How to Use Microgreens

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Microgreens are very tasty and extremely easy to use as a garnish or in salads.  Each microgreen variety tastes like a clearer flavored (and often more potent) version of the adult plant.  Arugula microgreens taste more like arugula, cilantro microgreens are more potent than full-grown cilantro, etc.

A Beautiful Garnish
Professional chefs have long appreciated the visual appeal that a stack of tiny, tender microgreens brings to a plate’s presentation.  Microgreens are an easy way to help bring a polished, fine dining look to your dishes.  But microgreens don’t have to be green, several red and purple varieties are also available, including the stunning red-pink micro red amaranth.

Introduce Hidden Flavor
Although you can use microgreens merely as a garnish for color, they also pack a lot of flavor in a surprising way.  Sometimes, they can totally alter the flavor profile of the dish.  Try using red mustard microgreens or curly pepper cress to make meals spicier than before, or using micro Italian basil to top your next caprese salad or just-baked margarita pizza.

Microgreen Salads: All the Flavor of a Big Salad in a Tiny Pile on Your Plate
Simply toss one or several microgreen varieties with a little salad dressing (we recommend a homemade vinaigrette, which will let the flavor of the greens shine through) and you’ve got a micro salad.  If you’re looking for ideas for what microgreens to blend to make a salad, you might check out the microgreen samplers, where microgreens have been grouped together based on various attributes.

Micro salads can be served on top of or beside the main event of your entrée, or used as an salad course or amuse bouche.


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