Spice Recipes


Cardamom Pumpkin Pie w/ Spice & Sherry Cream

Cardamom Pumpkin Pie Take your favorite Thanksgiving pie to a higher plane of existence through the careful application of extra spices & sherry.  Not much more work, but extra delicious! Ingredients:                              Makes 8 Servings         Crust: 2 cups All Purpose Flour 2
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Roast Turkey w/ Shagbark Bourbon Gravy

Brined Roast Turkey w/ Shagbark Bourbon Gravy Brining helps keep pork and poultry moist while imparting extra flavor. The bird that perhaps benefits the most from brining is turkey – its large size and bone structure make it very easy
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Chile Fennel Rub

Chile Fennel Rub This simple rub can be used to bring chile-anise flavor and a fair amount of spice to almost any beef, bison or pork cut suitable for dry-heat cooking methods (roasting, sauteing, broiling, grilling, etc). We used it
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Whole Spice Grinding Techniques

Some spices (such as hibiscus flowers and fennel pollen) can be used whole, but to use most whole spices you will have to grind or grate them first. Using a Grater: For whole nutmeg you will need to use a
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How to Use Saffron

Pre-Toasting: Many recipes and saffron fans will tell you that you should lightly toast saffron threads on the stove to dry them out completely, enhancing their flavor.  Whether or not this is a good idea actually depends on how thoroughly the
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How to Make a Bouquet Garni or Sachet

A bouquet garni is basically an aromatizing agent that is used to add flavor and aroma to dishes. Bouquet garnis are removed from the dish after they have flavored and aromatized it.That’s why you want to tie it up…it would
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How to Use A Vanilla Bean

Real vanilla beans are a fantasic ingredient (particularly for baking) that should not be overlooked.  They bring tremendous flavor to all sorts of desserts, from custards and mousses to ice cream & cakes.  Some chefs even use them in savory applications
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How to Flash-Infuse Alcohol

This is one of our favorite new techniques since discovering it over on the French Culinary Institute’s Cooking Issues Blog.  With an isi cream whipper and some gas chargers (N20) you can infuse small amounts of alcohol with incredible flavors
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How to Make Vanilla Extract

This is a Thrifty & Delicious Food Gift Idea! Vanilla beans are wonderful items to have in your pantry simply because they are relatively inexpensive when bought in bulk and each of the 175-200 beans in a pound are incredibly
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What to Do with Dried Out Vanilla Beans

If you come across some vanilla beans in your pantry that are hard as a rock, don’t despair!  Here are some great ways to either coax them back to life or still get some use out of them: Grind them
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How to Make Vanilla Sugar

Making vanilla scented sugar is simple, and doesn’t use up your vanilla beans. Not only is vanilla sugar delicious, but it makes great gifts for the bakers and coffee drinkers in your life! Here’s how to make it: Ingredients: 2 Vanilla
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Elderflower Fall-hattan Cocktail

Elderflower Fall-hattan Cocktail This play on a Manhattan features the ultra complex, layered flavor of elderflower paired with bourbon infused with orange, star anise and pink peppercorns, evoking the homey flavors, aromas and essence of autumn. Ingredients: (Makes 1 Drink)
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