Fire on Ice Chile Recipe Contest

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That’s right, we want you to put some fire on ice in our newest chile recipe contest that’s all about cold dishes with a twist

We’re challenging bloggers to create an original recipe for a dish that features chiles, but is meant to be served cold. Ice cream? Sure. Gazpacho? Absolutely. Salads? So refreshing. Cocktails? We love ’em. Add some spice to anything chilly – we want you to push the boundaries of cool.

We have a huge sampling of dried chiles, from mild and fruity to hot and milk-chugging worthy. We will mail out a mixed range of chiles for each blogger to play with.

So, if you want to get spicy with us, here’s how to get in on the action:

1. Email your name, mailing address and blog URL to Katie at kwallace(at)marxfoods(dot)com by Friday, June 29.

2. Justin and Katie will select the participants for the challenge and mail them chile samples by Friday, July 6.

3. Create an original recipe using at least one of the chile varieties we sent you for something meant to be served cold (chilled or frozen, not just room temperature) and email the link to Katie by Sunday, 7/29.

4. We will publish links to all of the submitted recipes on the Marx Foods blog by Tuesday, 7/31.

Two winners will be selected – one from a public poll, and one via an internal vote amongst the participants and Marx Foods staff.

Both of the winning bloggers will get their choice of one of the following prizes to either keep things cool or heat them up: 2lbs of Frozen Huckleberries, a case of Passion Fruit, a Japanese Juice Sampler, an Ultimate Chile Head Sampler, or 5lbs of Fresh Horseradish. The 2 champs will be announced around Monday, 8/6.

This contest is now over

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