Dare to Take Up the Integrale Gauntlet

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We are throwing down the gauntlet with this three round recipe challenge!

It all revolves around our amazing Integrale riceFine Cooking magazine has sung its praises and we think it’s pretty great too. Want to test it for yourself? We’re looking for 15 brave bloggers who think they’ve got what it takes to make it through the gauntlet.

We’ll ship a kilo of the Integrale rice to each blogger and the rest will be up to you. Bloggers will be cut after each round until we reach the final phase of the gauntlet, and only one blogger will win it all!

The prize at stake is a $200 credit to MarxFoods.com for the winner. We’ll also send all 5 bloggers that make it to the final round a surprise item from our pantry collection.


Feel like you can make it through the Integrale Gauntlet? Send an email with your name, mailing address and blog URL to Katie at kwallace(at)marxfoods(dot)com by Tuesday, 5/8.

The full details of the contest are below:

Round 1: Savory Risotto Challenge                   Voting Method: Public Poll

Because this is a fantastic risotto rice, that is how we’ll start this challenge. Create an irresistible, original risotto recipe featuring Integrale rice. You are welcome to use any additional ingredients you would like, but this risotto has to be savory. Links to the recipes from this first round will all be published on our blog and put to a public vote to narrow down the field. The top 10 bloggers will move forward.

Round 2: Dessert Risotto Challenge                  Voting Method: All-Inclusive Internal Vote

This is the sweet round – create an original rice pudding (or “dessert risotto”) recipe featuring the Integrale. Again, you can use any additional ingredients you’d like, so long as you make a sweet treat. These recipes will be voted on via an internal vote – each of the participating bloggers will vote for their top two favorite recipes (other than their own), and the Marx Foods staff will vote for their top 5 recipes (5 votes total). The 5 bloggers with the most votes from this round will move forward to the final round.

Round 3: Photo Challenge                                 Voting Method: Marx Foods Staff Pick

The last hurrah! For the final phase, it’s all about presentation. This is the photo round! We want to be wowed to the point of drooling by the photo and the recipe. Create any original recipe of your choosing with the Integrale rice, just make sure it LOOKS as good as it tastes. The submissions will be judged by our photographer, photo assistant and videographer to select one winner.

Important Dates:

  • 5/8: Entry Deadline
  • 5/11: Integrale Rice Ships
  • 5/29: Round 1 Deadline
  • 5/30-6/1: Public Poll for Round 1 on the Marx Foods blog
  • 6/1: Bloggers for Round 2 Announced
  • 6/10: Round 2 Deadline
  • 6/12: Recipes from Round 2 posted on the Marx Foods blog
  • 6/14: Internal Poll Vote Deadline for Round 2
  • 6/15: Final Bloggers for Round 3 Announced
  • 6/24: Round 3 Deadline
  • 6/26: Winner Announced


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