Pansy Nectar Cocktail

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Pansy Nectar Cocktail

The pansy nectar cocktail is a little bit sweet, a little bit fruity and very delicious.

We made a pansy simple syrup by grinding the whole flower (the stem bases & petals) with sugar to get the most of the pansies’ wintergreen-mint flavor.

Topping off this cocktail with a bit of prosecco (you’re free to use champagne or club soda if you prefer) adds a light effervescence, making this a great spring cocktail.

Ingredients: Makes 1 Drink
2 oz Gin
3/4 oz Pansy Simple Syrup
1/4 oz Elderflower Syrup
Yuzu Juice
Edible Pansy to garnish
1-2 drops of Orange Blossom Water
Prosecco, Champagne, or Club Soda

1. Fill a mixing glass with ice.

2. Add gin, pansy simple syrup, elderflower syrup, 1-2 drops of orange blossom water, and a splash of yuzu juice and shake with a cocktail shaker.

3. Strain into a martini glass.

4. Top off glass with prosecco, champagne or club soda.

5. Float an edible pansy as a garnish and enjoy!


Mixologist: Katie Wallace


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