Game Bird Sampler

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UPDATE: We did some laughing, drooling, thankfully no peeing of the pants, and we’ve selected Bonnie (comment #32) as our lucky reader. Soon your Italian Pheasant, Poulet au Vin Rouge and Roast Guinea Hen with Cumin-Date Sauce will be on the dinner table.

The “rule of three” states that things presented in threes are inherently more satisfying, more appealing and more memorable. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we gave a Whole Bird Sampler to one lucky reader. The sampler includes one pheasant, one Poulet rouge chicken and one Guinea hen. A trifecta of tasty!

Want to learn more about each of these birds? Check out our specialty poultry selection to learn more about these birds and the others we offer.

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  1. Well the first thing that pops into everyones mind, I am sure, is to create a “Phealetnea” and while it may not be as popular as the Turducken you have to admit it has a much more sophisticated sounding name!

  2. Last year a pheasant flew into our garden. I sent my three (another instance of the rule of three!) boys out to try and catch it for dinner. Sadly, they were unsuccessful and the bird flew away. Winning this contest would help make up for missing out on a delicious pheasant dinner.

  3. Pheasant hunting was something I did a lot as a kid with my uncle, we would be in the truck in the fields before the sun came up waiting for the crack of dawn so we could get out there and flush some pheasant. What makes this most memorable is the absolutely horrible hot chocolate he brought along that was soury and then he had cold bologna in little sour dough rolls so the whole flavor footprint was sour. My cousin would wolf his down and I nibbled and sipped until no one was looking and tossed mine in the ditch.

  4. I would just love to impress my friends by being able to serve them dinner of one pheasant, one Poulet rouge chicken and one Guinea hen!!!! I think we’d even get out the good dishes for this dinner!

  5. I would stuff them with smoked ham stuffing… And sit back and watch pigs fly! Oink Oink…Flap Flap! 😉 (oh and maple bourbon sauce)… yum.

  6. I’ve only had Pheasant once and the first time I heard of a Guinea Hen (or Fowl was the term) was in the movie Notting Hill. lol

  7. I guess my first memory of pheasant, would be the references in movies where the pheasant would be served “under glass”. I was young and naive. So, I was very disappointed when our Christmas pheasants (there were 2 of them) arrived to the table on a lowly platter with no beautiful glass dome to protect them from the inevitable. I was 7 at the time. On a positive note; I am thrilled this fabulous sampler does not include turkey!

  8. Did you know that guinea hens, when still alive are good watch-birds, roosting in trees at night and making a ruckus when intruders come, and they will also handle the problem if you get ticks in your yard. And food and eggs besides!

  9. If I win this trio of beautiful birds they’re going low & slow in the smoker with bourbon soaked apple wood chips. *drool*

  10. oh wow to serve this and post photos.. major “food porn oppourtunity”… of course then i would have to take them to see my friend and her family.. hmm watching her kids destroy 3 birds would be quite worthwhile

  11. When I was a kid, we’d go visit my mom’s sister & family, and my uncle was an avid hunter. Sometimes there would be pheasant. I can remember my mother telling my aunt that I didn’t like pheasant, which was odd considering I was the kid who ate everything – pickled herrings, beets, lobster, stinky cheese, liver, brussels sprouts – so when I heard her being squeamish for me about pheasant I had no idea why.

    As a result, my aunt said that she would also be frying chicken, so no big deal. Out would come a big platter of fried poultry parts, and my aunt would look at a few pieces, pick one out for me, and tell me that it was chicken. I’d ask several times if she was sure and how she could tell the difference, and she’d assure me that it was chicken.

    And indeed, it tasted like chicken. I still have no idea if she lied to me or not.

    But here’s the deal. Uncle apparently wasn’t real good about getting all the shot out of the birds, and he’d pay his kids a nickel for every piece of shot they scavenged from their dinner. They looked forward to finding it.

    My mother, on the other hand, was squeamish about choking hazards, and this is probably why she was so worried about me getting a piece of that pheasant. Not that she thought I wouldn’t like the taste, but that I’d fall to the floor gasping for breath and turning a violent shade of blue. Which, of course would clash with the avocado green appliances and inconvenience everyone who would have to step over me.

    So I may or may not have eaten pheasant. These days I suspect Auntie was just looking for pieces that were less likely to contain any shot and that there was no chicken at all on that platter. Duped again.

    And I never got any nickels, either.

  12. I’m from New Jersey, my boyfriend is from Ecuador. His English is fluent so we’re working on my Spanish. The spanish word for chicken, as you may know, is ‘pollo’ but unfortunately some folks in South America have repurposed that word to mean… ummm… well… it’s a male part. So whenever I cook pollo for dinner, we have jokes and smirks.

    If I win these birds, we can eat poultry without a hint of snark about how much we love pollo! They would be happy meals indeed.

  13. I think these birds would make a great substitute for boring old turkey at Thanksgiving! That’s what I would do with them…make all three. Hell, how about a Polish turducken (because I’m Polish) – a Guinea Hen wrapped in a poulet rouge, wrapped in a pheasant!

  14. Hmmm. I love little birds and big birds too. As for that Poulet Rouge, I’d give it the tandoor treatment whether it was game or not. The Pheasant I have a special spice rub and pomegranate sauce for, as to the Guinea fowl..I’m Italian…need I say more?

  15. oh how i would love to have these for my sunday dinner.. all the things we could do.. using all the parts all the way down to making stock. my husband would love me so

  16. I’ve had the Poulet Rouge before and it was tremendous. What would I do with them? I’d have them for Thanksgiving–or, at least one of them–as I don’t eat least not since the year I got food poisoning. Sure, it was the raw oysters fault but I’ve held a grudge against the bird ever since. One year I made venison, another the Momofuku Pork buns instead of Turkey. This would be a bird back to the table for Thanksgiving.

  17. Dear Birdies,

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  18. Guinneas are used quite frequently here in Appalachia as tick rustlers. Once you get them accustomed to the area, they can be freed into the woods where they will effectively rid your property of ticks… which is a mighty good thing here in Deer country. Not to mention – they are quite possibly the tastiest bird out there. I have a great lemon pot fowl recipe that would be killer with one of these!

  19. It would just be a wonderful day indeed to have a pheasant land on my doorstep, even if it’s in a box! I miss them so much, moved from Utah to Florida 15 years ago. I can almost taste it. And the Poulet & Guinea would just be delightful frosting on the cake!!

  20. one would get trussed – one would get de boned and one would get to be a confit – wanna know which ones? send them to me to find out!

  21. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome trio!
    I look forward to cooking these spectacular birds but haven’t a clue what I will do. I see stuffing them inside each other for one meal has been thought of but 3 individual, spectacular meals suits me much better. I will be researching recipes!
    Pick me, Pick me! 🙂

  22. OK, I think I have found my recipes and I’m ready to cook.
    1. Italian Pheasant – so easy to do
    2. Poulet au Vin Rouge
    3. Roast Guinea Hen with Cumin-Date Sauce

    Pick me, please. 🙂

  23. how about a fried fowl sampler – same breading – same techniques – 3 different birds – now that sounds like something I could sink my choppers into.

  24. i would love to roast these and give my husband the chance of a lifetime. growing up he lived in a extremely low income household where cereal or Nothing was the normal dinner, so to put these on the table and let him savor them would be a real treat. Having been deployed to iraq for 4 out of the 5 Thanksgivings that we have had as a married couple this would be the ultimate treat!!!

  25. This is Awesome!!
    Thank you SO much for this opportunity.
    My family is totally psyched for an awesome trifecta taste sensation!

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