Simple & Tasty Shishito Pepper Recipes

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Small, sweet (with the occasional spicy one), and almost completely edible, shishito peppers are a beloved bar food in Japan. They’re delicious sauteed, deep fried in tempura batter or grilled. The below “recipes” are so simple they could more accurately be called techniques, and can be used to cook as many as you want.

Drink Pairing: Light Lager

How to Grill Shishito Peppers

1. Wash and dry the shishitos. Skewer them on bamboo skewers.

2. Coat the peppers with salt, pepper and oil.

3. Oil & preheat your grill.

4. Grill until the peppers have visible marks and begin to shrink.

5. Serve.

How to Saute Shishito Peppers:

1. Wash the shishito peppers and dry them off as thoroughly as possible (you might even try using a salad spinner).

2. Get a thick layer of olive oil smoking hot in a large saute pan. Add the whole shishito peppers and quickly toss to coat with the oil. Keep them moving. Be careful, some of them may spit as interior moisture is released into the hot oil.

3. Saute until they have softened (larger shishitos will of course take longer).

4. Once the shishitos have taken on color and start to shrink, they’re ready to serve. If you have some that are significantly larger than the others, you may want to remove the smaller peppers as they finish to keep them from overcooking.

5. Pile them on a plate & sprinkle on several pinches of sea salt (don’t be shy, shishitos love salt).

6. Serve with extra sea salt on the side.

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