Insect Recipes

Beetle Parmesan Crisps

Beetle Larvae & Parmesan Crisps An easy and rather elegant way to get people to eat bugs. Ingredients: 1 cup Grated Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese 1/4 cup Beetle Larvae Directions: Preheat your oven to 350° F. Grate the parmesan cheese finely
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Cricket Croutons

  Cricket Croutons Croutons make a simple salad more satisfying, and the addition of protein in the form of crickets adds a nutty crunch and helps this feel like a meal. These are quick to whip up at home, and
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Cricket & Scallop Potstickers

Cricket & Scallop Potstickers Want to try adding crickets to your diet without feeling like you’re eating crickets?  Here’s a tasty way: mixed in to potstickers!  Ground crickets add extra protein, nutrients, crunch and earthiness to the scallop filling.  Enjoy!
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Termite Salad

  Termite Salad with Mango-Orange Vinaigrette This salad balances the earthy and nutty addition of high-protein insects with a bright tropical citrus vinaigrette. Ingredients:                                                   

Cumin Spiced Beetle Larvae

  Cumin Spiced Beetle Larvae Snacks Justin calls these “nature’s Fritos,” but we thought they need a little salt to fit the bill. This recipe uses just enough butter to adhere the salt and any seasoning of your choice (we
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Beetle Larvae Risotto

  Beetle Larvae Risotto This recipe was developed by our awesome customer Blake Skinner. A true kitchen chemist, he used weights for all quantities; we’ve just adapted a couple of measurements for home cooks. Otherwise, it was perfect. This is
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Chile Lime Crickets

  Lime & Chile Cricket Snacks A traditional snack in Mexico, and we can see why. This recipe was a hit during our insect recipe testing day, winning over skeptics, who made comments like, “this isn’t ‘good for bugs,’ it’s
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