Passion Fruit Recipes

“The Sunburn” Cocktail

  “The Sunburn” Cocktail Boozy with a kick, this cocktail will jolt your taste buds. Ingredients: 2oz Passion Fruit Juice 1 tsp Honey Wine Vinegar 2.5oz Gold Rum ¼ tsp Fruity Chile Powder Recipe 1 tsp Simple Syrup (50/50) Juice
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Jasmine & Coconut Creme Caramel

Jasmine & Coconut Creme Caramel with Passion Fruit Sauce & Crystalized Ginger   Smooth, creamy, decadent, this milk/cream free crème caramel uses coconut milk.  This recipe was a staff favorite for its subtle coconut/jasmine flavor and punchy passion fruit sauce.
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Passion Fruit Long Pepper Bamboo Rice Pudding

Passion Fruit Long Pepper Bamboo Rice Pudding A creamy, comforting dessert classic made exciting with spicy & slightly-sweet long pepper and tart-tangy-sweet passion fruit. You can also make this recipe recipe with leftover cooked rice by skipping step 1. Ingredients:
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