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UPDATE: The 10 bloggers moving on to Round 2 of the Integrale Gauntlet have been decided!

Congratulations to The DelGrosso Food Blog, ChezWhat?, The Upstart Kitchen, The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen, Food for Thought, Oh Cake, Great Outdoors Cooking, Discojing, Cookistry and Creative Cooking Gluten Free!

Thank you to all of the bloggers for participating…you are all delicious.

We’ve reached the end of the first round of our Integrale Gauntlet!

If you’re just tuning in, this 3-part recipe challenge will test each participating bloggers’ culinary imagination. We sent each blogger 1 kilo of Integrale rice, and the rest is all up to them.

For the first round, the bloggers were asked to create an original recipe for a savory risotto. All of the 14 recipes submitted are unique and delicious, but only the top 10 bloggers from this poll can move forward to the next round.

[poll id=”29″]

The polls will be open until 1pm PST on Friday, 6/1.

The 10 bloggers moving on to Round 2 will be announced after the polls close on Friday.

Stay tuned for the next batch of recipes from the Integrale Gauntlet…dessert risotto recipes from the Round 2 bloggers will be posted on our blog Tuesday, 6/12.

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  1. I was very fortunate to sample the smoothly sumptuous Integrale Milanese “Mexicana”. It balanced soft, smooth texture with the wonderfully subtle taste of saffron combined with just the right amount of chorizo. The chorizo added its character without overshadowing the saffron. I loved it!

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