4th Annual Morel Recipe Challenge Poll

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Feast your eyes upon the 14 amazing recipes filled with morel goodness from our 4th Annual Morel Recipe Challenge. For this contest, we asked bloggers to create original recipes featuring morel mushrooms. We sent out samples of dried morels to the participating bloggers to create their best morel masterpieces and they came up with everything from pasta & pastries to tarts & even egg rolls.

Now it’s time to cast your vote for your favorite recipe. At stake for one lucky blogger is 2lbs of fresh morels! And better yet, the winning blogger gets to pick their bfff (best foodie friend forever) to receive another 2lbs of fresh morels.

[poll id=”28″]

The polls will close at 6pm PST on 5/3, so make sure you vote before the deadline.

The ultimate winner will be chosen via a combination of this public poll and an internal vote amongst all of the participating bloggers. Each blogger will pick their two favorite recipes (besides their own), and the top three vote-getters from this blog poll will each have an additional two votes added to their score. The blogger with the most total votes will win!

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  1. All entries were fantastic but i thought Rashmi Primalani’s (Primalani Kitchen) entries are the best ! I do hope she wins this contest…

  2. I recently had the opportunity to taste Oh Cake’s Morel Brioche with Onion Jam Swirl by Jessica Hose. WOW! This is Amazing bread. The sandwiches made with this bread were heavenly – the bread just melts in your mouth and the flavor is subtle enough to elevate almost any sandwich. I was very impressed. Please support Jessie Hose and Oh Cake and consider voting for this recipe!

  3. Just loved the morel marmalade….I really hope Rashmi Primlani wins the contest… her recipes are the best…

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