Rice Recipes


Sous Vide Veal Osso Bucco w/ Risotto Milanese

  Sous Vide Veal Osso Bucco with Risotto Milanese Risotto Milanese is a version of the swoon-inducing-ly creamy rice dish suffused with saffron, one of the world’s most luxurious spices.  Its earthy, bittersweet flavor and bright yellow color make it
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Smoked Mushroom & Veal Congee

  Cold Smoked Maitake Mushroom & Veal Congee A congee is a savory rice porridge.  Here’s a recipe for congee topped with seared veal cutlets, an egg yolk for richness and cold-smoked maitake mushroom for extra umami & depth. Ingredients:                      
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Mixed Shellfish Paella

  Mussel, Clam, Cockle & Shrimp Paella This seafood recipe offers a range of shellfish flavors and textures.  Succulent shrimp, sweet mussels & clams & delicate, briny cockles, paired with a rich broth. Wine Pairing: Albarino Ingredients:                       Makes 6 Servings
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Rabbit Paella

  Rabbit Paella with Artichoke, Olives & Piquillo Peppers This paella pairs tender rabbit meat with artichoke, bright green castelvetrano olives, and fruity piquillo peppers for a blend of rich flavors and brininess that keeps the dish lighter. Braising rabbit
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Rabbit with Green Risotto

  Green Risotto with Favas, Peas & Rabbit This striking green risotto is packed with flavor (and nutrition).  We’ve omitted the traditional parmesan cheese here to let the flavors of the herbs & greens shine through, but you could totally
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Quail Breast & Chorizo Paella

  Quail Breast Paella with Black Garlic, Caramelized Onion & Chorizo Rich, intensely savory, meaty & satisfying with just a touch of kick, this paella recipe is one of our favorites. Wine Pairing: Spanish Garnacha Ingredients:                       Makes 6 Servings Caramelized
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Musubi-Inspired Merino Lamb Burger

Asian-Inspired Merino Lamb Burger Here’s our mashup of lamb burger and spam musubi. A merino lamb patty is seasoned with a blend of umami-rich Asian flavors, then cooked and sandwiched between two “buns” of sushi rice with sour Japanese plums.
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Fried Quail Legs w/ Coconut Rice

  Thai-Style Fried Quail Legs with Banana Leaf Coconut Rice Bundles   Crispy, herby, savory fried quail legs served with creamy coconut & banana-leaf infused jasmine rice.  You can also omit the rice to simply serve the quail legs as
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Wild Produce Salad

“The Forest Floor Salad” Spruce Tip, Huckleberry, Wild Onion & Wild Rice Salad You can think of this as a pilaf or a salad, depending on whether you want to serve it warm, room temperature, or cold – it’s lovely
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Beetle Larvae Risotto

  Beetle Larvae Risotto This recipe was developed by our awesome customer Blake Skinner. A true kitchen chemist, he used weights for all quantities; we’ve just adapted a couple of measurements for home cooks. Otherwise, it was perfect. This is
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Apple Pistachio Risotto

Apple Pistachio Risotto Savory, sweet, rich risotto with a blend of complex flavors and textures. Serve it by itself, or with lamb, chicken, or white fish (halibut, sole, etc). Ingredients: 2 cups Carnaroli Rice 1 tbsp Pistachio Paste ½ cup
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Alba White Truffle Risotto

Alba White Truffle Risotto This is a simple, classic risotto with a few subtle twists (vermouth and rosemary) followed by a show-stopping finish – white Alba truffles. Of course, you could also substitute more affordable Oregon Truffles or even a
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