Baby Produce Recipes

Spiced Sardines, Fried Onions & Mojama

  Spiced Sardines with Fried Onions & Mojama Mojama brings briny, umami-packed flavor to this dish in the form of a fluffy pink powder.  The spiced sardines are savory, but not spicy, while the onions are delicately fried to a
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Kiwiberry Coconut Parfait

  Kiwiberry Coconut Yogurt Parfait Cool, creamy, refreshing & relatively healthy, you’re sure to enjoy this light dessert. Wine Pairing: Muscat Beaumes de Venis Ingredients:                                      

Glazed Tiny Carrots & Beets

Glazed Tiny Carrots & Beets w/ Micro Arugula This Lilliputian side dish is super cute and super tasty. Ingredients:                       Makes 4-6 Servings 100 Tiny Carrots (could substitute pieces of plain carrots) 50 Tiny Beets (could substitute pieces of plain beets)
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Roasted Baby Pineapples w/ Genoise Cake & Bruleed Marshmallow

Roasted Baby Pineapples w/ Genoise Cake & Bruleed Marshmallow Baby pineapples slow-roasted with vanilla beans, then served with fluffy, eggy genoise cake and topped with bruleed marshmallow disks and flakes of maple sugar. Ingredients: Makes 6 Servings 6 Baby Pineapples
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Baby Pineapple Napoleon w/ Coconut Sour Cream

Baby Pineapple Napoleon w/ Coconut Sour Cream & Blood Orange This Napoleon eschews the traditional puff pastry or other crispy layers in favor of candied baby pineapple slices. Between them is sandwiched coconut sour cream and bright blood orange slices.
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Carrots Vichy

Carrots Vichy Dress your carrots up in this classic elegant side dish. Though we’ve used conventional carrots here, you could adapt this method to use whole micro carrots. Ingredients: (Makes 6 Servings) 3 large Carrots, chopped 3 tbsp Unsalted Butter
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Poached Baby Artichokes with Cheese & Herbs

Poached Baby Artichokes with Cheese & Herbs Baby artichokes are a more delicate and elegant alternative to the full-sized variety. In this tasty side dish we’ve paired them with vinegar, herbs and parmesan cheese. For a more basic alternative, check
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How to Blanch Mini Vegetables

Briefly blanching, then shocking micro vegetables tenderizes them, brightens the color of most varieties, and sets that color.  You can then briefly saute them right before you serve the rest of your meal. Directions: 1. Briefly boil the vegetables of your
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Basic Poached Baby Artichokes

Basic Poached Baby Artichokes These poached baby artichokes taste a little bit like the marinated artichokes you find in the store, but with a cleaner flavor, significantly better texture, and no slime from being packed in olive oil. This recipe
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