How to Adapt Plain Lamb Recipes for Merino

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Alpine Origin Merino is leaner than conventional lamb, so we recommend treating it a little bit differently – more like game meat – by using lower heat and cooking for less time.

Searing Merino:
When a lamb recipe calls for searing cuts over high heat, instead sear Merino over medium-high heat.

Cooking Time:
Merino can cook more quickly than conventional lamb, so check the meat earlier for doneness.

Testing Merino Lamb for Doneness:
In our experience, Merino lamb reaches Medium Rare at lower temperatures than conventional lamb. We would likewise assume that other levels of doneness will also occur at lower temperatures.

To give you a baseline we’ve found that lean Merino lamb cuts (most cuts) will be medium rare when removed from the heat at an internal temperature of 110˚F and rested (loosely covered) for 10+ minutes.

Fattier cuts (racks, etc) may need to be cooked a bit longer – try cooking them to an internal temperature of 125˚F for medium rare after a rest.

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