favorite seasons. Grill, pan fry, or use an indoor grill.

    And, if you want to gild the lilly add your favorite salsa or topping(s).

  157. I just discovered a fantastic Website with 25 amazing cheesburger recipies. If I won the Kobe Beef, I would invite a select group of folks over to the house to try some of these new cheeseburger recipies. Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity.

  158. I would bring them to our annual family party. This year it is at forest preserve where i would grill them for everyone.

  159. Nothing goes better than Kobe Burgers and the Beach. I live on Beach and these babies are going on my old school Weber with some nice hardwood charcoal. Some Kenny Chesney, a glass of red, and beautiful sunset across the Chesapeake Bay. You get the picture….

  160. First of all, If i did win this prize, One of the first things i would do is find the beer that they let the cows drink. Then after preparing that amazing beef, i would find a lucious woman to massage my back and shoulders while i devour every last crumb of soft and tender,cut like butter, Simply amazing Beef.

  161. 10 # would feed my family 5 meals. But, it’s always better to share. So we would invite a couple families over — they have 3 and 4 boys, respectively. Which means, that I’d be serving three moms, three dads, 11 BOYS, and 2 baby girls. I’m guessing that that cookout would make quick work of 10#.

  162. keep a bit for us and then take the rest up to the senior citizen’s center and have a party to celebrate my winnings with everyone.

    i think a lot of us have heard about this meat but few of us have ever tasted it. and people on fixed incomes have problems affording much, so this would be a cool way to share with others in the same boat as i am in.

  163. I would make a different meal with every pound of meat. That would really help me in this economy!

  164. I would for sure host a BBQ/Grilling Party at our new house for my fiance’s family. They’ve been so supportive (and my family has not) of my fiance and I throughout our relationship and they’re such a big help to us! I don’t know what we’d do without them. Therefore, the best people should be eating the best burgers!

  165. I would invite a bunch of people over and then I would make “reuben burger beef sliders” – like a reuben sandwich only with kobe burgers! Great on “sports” night or “movie” night – side of fries and onion rings.

  166. I would invite a few people over and let my Son and husband come up with something spectacular. My Son is a graduate of Culinary Institute of America and my husband just loves being on the grill. Between the both of them it will be a special kind of burger, served with fixings to order and a nice chilled glass of wine.

  167. I would have a PARTY, and invite true lovers of really good beef over. They would have to pass a test first, because I’m not letting that burger go to just anyone!

    What a great giveaway! A lot of fun just reading what others will do.

  168. I would invite friends over and have a miniature party, with all miniature foods. How fun would that be.

  169. I would feed them to my bottomless pit 8 year old son and hope to get a few without losing a finger!

  170. I shall go forth as a disciple of great Beef, bringing the joy of righteous taste to the ignorant throngs. Those who believe In & Out or 5 guys are the grail of burger shall be wrent asunder by the power of the Kobe. Yea, verily, new believers shall arise throughout the land because of my benevolence and good fortune!

  171. If I won 10 pounds of inKredible Kobe Beef I’d host a party for our resident Octogenarians and friends and feed them the best beef available in the form of Burgers and/or Sliders, each one dressed as uniquely as the person who will receive it.

  172. I think it goes without saying that we would have sliders (we love tiny things!), and probably recreate one of our favorite sliders in the city: the kobe and foie gras slider at Salt. Add some duck fat fries and we are couple of happy campers.

  173. My son is stationed in the Navy; if I won the Kobe burgers, I’d send them to him (frozen & and as fast as they could get there) to him to enjoy with those serving with him. They deserve them!

  174. I would throw a wonderful BBQ for my husband and his coworkers to thank them for the wonderful work they have done and are doing for our country.

  175. I never cook…ever. I think I’ve made ramen once in the last month, and that’s about it. I’d have a massive bbq party and actually COOK!

  176. If I won the 10 pound of Kobe Burgers I would buy a nice bottle of red wine and plan an outing with my husband. I wouldn’t be sharing these burgers with anyone other than my husband!

  177. I would jump,jump,jump with pure excitement. It would make my year as I have been unemployeed since December. I would for sure have a Kobe party!

  178. I’d throw a party for my fellow Culinary Students to celebrate our first session of classes so that we can all have a nice break from classes. It would be a great way for us to get a break and spend some time showing off each person’s individual style.

  179. If I was the winner I would instantly turn into a domestic goddess and set up a great party. Starting with Raw Oysters, graduating to Kobe Burgers – grilled over charcoal to perfection. Sides would include Jersey tomato and onion salad and a melange of mushrooms. The dessert would have to be key lime pie. I could be Domestic Goddess for a day – now I specialize in Margaritas – I serve up enough of them and anything tastes fine. With my Kobe Burgers, I would serve Montes Alpha M – 2006!

  180. Prior entry had email incorrect….Please delete

    If I was the winner I would instantly turn into a domestic goddess and set up a great party. Starting with Raw Oysters, graduating to Kobe Burgers – grilled over charcoal to perfection. Sides would include Jersey tomato and onion salad and a melange of mushrooms. The dessert would have to be key lime pie. I could be Domestic Goddess for a day – now I specialize in Margaritas – I serve up enough of them and anything tastes fine. With my Kobe Burgers, I would serve Montes Alpha M – 2006!

  181. First I would dance with joy, and then I would start my ULTIMATE BURGER BASH by asking my favorite chef’s from my school (The California Culinary Academy Le Cordon Bleu in San Fransisco)to come to my home and help in my burger bash. also I would invite chef’s from around my neighborhood to take part in my burger bash. I would take all their recipes to heart and add my own mixing them to make the Ultimate Burger recipe. I will send off pictures to further expand my culinary endeavors to all local and abroad media. If I win this I would never forget it and I thank Marxfood for the opportunity.

  182. Would you like to know why I wouldn’t eat a hamburger without a bunch of toppings? Because I’d be able to taste the sub par beef! Winning a case of Kobe burgers would put an end to my suffering and prove to me that all beef does NOT taste alike! Take me out of fantasy land and show me some reality, W00t!

  183. I would invite friends and I would grill them and top them with some local blue crab and blue cheese.

  184. A Kobe slider round the world party where condiments stand ready to produce a variety of ethnic burgers would be so cool. Imagine an Italian with red sauce, mozzarella and basil, a Mexican with pepper jack and jalapenos, an English with sharp cheddar and a bit of dijon mustard, an American with kethup, mustard and American cheese … I am so hungry now! German, now what could we do for that?

  185. I would first marvel at how incredibly good kobe beef is and with mouth watering, embark on a boss burger adventure. Mix with some cayenne, coffee, and brown sugar; Sandwiched with cheddar cheese in the middle of the burger; grilled to medium rare with more cheddar on top; placed on an onion roll with red onions and a homemade barbecue sauce.

    Who could ask for more?!

  186. I make the best “Pearl burgers in the world” Can share my recipes if you wish

  187. We were just talking about Kobe beef. I’m Japanese and most everyone I know pronounces it Kobeee. It’s KoBeh.

  188. I’m thinking we’d have to plan a good old fashioned cook-out… complete with balsamic roasted potato salad, chipotle coleslaw, and a few Wisconsin microbrews. After all, when you win 10 lbs of anything, it’s only right to share!

    Of course, this is Kobe beef we’re talking about… so we’d also have to make our own hamburger buns. Nothing but the best, right?

  189. Delegate,delegate, delegate. I’d give each of the 3 best cooks I know 3 1/3 lbs each of the Kobe beef burgers to create “Masterburgers” and I would judge them at a “Masterburger” party (and a good time would be had by all!)

  190. If I won the Kobe burgers, I would send out invitations to my best friends that have an appreciation for fine food. I would announce it as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to eat the Best burger in the World free. I would make sure it was served with only the best condiments and sides. Bon appetit!!!

  191. I would grab all my closest friends and have a big grill off to celebrate my graudation from culinary school coming up this August! It would probably include some condiment and fixins buger building challenge. Ice cold Anhcor Steam Ale will obviously be there as well!

  192. Mmmm… hard to decide if I would have a party, or just save them for myself! I’d love to host a “make your own sliders” party!

  193. In this economy to be given a chance to win something,is a great thing. It’s been a while since I’ve had a steak so, I would definately break out the grill. I would dry rub with white, black pepper and garlic salt. Then I would call my 67 year-old mother, and tell her to bring some fresh tomatoes and cucumber’s for a salad. I would also use McCormik’s steak seasoning, as I grilled the steaks. Then to top it off, some sautee’d mushrooms and onions. Now thats a slice of heaven!!!

    Donna Cowley

  194. With these 10 lbs. of beef I would have a night where my friends, some of the students I attend CCA and the cooks that I work with, can all make burgers however they feel they make it the best. I personally would make a chipotle avocado burger because I am Mexican and I love the taste of the combination. There is no one who would appreciate the quality of the meat more than my fellow cooks. Thank you.

  195. The perfectly grilled Kobe patty on top of perfumed jasmine rice smothered in sauce Perigueux with caramelized onions and roasted mushrooms topped with 2 poached eggs… perhaps with an aged Barolo!

  196. It would start off a beautiful Sunday in the bay area the sky is clear except for one burger shaped cloud, this cloud alone would prove to be a sign sent by the gods a blessing to my fellow Qr’s and I. A briefcase straight out of pulp fiction is laid on the table locks are snapped open a golden beam of light emanates from the briefcase. With a slow hand I bring out the WMD’s Weapons of Mass Deliciousness. Seasonings start flying everywhere its almost as if the great dust bowl had struck again but fear not my friend when this dust settles the only thing that will be devastated will be our plates. Our Sunday would go down in history for after our feast Sundays will be forever know as Kobe Burger day.

  197. A perfect choice would be bbqing the Kobe beef burgers for our welcome back to school party! What a great way to start the new year with delicious hamburgers!

  198. I would host the office for a BBQ in my backyard. It would be a party as I work for a company that sells dj and sound equipment.

  199. In being the proud winner,My victory dance would last until the burgers are cooked and eaten. As a new student in the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco, the possibilities for a good burger are endless. My wife, kids and friend would enjoy your product and my tachniques as much as I would in winning this contest.

  200. 10 pounds of meat would do absoultly well in my special marinade toated sourdough buns none of that usaual stuff more like cream cheeze avoc’deseeded jalapenos on romaine,swiss&mozzerlla with a dap of chilli beans with fries an a varity of dips then party like a rockstar!!!! yeah am hungry now gotta go!!

  201. Invite family and friends over for a BBQ. Season, grill, throw a homemade sauce and slices of fresh pineapple on the burgers. Drinks +kobe beef = siiiiiiiiiiiiiick BBQ

  202. I would have a cook-out with my family and some friends. Maybe even share a few pounds with friends because 10 pounds is a lot!! I would first make them slightly seasoned so I can taste the beef then experiment with toppings and mix-ins.

  203. I would invite 4 of my restauranteur friends & their companions/friends to come to my home & prepare their versions of the the best burgers they have ever had.\(I would supply the wine!)

  204. Ketchup, who said ketchup why not put some mayo on a corn beef sandwich. Good meat only needs salt, pepper and butter and these won’t even need the butter since it is built right in.

  205. First, I’d have an extra special dinner for my husband who just a few days ago asked me what kobe beef was after watching a Food Network TV program. Neither of us has ever tasted kobe and so would be great to do so. With the remaining burgers, I’d have a backyard Bible study and we’d all eat afterwards. Bet I could interest a few in Bible studies if I offered them kobe beef burgers after – you think!

  206. I would love to cook with these! My limited budget doesn’t normally have room for Kobe – what a treat.

  207. I would get my fiance’s side of the family and my side of the family for their first “real” meet. We’ve talked about getting everyone together before, but it’s hard to host family parties without all the food – this would be an incredible (& incredibly helpful) prize!

  208. I’d throw a barbecue birthday party for John Luciani! I’d even grille his burger for him, and give him a break from the labor.

  209. I’d make my husband FINALLY finish setting up the grill someone gave us as a wedding present. Four years ago.

  210. I’d have a party with my friends and family! It would be a great excuse to try out some recipes I’ve been drooling over!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  211. I would season them with a delicious mesquite seasoning and serve with walla walla onions sauteed in balsamic vinegar.

  212. I would have the entire family over for a wonderful backyard cook out. When you have 6 children and they have girlfriends, wives, children of their own it takes alot to feed them. When the meat is as good as Kobe they will all be pleased and leave the tabel knowing they enjoyed a terrific meal.

  213. I love burgers and they go han in hand with a cookout. I would love to have a Kobe Burger topping party! I love having everyone get together ,talking ,laughing and of course burgers!
    I would hold a Top your Kobe Burger Party and ask everyone to bring their favorite topping ,this way its fun and when sharing it makes it interesting!

  214. If I won 10#’s of Kobe beef sliders, I would treat my entire neighborhood to a barbeque and tell them all about Marx Foods and the wonderful job you are doing on this site.

  215. I would invite my family over and have a great summer barbeque after jumping up and down, of course.

  216. Wow! Kobe meat loaf!
    Just kidding. Sounds like a major summer burger fest, that’s for sure.

  217. I f I win the 10 lbs. of Kobi Beef, I would have a jiant Bar-B-Que for all my friends and family.

  218. A grilled kobe beef burger and topped with bacon and blue cheese would surely satisfy my taste buds. I would invite all my friends and family over to partake in the Kobe beef burger experience!

  219. I’d throw a BBQ and have a build a burger party. I think I’d ask everyone to do a postcard with their favorite burger recipe on it to give me ideas.

  220. Just the thought of winning makes me salivate. I’ve never allowed myself to even dream of such an elegant treat, and I can’t even imagine how wonderful that would be, but I’d be willing to accept
    Barbara Greiner

  221. How about a fancy juicy lucy… with seared foie gras on top. If you’re going to do it, you ought to do it right!

  222. I would definitely throw a grilling party for my friends, but would have to think of something fun like mini burgers to show off 😉

  223. Oh, the options are endless. Burgers with every kind of cheese; burgers with guacamole; burgers with onion rings; burgers with wasabi mayo; burgers with fried eggs; you get the picture.

  224. OMG. I’d be in beef heaven! I could have all my friends and family over for some delicious sliders! And who would be better then me?

  225. Okay, so I came up with this amazing recipe for inside-out caprese burgers. I think Kobe beef would be the perfect avenue for them! I am also an 8th grade teacher…what better way to celebrate than with a back-to-school burger bash?

  226. I’d invite all my close friends and family over to my house and we would have a bbq feast of Kobe beef burgers. Thx.

  227. I’d scream with joy and give hugs to random people.
    I can’t remember the last time I had a Kobe Burger. All I remember is caramelized onions… shiitake mushrooms… gouda cheese… and perfectly cooked kobe patty. Mmm! Sublime perfection. I would of course want to share this with family and friends by hosting a Kobe beef party at the park!!

  228. I have fresh tomatoes and fresh peppers growning in the garden and i would slice them up and put them on the grilled burgers.

  229. Living at the beach is wonderful and our 10 grand-
    children come to visit every summer. It would be
    wonderful to have these Kobe Burgers to have at a
    cookout on our deck.

  230. I’d run a limited special at my restaurant, I’v been thinking of adding a Kobe burger to our burger menu. Probably topped with one of my incredible homemade steak sauces.

  231. I would invite all my family over for a barbecue party that would last the whole weekend. This is something they all would love since everyone of them loves beef. 🙂

  232. Oh my goodness! We could be grilling like crazy with these burgers! I can taste the slice of brie on my medium rare burger as I type!

  233. Hmm, I may have to grill up some Walla Walla onions and garlic. But will they need them?

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