Rice Recipes


Beetle Larvae Risotto

  Beetle Larvae Risotto This recipe was developed by our awesome customer Blake Skinner. A true kitchen chemist, he used weights for all quantities; we’ve just adapted a couple of measurements for home cooks. Otherwise, it was perfect. This is
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Apple Pistachio Risotto

Apple Pistachio Risotto Savory, sweet, rich risotto with a blend of complex flavors and textures. Serve it by itself, or with lamb, chicken, or white fish (halibut, sole, etc). Ingredients: 2 cups Carnaroli Rice 1 tbsp Pistachio Paste ½ cup
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Alba White Truffle Risotto

Alba White Truffle Risotto This is a simple, classic risotto with a few subtle twists (vermouth and rosemary) followed by a show-stopping finish – white Alba truffles. Of course, you could also substitute more affordable Oregon Truffles or even a
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Black Rice Pilaf

Black Rice Pilaf This pilaf is hearty, healthy and provides striking visual contrast when served next to a wide variety of proteins, from chicken, beef or game meats to fish or roasted vegetables. Ingredients: ½ cup finely minced Fennel Bulb
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Purple Rice Pudding w/ Mango & Coconut

Purple Rice Pudding w/ Mango & Coconut Toasty, creamy, sweet, salty, nutty, fruity, tart – this Thai-inspired dessert is full of different flavors and textures. It’s a particularly nice finish to a meal featuring Southeast Asian flavors. Drink Pairing: Off-dry
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Paella Paella is a legendary Spanish one-pot dish – saffron rice packed with a treasure trove of delicious bites – chorizo sausage, chicken, clams and shrimp. It’s the perfect dish for entertaining – striking, easily served family style, and packed
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Matsutake Mushroom Rice

Matsutake Mushroom Rice This dish is intensely satisfying. Earthy, smoky caramelized brown beech mushrooms are combined with floral, piney matsutake mushrooms in a bed of fluffy sushi rice. Drink Pairing: Sake Ingredients: 1/2oz (Approx. ¼ cup) Dried Matsutake Mushrooms 3.5oz
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Cherry Chutney Chard with Rice & Beans

Cherry Chutney Chard with Rice & Beans Hearty, satisfying and vegetarian/vegan! This recipe is really more of an example designed to show you how easy it is to jazz up old standbys with the addition of a few dollops of
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Venison Sausage Rice Salad

Venison Sausage Rice Salad with Wild Rice Salad with Venison Sausage, Dried Cherries, and Hazelnuts This wonderfully delicious wild rice salad would be a popular dish to serve at any party, any time of the year. The delicious savory flavors
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Passion Fruit Long Pepper Bamboo Rice Pudding

Passion Fruit Long Pepper Bamboo Rice Pudding A creamy, comforting dessert classic made exciting with spicy & slightly-sweet long pepper and tart-tangy-sweet passion fruit. You can also make this recipe recipe with leftover cooked rice by skipping step 1. Ingredients:
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Wild Rice Pancakes

Wild Rice Pancakes Fluffy, wheat-y pancakes with bits of nutty, slightly chewy wild rice for texture and flavor. Serve as you would conventional pancakes or pour smaller cakes for use as a starch side in savory dishes. Ingredients: 1 cup
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Morel Risotto with Caramelized Onion Butter

Morel Risotto with Caramelized Onion Butter We omitted parmesan cheese from this risotto. We know that probably sounds like sacrilege…but the morels made us do it. They’re so delicious – we wanted them to take center stage. Drink Pairing: Chardonnay
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