Vote for your Favorite Cocktails & Mocktails Drink Duo

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The drinks have been shaken, stirred, blended and consumed (we hope!)…and now it’s time to select the winning drink duo.

We knew this mixology challenge would be tough, but we were very impressed with the results. Equipped with fennel pollen, saffron threads, long pepper, dill pollen, juniper berries and dried pineapple, each blogger had to use at least one of the ingredients we sent them in each of their two original recipes for a cocktail and a mocktail.

We saw some amazing concoctions from our 11 bloggers, from unique twists on classic drinks to incredibly innovative drinks never before seen (at least not by us).

Help us crown one of the bloggers and choose your favorite cocktail & mocktail duo below!

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The polls will close at 11:30pm PST on Thursday 9/13, so make sure you vote before the deadline. On Friday, 9/14 we will announce the two winners from this public poll and the internal vote. Each of the winning bloggers will get their choice of one of the following: a mixologist sampler, a Japanese juice sampler, or a specialty sugar sampler to help them hone their mixology skills.

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  1. I’m soooooooooooooo torn on the internal vote! It’s a tough call because there are two drinks involved. I’ll lean toward this one’s cocktail, but another’s mocktail, etc. Hmmmmm, some very interesting choices. Maybe I should just have a Happy Hour and try them all before deciding? 😉

  2. Not surprising the two best tasting drinks pulled off the 1 and 2 spots. These guys are definitely masters of their trade.

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