Fresh Burgundy Truffles: Congrats Sue!

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Fresh Burgundy Truffle Drawing

Sue Thomas was lucky enough to have here name picked for the 4oz of fresh Burgundy black truffles and is now eligible for the upcoming Rediculously Delicious Challenge! Congratulations!

Burgundy truffles are amongst the finest black truffles in the world, second only to the world-famous Perigord Black Truffles.  Sue’s going to have a blast shaving them over eggs, pasta, pizza, potatoes au gratin, and more.  Pretty much anything with potatoes, cheese, and/or eggs can be made ever more gourmet with fresh truffles.

If you’re interested in cooking with fresh truffles, but don’t know where to start, check out our buying truffles guide, designed to teach you how to try one of the world’s greatest gourmet delicacies without breaking the bank.

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  1. Truffles in mac and cheese with swiss, fontina, extra sharp, smokey cheddar, and a hint of blue cheeses would be on the menu if these mysteriously came to my door. Also, breakfast the next morning would be truffled eggs with dill and toast.

  2. I saw a truffle mac and cheese on the food network that literally had my drooling at my tv. I would hands down be making a batch of that!

  3. OMG! I would kill to win this giveaway!! I would make a truffle crusted lamb chop served with a red wine reduction and truffled cauliflower puree… ohhh!! i want it now!!!

  4. What better gift than fresh truffles at your doorstep!!! I would love to try out the ‘Truffle Roasted chicken’ with it 🙂

  5. I would turn my husband and kids (and myself) into truffle addicts by including some shavings in almost everything I make. Truffle tea, truffle cream, truffle bread, truffle this, truffle that…

  6. I have no clue what I’d do with them yet – I’ve never cooked with them before. I’d certainly find some fabulous recipies to try!!

  7. If a quarter pound of fresh truffles arrived on my doorstep I would freak out with glee. Once I stopped freaking out, I would make mushroom and truffle pizza, truffle popcorn (delicious, so delicious), and truffled poached eggs on toasty thick bread. And about a million other things.

  8. The first thing that popped into my head was to create a fermented vegan cashew “cheese” that incorporated the black truffle. Then I thought about braising some hardy greens like kale or chard with truffle juice. Or making a truffle syrup and glazing some of that earthy rich tempeh with it. Oh, please please please let me win!

  9. I think I might just carry them around with me and just smile at them and show them off. or make truffle popcorn and truffle mac and cheese. drooool.

  10. First I will die, then cry, then immediately go buy a truffle shaver. Then perhaps I will make fresh pasta and eat both with the best olive oil until gone.

  11. I may be busy, but I would FIND time to blog about 4 oz of truffles. I’d use them every which way! With eggs, on toast, with pasta. It would be a true feast!

  12. I shared this giveaway on twitter, but if someone else wins because of that recommendation, I’ll drive to there house and steal the truffles.

  13. I’ve been craving risotto with butternut squash, apples, walnuts, and truffles. Then some truffled deviled eggs, and a massive saute of truffles and all the fresh local Kennett mushrooms I can get my hands on!

  14. I have to admit, I have never tasted truffles! That’s imbassaing for someone who likes to get creative in the kitchen as much as getting creative in my hair studio. I have heard so much about them them this past year too. I know that if the Burgundy Black Truffles arrived at my doorstep, I would get very creative with a pasta dish and share my recipe with you too! 🙂

  15. I would roast about ten heads of garlic. While the garlic is roasting, I would fill my bathtub with burrata. When the garlic has finished roasting, I would press it via a potato ricer into the burrata and stir gently, sprinkling in a little kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Then, using an extra sharp truffle shaver, I would top the mixture with burgundy truffles. Lastly, I would pour a large glass of funky pinot noir and sink naked into the tub with an enourmous spoon…

  16. Some would get shaved onto fresh, home made pasta, the rest would go into a fois gras terrine.


  17. Invite people over, that’s what I’d do! I couldn’t keep that truffley goodness to myself.

    I’d probably put them in risotto and something cheesy (maybe even shave them over a pizza), but beyond that, who knows? I’ve never actually HAD fresh truffles. 😀

  18. My favorite is definitely truffled scrambled eggs. Second would be shaved on top of a white pizza (you know, garlic sauce and Italian cheese blend) right after taking off the grill. Yum.

  19. I have been planning to make pheasant under glass for my blog. It’s one of those dishes you hear about but never know what it is… more legend than fact and I’ve wanted to tackle it for ages.

    Fact is, it operates under the same principal as our science-based cuisine these days (with magic balls of scent that explode when you eat something). This is ridiculously simple… and inspired…. great pheasant and an enthralling truffled cognac sauce that captivates as you lift the glass lid. Although morels are often used… I thought I would do morels and truffles for that divine scent. It would be a dish fit for royalty and I can’t wait to use your truffles to do it!!!

  20. Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Truffles served beside a Beef Tenderloin with truffle Madeira sauce…. to die for.

  21. AMAZING!

    Truffle salmon and arugula salad with a poached egg on top!

    Truffle mac and cheese!

    Truffle pizza!

    Truffle on lamb with a fig gastrique!


  22. hmmm. i really am not sure what i would do with truffles! First, I’d have to do some serious research and then some serious cooking. A 1/4 pound of truffles may be worth a dinner party!

  23. Oh boy what I would create if these fresh European truffles showed up at my doorstep!? A few examples of what I would do is pairing the truffles with a variety of different hand-made pasta dishes, stuffing the skin of a whole chicken then roasting to golden perfection while also making a burgandy truffle pan sauce to spoon over top! In the mornings we can awake to truffle filled frittatas or even a breakfast truffle pizza…

  24. I would hug them and squeeze them and I would name them George!
    I would then tell all my friends where I got them from and how I got them.
    Later I would throw a truffle party. Invite all my friends over for dinner and we would
    Eat a series of plates made with the truffles. I would pass out marketing materials if you provide them to me.

  25. Lobster salad with frisee, orange segments and thinly sliced fennel topped with parmasan cheese and shaved truffle.
    Potato soup with fresh truffles

  26. If I had 1/4lb of fresh truffles I would make a truffle pork glaze for a filet Mignon! or I would use them sparingly to enhance a light cauliflower tart. Whatever I made it would be the ultimate in luxury food!

  27. If a quarter pound of fresh, fragrant, free truffles arrived on my doorstep I would do the Truffle Shuffle from Goonies.

  28. I’m not the first one to write this, but truffle mac and cheese for sure! We usually add a little truffle salt to amp up the flavor, but the real things would be OH so delicious!

  29. Here is what I would do with the truffles:
    truffled cornbread stuffing for the Thanksgiving turkey
    fresh herbed truffled mashed potatoes with truffle mushroom gravy
    truffle souffle for breakfast the next morning
    truffled turkey pot pie

  30. Free Truffles? I am in! I would shave them ever so thinly and mix them with a little truffle oil and sprinkle over pasta with a little parm…..and a little parsley

  31. Shave them over some fresh pasta with a wild mushroom ragout or maybe just with some good olive oil and fresh herbs. I’ll also probably shave them over everything I make.

  32. i have no idea what i would do w/ them as i have never had truffles before. but i’m sure i could come up w/ something ….

  33. Truffle pizza for dinner then truffle omelet for breakfast the next day. Then have my friends over for crostini’s with truffles…… YUM!!

  34. Wood fired pizza w/truffle,portobellos, and red wine carmelized onion. Mac and cheese, Pasta Carbonara…I can’t decide!

  35. Nothing to take away the sublime flavor of the truffles.
    A simple saute in a bit of good olive oil and garlic and served over fresh pasta with a bit of Parmesan cheese —heavenly

  36. I would shave truffles over everything I ate! Eggs, pasta, straight into my mouth… it would be tuffle nirvana for a solid day, maybe two 🙂

  37. If I found some delicious truffles on my doorstepas, you’d better beleive I will be making a wild truffle baked macaroni n cheese dish with a garlic truffle butter toasted baguettes.

  38. I have never had the honor of working with fresh truffles, but have collected a slew of recipes for when I do finally get my hands on some. I’d definitely try my hand at truffle infused dinner rolls (something on the menu at one of my favorite local restaurants) and this heavenly fresh ravioli with a truffle butter sauce and a truffle/fresh ricotta filling. I have also been dying to try a white pizza with a creamy garlic sauce base, shaved truffles and prosciutto. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  39. First I thought white asparagus soup with truffle shavings, but since not the season….I think it would go great with some braised lamp

  40. I would make truffle and Parmesan Popcorn. I would make a salad with oil infused with truffles and garlic. I would make a truffle and pork pasta. I love truffles!

  41. If I win the truffles, my friends and i will enjoy them several different ways with this Thanksgiving’s dinner including stuffed under the Turkey skin, a wild mushroom and truffle sauce, and truffled potatoes to name a few ways of using them. I think that will be a good compliment to the fois gras and chestnut stuffing.

    I made sure to post a shout out on my Facebook page and sent messages to my friends.

  42. I would make something that featured them prominently in great big delicious chunks, like risotto or a frittata, then I’d try to make the rest last as long as possible by shaving them thinly and sprinkling them on pretty much everything!

  43. I would make some delicious things like truffle aioli, truffle butter, truffle ravioli, truffle risotto, truffle tapenade for a bruschetta-type snack, and of course truffle macaroni and cheese!

    I’d also probably buy a delicious chunk of cheese and incorporate the truffle into it to make a spreadable truffle-laden cheese!

  44. I write about food history, so I would try and old fashioned recipe I have read about. They say if you store fresh truffles in a jar with some eggs, the eggs will absorb the flavor of truffles through their shells. Then if you scramble the eggs without adding any truffles, they will taste like truffles.

  45. I would probably make a big batch of hand-cut fries and a simple omelet and shave truffle on them – I would then hide in the basement with my wife and we would eat it up!

  46. I would come up with the perfect pizza to add them to and cook in in our outdoor pizza oven! Yum!!!!

  47. I am ashamed to admit this but I’m 57 and have never had a truffle. I’ve been to France a few times, I took five years of French in high school and college, minored in French in college, been to numerous French restaurants and one of my best friends is French yet a truffle has never fallen my way. Therefore, I i won, following a time of rejoicing, I would crack open one of my many French cook books and begin a culinary adventure in my own kitchen. Mon cher Dieu, please give me the opportunity once in my lifetime . . .

  48. I would squeal and laugh, and then hide them from the teenagers so I can enjoy them slowly!

  49. I’d make a truffle omelette and mac and cheese with truffles. In other words, I’d put them in my favorite foods!

  50. First, I would make truffle infused honey to put into antique 1/2 pint jars, which I already own, and gift them to my entire family, along with several fine cheeses on which to enjoy the truffle honey. Then we’d move onto linguini with truffle alfredo sauce, and on and on. It would not only be amazing, but sincerely appreciated.

  51. First I would screech in delight that I actually won something, and then I would search the internet for the best truffle recipe I can find. There is nothing better than having a main ingredient and making a new recipe with it!

  52. There are so many things to make with delicious black truffles, but the first thing I would do is make Mario Batali’s Beef Cheek Ravioli and shave truffles the sauce!

  53. Truffles on home made pasta. Truffles on egg cooked in my new cast iron skillet. Truffle mac and cheese. And then repeat!

  54. I actually just had my first truffle last night. I shaved it over a bowl of pasta with asparagus, oyster mushrooms, and olive oil. That was a mistake. I feel like the truffle got lost in the shuffle.

    If I won these I’d probably try shaving them over a fontina pizza.

  55. I would invite all my friends over to indulge in all things truffled…risotto, cream of celery soup with truffles, butternut squash ravioli with truffle cream, mac and cheese with truffles and truffled pizza. Woo hoo!

  56. I’d definitely do risotto with truffles….and I’d also share with some older neighbors who love truffles as much as we do. Come to think of it, I could have a small dinner party.

  57. My son is a creative person in the kitchen. I would give them to him let him create me a wonderful meal. He loves mushrooms.

  58. I would love to win a quarter pound of fresh truffles! I’ve never had them, so I’d want something FANTASTIC – first, I’d read through all the other entries!

    Though I’m thinking some kind of sauce for a perfectly grilled steak. . . would that work?

  59. First, I would open some fresh, briny Charleston oysters, sprinkle them with a dusting of hand-crushed Grains of Paradise, top each with a one-atom-thick slice of black truffle, then fire-roast them in their shells over aged oak and pecan wood. I’d serve them on the deck with a kick*ss Sav Blanc while the sun was setting over the marshes.

    Anyone want to come to that oyster roast?

  60. Fresh truffles on my doorstep? THAT would be a dream come true. It would unleash my inner gourmet cooking monster…..LOOK OUT! Here comes some really flavorful dishes from the mind of “The Secret Gourmet Truffle Chef”! Is anyone drooling yet??? Time to warm up the truffle shaver!!!!

  61. I would love to cook them, but instead I would give them to my chef boyfriend as a gift. Then I can make him cook something fabulous with them. 🙂

  62. I wouldn’t know what to do with fresh truffles! I think I would just stare at them forever and plop those babies under my nose and savor the sight and smell for awhile! Seriously, I would go over to my favorite clients house where I’m a personal chef and see what over the top meal we could come up with!

  63. Mmmmmm…recreate the ravioli I had in Tuscany – it had a mouthwatering truffle cream sauce and each ravioli was topped with an amazing slice of black truffle. Mmm.

  64. Shave those babies over Contadina angel hair pasta, if its a weekday when they arrive. Sleep with one under my pillow, for a night. Their mystical properties are many!..Carefully protected of course.

    Make fresh raviolis at the weekend with truffle, fontina and ricotta filling. And topped with a truffled beef broth, half and half and tarragon reduction.

    Then, make smoked salmon bagels spread with truffled mascarpone cheese and chives on the weekend.

  65. Oooh, I would just smell them for at least 5 minutes and then brainstorm recipies, maybe a truffle sauce so I can use it more than once.

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