Oil Recipes & Techniques


Shaved Zucchini Salad

Shaved Zucchini Salad Simple to make, but quite elegant, this refreshing salad is the perfect side dish or starter for summer days. You can even serve it with chopsticks for an added bit of novelty. You could easily double or
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Jam Salad Dressing

Jam Salad Dressing Eaten all your jam? Don’t wash that jar yet! You’ve got the makings of a delicious vinaigrette. Consider this a technique rather than a hard recipe, you can easily scale it up to make more as long
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Fennel Carrot Slaw

Fennel Carrot Slaw Crisp, tangy & refreshing, this slaw makes an excellent side dish or burger/sandwich topping. Ingredients: 2 ½ Fennel Bulbs 10 large ribs of Celery 5 large Carrots, peeled 50/50 blend of Peanut Oil & Olive Oil to
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How to Enjoy Artisanal Oils

We sell some of the most delicious and unusual oils you’ll find, from exquisite extra virgin olive oils to exotic choices like squash seed oils and all natural truffle oils. But what do you do with them once you have
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How to Use Tapioca Maltodextrin

One of the easiest modernist/molecular gastronomy techniques to learn is powdering fats.  The key ingredient is tapioca maltodextrin, a special food starch that absorbs fat incredibly well. Maltodextrin traps fats inside its granules.  When consumed, it dissolves on the tongue,
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Truffled Popcorn w/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Truffled Popcorn w/ Extra Virgin Olive Oil Here we’ve paired one of our favorite extra virgin olive oils with truffle salt to take buttered popcorn in an upscale yet healthier direction. If you want to make it even more complex,
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Fresh Chive Oil

Fresh Chive Oil This easy, beautiful and flavorful herb oil brings as much color to dishes as it does flavor. Use it to brighten the appearance and flavor profile of any chive-friendly dish (especially seafood). Ingredients: 1/2 bunch Fresh Chives
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Making a Vinaigrette – The Nuts & Bolts

This post contains vinaigrette making basic instructions followed by a wasabi vinaigrette recipe and a list of other vinaigrette flavor variations to try. How to Make a Basic Vinaigrette: The classic ratio of a vinaigrette is 1 part vinegar to 3
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How to Make Mayonnaise/Aioli by Hand

Making aioli & mayonnaise by hand provides similar results to making aioli/mayo in a food processor.It requires more elbow grease and a little more time, but you have finer control, don’t run the risk of the machine running hot and breaking
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Infused Herb Oil

Infused Herb Oil Herb oils are a beautiful, tasty, and incredibly easy condiment or garnish. Here’s an explanation of the basic technique. How to Make Herb Oils: Ingredients: 1 cup olive oil Fresh herbs (for example, a ½ bunch of
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How to Make Your Own Chili Oil

  One easy way to do it is to simply put a few of your favorite chilies into a bottle of oil and wait a couple weeks, but a quicker way to make chili oil is like this: Chili Oil
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Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette

Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette While the Marx Foods blog already has a post describing how to make a basic vinaigrette, the technique is slightly different if using preserved lemons. Preserved citrus fruit has been brined (pickled) for at least a month,
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