Two Bloggers Prove It’s Easy Being Green

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After TWO very tight races in our Easy Being Green challenge, the champions have finally emerged. We had not only a close finish in our public poll, but in our internal vote as well. But we’ll get to that in a moment…

A quick recap of the contest: we charged bloggers with the task of creating an original recipe using at least two of the following green ingredients: bamboo rice, dill pollen, green eston lentils, whole cardamom and mint herb crystals. We saw sushi, drinks, desserts, risottos and soups that made our stomachs growl. However, no matter the deliciousness of every recipe, only two bloggers can win the goods.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

The first crown goes to Clearly Delicious! Congrats on winning the public poll! The people were just smitten with your Creamy Saffron Bamboo Rice with Cardamom. But of course, the race was incredibly tight. We give very honorable mention to Wild, Fresh + Tasty for your Bamboo Rice & Cardamom Custard w/ Pistachios & Ganache.

Our internal vote was another close call, but in the end, Tri2Cook‘s Green Horchata triumphed! Congratulations. And a job very well done by The Colors of Indian Cooking. Your Cardamom Bamboo Rice Mousse was a very close second.

We love surprise twists around here, so in addition to awarding $100 Marx Foods credit to the challenge champions Clearly Delicious and Tri2Cook, we’re going to send mystery goodie boxes to Wild, Fresh + Tasty and The Colors of Indian Cooking!

Thank you to everyone for participating!

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