April Fools “Entry” post

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However, if you would like to play around with some of our less terrifying goodies: premium dried chilies for recipes and/or reviews on your blog…

(or, as Justin eloquently puts it: “Speaking of rectums, if you’d like to burn yours…”) send an e-mail to Justin (at) marxfoods (dot) com with your name, blog url & address. We’ll pick several of you to send peppers to.

Comments 6

  1. You guys made me laugh out loud at work! I usually hate April Fool’s Day, but this was a good one. I was just curious to see if anyone was going to even attempt it 😉

  2. OK, you got me. You have so many unusual ingredients, it seriously wouldn’t have surprised me. Until you commented on my Facebook post, I didn’t click the “enter” button – not that adventurous! 😉

  3. You had me going there Justin! However…knowing I’ve got a bit of time off coming, I was up for the challenge of the awfullest offal!
    Happy April!

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