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Announcement: The Caption Challenge is now over!  Click here to see who got the angus burgers!

Thanks Christo for hosting and judging.  Here’s Christo: 

Thoughtless. I am often thoughtless and in fact I am sometimes careless and thoughtless and deliberate and that is not a good combination. In honor of my lack of regard here is a contest. 1 winner will get 10 pounds of new zealand, grass-fed, free-range, black angus burgers delivered to your door. You need to be thoughtful,careful and deliberate. Give this picture some meaning. Please dont be careless. Ten Pounds of deliberate are hanging on the line so be thoughtful.

Caption this picture by leaving a comment below get ten pounds of angus beef burgers, how simple can it be. Send in as many as you want but remember only the best one is going to win and if no one cares and no one wins then I get to eat 10 pounds of angus burgers – by my self. Think about it. Oh, and I am the only judge! Mark my word. 10 days ten pounds ten whatevers one winner! Winners like to win, everyone else is collateral damage. Be deliberate and win.

This all the legal stuff that disqualifies most of you so you better read it and ask questions so you win fair and square. He works at the marx companies and he has for many years, this is an actual angus burger in front of him, he has had exotic burgers before – remember he has worked for the business since the ’80s or something – he is a little jaded. What is he thinking?  Make your answers count. To receive shipment if you are the winner you must have an address in the USA.

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  1. Savory Sweet Living

    I work hard for this company and all I get is this patty w/ buns. I don’t even get a drink to go with it or sides. I need to take a deep breath before I turn everyone else into a patty!


    Burger again? When I open my eyes I want to see some steaks!

  2. Kate has left a new comment on your post

    Dear God, please send me some grilled onions, a big slab of cheddar cheese and about four slices of perfectly cooked bacon so I can kick this burger up to the top. Hungrily, Jason

  3. Whitney has left a new comment

    Dear zero pound, four ounce baby burger, all tucked in your little white bun, don’t even know you’re about to be eaten…

    I like to eat my burger in the front row of a lynerd skynerd concert, when I’m hammered drunk.

    read Talladega Nights….

  4. “Is that all there is?”
    “Where’s the real beef?”
    “This meal does NOT make me happy”
    “Get me some Angus!”
    “And someday, you will grow up to be an Angus Burger.”
    “My job and my lunch are both crap. Where is my Angus Burger?”
    “You and Me Against the World”
    “I said I wanted a burger, Where is my Angus?”
    My Happy Meal is making me sad”

  5. Chris has left a new comment

    or “Lord, please don’t let this taste like the last one. Amen”

    Happy Friday!
    I had fun! 😀

  6. Is this low fat? Low carb? Low cholesterol? Does it have whole grain? High fiber? Antioxidants? What about the carbon footprint? Aw, screw it, it tastes good! I’m eating it!

  7. I love a good, natural, ecological burger as much as the next guy, but I have to abstain from this “burger” on gourmand grounds.

  8. My digestive and cardiovascular systems will surely revolt, but so what, I’ve dealt with them before.

  9. DANG! Just an Angus burger today………I had been hoping for an Antelope, Yak, or even Kangaroo burger.

  10. I craved something that would slow my heart rate, but all I got was something that felt like empty calories.

  11. I am now prepping Angus burger #6481…..add a slice of Chimay a la Bierre Cheese, and handful of Micro Italian Basil, then I’m ready to chow-down!

  12. “Why do they treat such an extraordinary burger like this with such disrespect ? It’s the Cadillac of burger and they put it in a used Edsel of a bun!

  13. Hmmmm…I sure hope people don’t enter this contest…Just think, all that meat could be mine ! Why didn’t i at least put ketchup on this ! Then again 10 lbs thats a lot of burgers…Steaks would of been nice oh well i reckon i better eat this before it gets cold…

  14. Stop me please!!!
    Last entry…I swear.(at least for today)

    “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…What would MacGyver do?”

  15. UUHG another day of this S—! Look at this thing, do they think this is a —k–g burger. Where’s all the meat.. i got to get the H— out of here! This is no burger, I’ve been doing this for way too long. You know what –c- it!

  16. Geez. I love me some angus burger as much as the next guy but REALLY? Thirty years and all they give me is a stinkin’ burger? Where’s the Rolex? Where’s the trip? Cash? …???? Helloooooo??

  17. “86 sesame seeds, thats right there are 86 sesame seeds – I need 90 sesame seeds – 45 on each half – cut right in half – 90 sesame seeds – thats what I need! Cant eat it now – definitely cant eat it now!”

  18. “Ok – take a picture of me as I look curiously at the burger – I have a great idea for a caption contest!”

  19. “Just that? A plain Angus Burger? You would think Marx Foods could afford a few condiments; or a more exotic lunch for their most important and loyal workers?!”

  20. “I could return the favor to the company and bring a dish to the meeting. Something beefy. Where does my mind immediately take me? Cows masturbating, ummm… I mean beef stroganoff. Enjoy your beef and that special sauce, mwahahaha!”

  21. 1) I shall conjure a fireball to add some char! Now what was that incantation, again?

    2) The right half is one centimeter shorter than the left half. I wonder who in this office would be exchanging burger halves with me.

  22. Damn, that’s got to be the nastiest thing I’ve seen since Richard showed me that Marmite shit he eats.

  23. Damn! 25 years, a divorce, kids that don’t understand, living in a cheap apartment, and a young punk pushy new boss that serves me angus beef in a styrofoam dish for lunch like it’s something really special. WTF

  24. Well Tom, you’ve kicked some ass here, you’ve moved these guys forwards toward their goal, you’ve given them all you’ve got, and now their showing you their appreciation with the beef. What are you going to do with it?

  25. A paper salt packet, one paper salt packet. No onions, no tomatos. Nothing but one double tube package of salt wrapped in paper.

  26. It’s not hot, I know it’s not hot enough! Hmmm, I saw some onion skrids next to the microwave this morning…..nah…Dang, I should have gone out with Chris.

  27. After 25 years working for Marx Foods, doing my best as part of the team selling the best foods in the world , it’s come down to this….is this what I’m worth to them, an angus beef burger cut in half with no condiments? Maybe I should have taken up boat building.

  28. Dang! They really don’t appreciate me enough here.
    Doesn’t anybody here know that I HAVE to have portobello mushrooms with my Angus beef?

  29. “burp. But they told me yesterday when I won that, burp,hamburger-eating contest,burp, I wouldn’t have to EAT any more of these! burp. Should I just walk out now or not?”

  30. Ow, my head hurts, what the hell is that?? Man, my hand itches too! Wait what the hell is that?? Pork Roll egg and cheese?? No, Bacon Veggie Burger?? No. Spam?? NO, I give up, i’m not eating this. My head hurts, my hand itches and i’m confused. I’m going home!!

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