4th Annual Morel Challenge Champion

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Equipped with only dried morels and their culinary imagination (and driven by the hope of winning 2lbs of fresh morels), we asked 14 bloggers to create original recipes for our 4th Annual Morel Recipe Challenge…and create they did.

Many of the bloggers submitted recipes with a distinctive spring feeling and featured classic pairings like morels with asparagus, ramps, and goat cheese. We also saw a few surprise pairings like morels with citrus & saffron, as well as guava & cream cheese. You can see the full list of recipes submitted here.

The winning recipe, chosen by a combination of a public poll and an internal vote amongst all of the participating bloggers, is…

The Morel, Wild Ramp, Poblano & Goat Cheese Soufflé from The DelGrosso Food Blog! Your recipe was selected as the cream of the crop. Soufflé is an ambitious choice, but you definitely pulled it off. Congratulations!

We also have some very good news for a second blogger…we’re going to send Savory Sweet Living 2lbs of fresh morels as well! She was a very close runner-up once all of the bloggers’ internal votes were tallied, and her Morel Goat Cheese Gnudi with Ramps & Morel Sauce was a clear crowd favorite.

If you watched the public poll, you saw that the race was close between the DelGrosso Food Blog and Primlani Kitchen…our readers loved her recipe, so we have to give serious kudos to her and her Rapturous Morel Marmalade.

Now that the morel challenge has come to an end, we’re sending out a lot of morel love! Savory Sweet Living & The DelGrosso Food Blog get 2lbs of fresh morels, but it doesn’t end there…The DelGrosso Food Blog also gets to pick a bfff (best foodie friend forever) to receive an additional 2lbs of fresh morels!

Thank you to all of the bloggers for participating in this contest and for making our 4th Annual Morel Recipe Challenge such a success!

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  1. Wow! I am honored to have been voted as the winner of the Marx Foods 4th Annual Morel Challenge! There was such tough competition from all the bloggers. I would like to personally thank Marx Foods for the great opportunity and those awesome dried morels!

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