Calling all Mixologists! Cocktail Recipe Challenge

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Push up your sleeves bloggers, it’s time for a new recipe contest all about cocktails! But we don’t want to leave out the cocktail’s booze-less brethren, the mocktail, so we’re doubling things up for this challenge and you get to show us your best pair of libations.

Your challenge will be to create two different, original recipes, one for a cocktail and one for a mocktail (and you can’t just take out the booze from the cocktail – each recipe must be different).

You’ve got to bring your own booze/juice/mixers/soda/etc, but you’ll get all of the following goodies from us to experiment with: fennel pollen, saffron, long pepper, dill pollen, juniper berries and dried pineapple. You have to use at least two ingredients: at least one of the ingredients in each of your two recipes.

So, you want to play bartender? Here’s how you can get in on the action:

1. Email your name, mailing address and blog URL to Katie at kwallace(at)marxfoods(dot)com by Sunday 8/5. We will mail out samples no later than Friday 8/10.

2. Create your two original recipes for a cocktail and a mocktail, publish them in a single post on your blog and email the link to Katie by Sunday 9/9.

3. We will publish all of the links submitted on our blog by Tuesday 9/11. The recipes will then be put to a vote in a public poll.

Since everyone will be making 2 drinks – we’ll crown 2 champions! One winner will be selected through the public poll, and the other winner will be selected via an internal vote amongst the participating bloggers and Marx Foods staff.

Each winner will receive their choice of the following: mixologist sampler, a Japanese juice sampler, or a specialty sugar sampler.

Let the mixing begin!

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