Caption Challenge: Hungry Hungry Puppy

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Which is why I need to give you this test. (Typical girl, they say. Always with the tests.) It’s easy though. I promise. And fun. Did I mention that it was fun?

It’s kind of like a Rorschach test. Which is a test that psychologists use to gain insight into the inner psyches of their patients. However. I am not a doctor (yet). And so I have taken a bit of creative license with this test so that it better suits my current occupation (as an eater). I am going to show you a picture. This picture has food in it. You are going to tell me the first thing that comes to mind when you see the food. 


Easy, right?

But wait. There’s a catch. You see. You are here, reading this. Therefore. You like food. And so I already know what you will say. Mmmm, lapin au vin. Looks delicious!

But who wants to sit around reading fifty versions of the same response? Not I.

So instead. For the sake of this little experiment. You will not be you. You will be a King Charles Spaniel. Named Nyoki (pronounced gnocchi). Who likes naps, sunsets, and long walks on the beach.

Ready? Go.

Please leave your witty, sassy, sarcastic, whatever-it-is-you-think-will-win-my-love-and-affection caption as a comment on this post by 9AM PST on Monday, April 19th.  Enter as many captions as you want. I’ll select my favorite caption. The winner and I will be BFF for life. And you’ll also get a bean sampler. Which, I have to say, is pretty darn good too.

Top Caption Announced!

If I were a little league coach.  And you guys were my team.  I would sit you down.  Smile apologetically.  And give you a really clichéd and inspirational speech.  Something along the lines of, “In life.  It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose.  It’s how you play the game.”  Or, better yet, “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.  So let’s all learn from our mistakes and try harder next time!”  Then I would pat you all on the back.  Take you all out for ice cream.  And everyone would go home with a plastic trophy in hand that would serve as a nice dust collector in the years to come.  Happy.

However.  In reality.  I would not be that kind of coach. (I’m more of a tough love kind of a gal.)  And this isn’t that kind of softball game.

 And so my pep talk goes something like this.  In life.  There are winners and there are losers. 

And runners up. 

There are also runners up (two, to be precise). 

For example.  In this case.  Toni Hammer is a winner.  Bob and Eric are runners up.

And the rest of you.  Well.  Thanks for playing.  And.  Um.  Better luck next time!

(In all seriousness, thanks everyone for your entries.  They were super fun to read and really hard to judge!)

Toni, Bob & Eric, step up to the podium to collect your goodies!  Please send an e-mail to justin at marxfoods dot com with your full name and mailing address!  Toni gets the bean sampler…Bob & Eric we’re sending you something tasty for your pantry.

Comments 109

  1. “Should I tell them what I did to that lovely stew?”

    “Why isn’t this look getting me food? This look always gets me food!”

  2. These people don’t know the difference between sleeping and stalking. They leave the room and the rabbit’s mine.

    Lions, cheetahs feh! The stalking crown is mine.

  3. My captions-
    1.”What’s that????”
    2.”To taste or not to Taste”
    3.”Looks tasty,but who knows how it will taste??”

    right now this much..let me think more….this is really a very interesting fun…

  4. “Selfish humans. They won’t even let me take a bite, yet they’re letting it get cold, spending hours trying to take a damn picture of it.”

  5. Nyoki growls, “Ggrrrrrrr!” touch that, I dare you just touch that food and I shall personally put YOU on a leash and take you to the pound!”

  6. “Hey! Leggo my leg-o!”

    “Yo quiero conejo vino.”

    “It puts the bowl upon the floor. It does this whenever it’s told.”

    “It could have been mine. It should be mine! Give it to me!”

    “Puchuuuuu.” (and now we have moved into truly obscure references)

    “When she crossed over, she was just a bowl, but when she came back… she was full of rabbit. Look at her, Joanne. Isn’t… she… beautiful?”

    “If I’m going to do this, I’ll need an unlimited supply of Xena tapes and rabbit legs. They help me think.”

    “Nice shoes.”

  7. LOL.. This is fun. Here comes mine..

    1. Not again.. I have not recovered from your last experiment!

    2. Why don’t you start loving animals and … nice to me?

    3. Joanne: Dinner, Nyoki?
    Nyoki: My choices?
    Joanne: Yes and No

    Nyoki thinks: I better not ask next time..

    4. Don’t you again dare to serve me in the same plate in which Papi ate!!!

  8. Sorry in advance…..

    1. Now I wish I had not crapped on the rug!
    2. Now I wish I had not humped moms leg.
    3. I hope he remembered to deglaze the pan this time
    4. The heck with this food, how do I get that dastardly Dachshund Buddy fired?

    I no good at those spilled ink tests either.

  9. “Don’t lure me with that tiny sleek bone *Nyoki turns eye to the left…staring at the rest of the real deal* …. we are all equal…but George Owell told me some animals are more equal than others…and so, I should have a PROPER share of this dish”

  10. Must wait to the master walks outside to pick up my poop to jump on the coffee table and take that meat to the middle of my bed!!

  11. I hope the big people don’t notice my drool on their sofa UNTIL after they heap portion on top of my dinner bowl, which they know is the only way I’ll fathom eating any nasty dry dog food.

  12. Fricassee, I see, you see, I spy a bone. There’s got to be more meat in that dish, but that green thing sticking up makes me less hopeful I’ll get any of it…

    I saw that Glenn Close/Michael Douglas movie on TV last week.

  13. ahh i have a cavalier as well!! LOVE THEM!!

    here’s my quote

    “I’d lunge for that food, but this princess doesn’t lift a paw around here.”

  14. whoops, just realized Nyoki is a boy!

    let’s re-phrase

    “I’d lunge for that food, but this prince doesn’t lift a paw around here.”

  15. Sigh! The luxury of being a dog is that no one will ever make a stew out of you, but you can still stuff yourself with some good old rabbit stew 🙂

  16. 1. This dish is out of my focus.. Sobs

    2. How many time should I say this ‘Stop eating such luscious dish in front of me. Don’t you know I am on South Beach Diet’

  17. Ok, I have a few…

    “I thought they brought Salem to the vet… but this was a much better idea!”

    “She will be mine… oh yes, she will be mine.”

    “I picked the wrong day to become a vegetarian!”

  18. “If I lick the bowl clean, do you think they’ll notice?”

    “I get it….this is a test!”

    “That’s got to be better than the stuff they give me to eat!”

    “If I don’t touch that bowl, what will you give me?”

    “To eat or not to eat!”

    “See, I have more self control than you do!”

    “Will you still love me after I lick that bowl clean?”

  19. If I were a helicopter, I could just fly over to that yummy stew. Alas, I am only a dog and a lazy one at that. I guess I’ll just keep napping.

  20. OK…enough already!! Could you please stop with the clicking away so that I can be done with that bowl and go back to doing what I do best…you guessed it right!!! I do need to get my beauty zzzz’s!!!

  21. “Hurry people! I have waited a week or more for you to make a caption out of me. And I really do NOT enjoy this. The aroma is killing me yet I can’t get to eat at this instant. I’m keeping my eyes wide open to “protect” my reward”. You get the beans, I get the dish. Deal.”

  22. “ok,no worries.. I just need to take my beeno first.”

    no I haven’t said it..and if this is just a way to get my email..then that’s not nice

  23. “Did they say don’t eat this or eat this?…. I’m thinking they want me to have it!”

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